Another Time


Location: Coruscant, Temple, Obi-Wan's apartment

Thrice walked into the apartment and leaned her back against the door with a sigh. She let her head fall back on the cold metal and turned her head to meet Obi-Wan's eyes. Slowly, she smiled and raised her arms out to him and took a step towards him and in response the Knight came to her and gathered her up into his embrace. He reverently caressed her back and head and breathed in her scent.

He then pulled back and gave her a passionate kiss. And when the kiss ended he held her tightly and said, "Oh, Milady, my heart. Please, please tell me—tell me everything. Tell me your past. Tell me your hopes. Tell me your dreams. Tell me your fears. I want to know them all."

Tearfully, she shook her head and said, "I'm a horrible person, Obi-Wan! My past is a terrible scar and you and my life now are all that matters. I wish I were blessed like the other Thrice. She had a noble Master. She had a hard past, but at least she believed in what she was doing. I can't even say that. I was so empty before I met you. What will I ever do without you? By the stars! I don't want to be so desperate—so wanting, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid because I've never been so happy. I'm afraid because I know it will end."

"It doesn't have to end, Thrice."

"No, Obi-Wan. I live longer than a human. It's a fact."

Obi-Wan then lead Thrice to sit down on the sofa and took her hands in his and said, "I talked to the other Thrice, Milady and she told me that the Clan can alter me to age like you."

Stunned, Thrice replied, "But, Obi-Wan—are you sure?"

The Knight smiled. "If it means spending more time with you than I'm certain."

The lady then gasped. She was so overwhelmed. "Oh, Obi-Wan. It feels like I'm dreaming."

Obi-Wan then raised her hand and gave it a kiss and said, "No, you're perfectly awake, my love."

"But, I've been so afraid to love you. I've been so afraid to sing." Thrice then lifted her head and gazed at Obi-Wan with her ruby-eyes and said, "I've been so foolish, but I won't hesitate any longer."

Thrice then slipped her hand free from the Knight's hold and touched her fingertips to his face and closed her eyes. In a gentle tone the lady-warrior began to hum and soon Obi-Wan felt his mind begin to drift away like in a trance. He felt his spirit become consumed with peace and tranquility. He was center and his being was one with the Living Force. It was a divine sensation and one he knew from his time mediating with Kiya—and, yet the experience wasn't the same. Obi-Wan suddenly heard his beloved call to him in the song. Her voice rang out like a siren to his very soul and in the blink of an eye, he was swallowed whole in an inferno of love and devotion. He felt his own heart pulsate with her joy and passion that he thought he would pass out from the intensity. Her overwhelming fire sent shock waves of shivers down his spine. And then, like a dream her spell was lifted and Obi-Wan was once again sane and alone in his own mind.

And for a moment, he sat still and awed by the experienced, but then forcefully he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her tightly to his chest and weep. "Oh…Thrice…Thrice, how could you love me so? How could you not tell me? Didn't you know I loved you just as much?"

Quietly, the ruby-eyed beauty replied, "Yes, yes I knew Obi-Wan. I knew, but I didn't think I deserved it. Your love for me is so beautiful and pure and I felt so ugly and unfit to receive it."

Obi-Wan then pulled away and looked at her with disbelief and said, "No, Milady. I wish nothing more than for you to be happy. And just as you once told me, ideals of worthiness and commitment won't change how I feel. I love you and nothing in this world can make me think otherwise."

"Oh, Obi-Wan. When I'm with you I am always happy."

The Knight then laughed and said, "Then, I shall be content for a thousand years."


Location: Tatooine

"Force!" cried Kiya. "This place must be jinxed!"

And with a groan, Ben straightened up and helped Thrice to stand. "Yes, little one, I have the same feelings about this place too. You haven't really learned to hate Tatooine till you've been exiled on it for nearly 20 years."

Thrice said, "Please love, can we forget about Tatooine and find ourselves a communications station and call a ship to bring us back to Coruscant."

However, just then Lord Blackswan smiled and replied, "There is no need, Thrice. I've upgraded my long range communicator and I can contact the Temple from here."

Jinn was awed. "Oh? That's quite impressive, my Lord. However, did you manage that?"

"Simply," answered Lady Nina. "My Master is a genius."

Lord Blackswan laughed at his loyal assistant's praise and said, "Actually, my dear Jinn, I had several communications arrays setup all along the Outer Rim so that anyone can make a long range message to the Core."

"My, that's convenient," said Jinn. "Is it possible I can have one of those long range communicators too?"

"Certainty, Jinn."

Kiya then grew impatient and snatched the communicator from the scientist in a huff. Fuming, she said, "Really! By the time you two are finished talking we will be a bunch of baked potatoes!"

The lady-knight then patched in a call to the Jedi Temple and informed the Council of their position and their request for a transport from Tatooine to Coruscant. She was then told that a ship would be arriving soon, but that they should make their way to Mos Eisley for safety and convenience. Kiya then told her father where they needed to go.

Ben nodded and said, "Agreed. Mos Eisley is about a days journey to the West. If we start walking now we will be able to make it into town by nightfall." The Knight then turned to his lady and offered her his hand. "Milady? Would you like to go for a stroll?"

The woman-warrior smiled and accepted. "I would love to, Sir Knight."


When the group finally made it to Mos Eisley is was dark and the normally hot landscape was now frigid and cool. And the usually bustling city was now asleep and dark, though on the edge of the civilization stood a lone figure. Kiya squinted and tried to make out who the stranger was. She had a feeling he was familiar—and then in an instant she knew. She knew who it was. Kiya then broke out into a mad dash and bolted through the sands till she leapt into the air and folded her arms around his shoulders.

In a gleeful shouted she cried, "Master Luke! Master Luke! I'm so glad to see you again!"

Luke laughed at Kiya's enthusiasm and set her down gently back onto the ground. He then rubbed her cheek and kissed her forehead. "I'm glad to see you too, Kiya." The Grand Jedi Master then turned to others and smiled.

"I'm happy to see all of you actually. But, how in the world did you all end up on Tatooine? I thought you hated Tatooine, Ben? What happened?"

The Knight sighed and patted Luke's shoulder affectionately and said, "Perhaps another time."