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Mike walked into his house quietly. It was late and he had been on a date with a beautiful girl. He wasn't living with his family. Just in the apartment. He had to sneak into the house because he lost his key. He shook his head at this. He walked into the kitchen and saw a young girl naked sitting on the counter. Mike's eyes almost popped out of his head. She looked up and covered herself. "Luke told me nobody would be here." And maybe Luke was right. Ben was at his friend's house and Carol had her own house. His parents were out of town with Chrissy. Luke thought nobody would catch this girl but he was wrong.

The girl looked at Mike. Mike looked back and licked his lips. "Where exactly did Luke go?" She looked back at him. "He went to his room to get something. I was thirsty." She pointed to a glass of water. "That's my reason of staying down here." She was beautiful. Long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts and a perfect figure. Mike thought she was perfect. Mmm, how he longed to be inside of her. Screw every other woman he liked...this one was too good to be true. "Are you just going to stare at me all night or what?" Mike shook his head. "I'm sorry but, you're so beautiful." She smiled. "Thank you." Mike extended his hand. "I'm Mike, and you are?" She took his hand with hers. "Jennifer." They smiled. "Why is such a beautiful person such as yourself with Luke?" "I like younger men." Mike nodded. "What are the chances of you being with me?" She smiled. "Very high now."

Luke walked into the kitchen to find Jennifer and Mike having sex. "Oh my God Mike! I hate you!" He stormed upstairs to his room and slammed the door. Mike and Jennifer didn't even notice him sadly. Luke sat in his room crying. He couldn't believe this. The woman who told him she loved him was now sleeping with the man who told him he cared for him. Could things get worse? (A/N- never, ever, ask that in a horrible situation because it will get worse.)

The next morning Mike kissed Jennifer good-bye. She walked out the door. He sat on the counter smiling pretty damn big. Carol walked in through the door. "Mike?" Mike looked at Carol. "Hi dog-breathe." He was still smiling. "Luke called me crying last night. What happened here?" Mike didn't know what to say. Tell the truth and risk getting Luke and Jennifer in trouble or lie and get in trouble himself. "I had sex in here and he caught me." Carol nodded and walked upstairs to Luke's room. Luke saw her. "Why are you here?" Carol, "Because of why you called me. Mike said you found him and a girl having sex in the kitchen. Is that true?" Luke had tears in his eyes. "Not any girl. The love of my life, Jennifer." Carol was a bit confused because of this situation. "How old is this Jennifer?" "Twenty." Carol didn't know what to say because of this. This woman was molesting Luke and then Mike had sex with her. What was going on?

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