Puck roamed the almost deserted halls Friday afternoon. It had been a whole school week and he still had no answer from Kurt one way or another.

No new is good news right? Fuck!! Who are you kidding! The longer you don't hear from Kurt the more obvious it is. He doesn't want you. The thought made him almost want to sob out loud. If this was love, it sucked! It just made him feel so vulnerable and sad. It was going to be a long, lonely, lousy weekend.

Puck walked with his head down and shoulders slumped, deep in thought. He practically walked into Kurt before seeing the slight boy step in front of him.

"Hey Noah."


"I've given it some thought and I have made my decision."

Kurt stated the sentence so formally; Puck decided it must be a negative response. He closed his eyes and grimaced awaiting his worst fears.

"What the fuck??!!" Puck hollered as the cold wetness of the slushy made contact with his body. He looked down at his waist. Kurt had dumped the entire contents of a slushy down the inside of his jeans. He looked at Kurt incredulously.

Kurt just smiled cheekily. "Mmmm Wild Cherry slushy – my favourite!"

Puck just whooped and scooped the laughing Kurt up in his arms and kissed him. "Where's the nearest Boys' room?" he asked, his face beaming with glee.