Total One-Shot. My Great Uncle died about two weeks ago, and it surprisingly hit me hard. Then I wrote this. I just wish I had someone to hold me.

Sitting on her bed, Alex stared out her and Cam's window into the moonlit sky not even trying to hide the tears that were falling down her face. She had done so well today, hiding the pain, hiding from Cody, Dylan, everyone besides Cam, and Cade sensed, that she was breaking and wasn't okay.

Everyone was out still, she had ditched them, saying that she wasn't feeling okay, and only Cam knew the truth, and knew that Alex just wanted to be alone, all day she had just wanted to be alone, to grieve by herself, not to let anyone know that she was mourning.

She could hear the knocking at the door, and heard Cade's thoughts racing, trying to make sure that she was okay and hoping that she would open the door. Cam had called him, damn it.

She stood and made her way out of her room and down the stairs to the front door wiping her face semi dry, ignoring the smudging black makeup on her hands and across her face.

She pulled the door open and braced herself for questions, but instead found herself pulled into a hug.

"Alex you should have told me." She melted into the hug as tears fell again.

"Cade, I'm sorry, it is just…"

"It doesn't matter, lets go inside."

After Cade came inside, Alex shut the door and turned to see him standing facing her. She remembered, he was supposed to be out with his sister.

"Cade, you're supposed to be…"

"She let me come. After Cam called, she told me to go. Why didn't you tell me that today was your mom's birthday?"

"What does it matter Cade, she is dead isn't she."

"It matters if you're trying to hide and crying. Alex, you can tell me anything, hell, you have told me everything; you're a witch. You could have told me about why you were so distant at school today. I'm here for you like you are there for me."

Alex didn't bother turning away from him, knowing that he would turn her back, but instead fell into his arms and let herself cry.


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