Title: Not So Easy

Author: S J Smith

Rating: Mature-ish

Summary: Winry has questions about Ed's past relationship with Roy.

Notes: n/a

Disclaimer: If you think I own any of this, I've got some bog land in Indiana to sell you.

The faint crease in Winry's brow let Ed know something was bothering her. He waited until they were back at the hotel to ask, not about to ruin the evening with Mrs. Hughes and Roy. Ed knew all too well how to approach his wife, particularly now that she was pregnant, and setting her off was never a good thing.

"What're you thinking about?"

Starting, Winry unconsciously laid her hand on her stomach. Ed settled next to her on the bed, one arm around her back, his chin on her shoulder. He laced his fingers with hers, rubbing her knuckles while he waited for her answer.

"Do you think Mr. Mustang misses you?"

That was a question Ed never thought she'd ask. "Um," he stalled, and thought back to dinner earlier. Had Roy stared at him overly long, or was Winry being hormonally challenged? At least she didn't sound jealous, and it wasn't like she hadn't known he and Roy had been lovers. Winry was one of the few people he'd told back when he and Roy were together. "I don't know."

Winry turned, her nose brushing his cheek. "Do you miss him?"

Ed said slowly, "Not as a lover." Tightening his arms around her, he considered what he could say to comfort her. "I love you, Winry, and nothing has ever changed that. I was…afraid of loving you when I was younger, and Roy was…it was easy with him. Until I realized I didn't want easy."

Huffing, Winry gave him a mock-glare. "I'm not easy?"

"Hell, no." Ed slid his hand up to cup one of her breasts, fuller with the pregnancy. "Not unless you want to be."

"Nn…someone wants to get lucky," Winry snorted, her hand sliding down, cupping him through his pants.

"You know it," Ed grinned.