"I love you."

Suddenly, Allen felt Lavi's lips crushing his own. The kiss was desperate and needy. Lavi pinned Allen against the wall in the dark ally and ran his hands down Allen's sides and under his shirt. Allen gasped, giving Lavi a perfect chance. He stuck his tongue into Allen's mouth and started exploring every place he could reach. This earned a soft moan from Allen. Lavi broke the kiss to get some much needed air. He looked at Allen's face to see his cheeks painted a bright pink. Lavi smirked and gently brushed some stray silver hairs out of Allen's eyes. "So what do you say, moyashi-chan?" he asked.

"I say that you ruined the mood with that stupid nickname Lavi," Allen joked. He pulled Lavi in for another kiss. This one was gentler, but expressed all the feelings the two had for each other. They were so into it that they didn't notice the pair of eyes staring at them from behind a corner. Allen's eye suddenly activated and Allen regrettably pulled away. "Just our luck huh?" Lavi said, activating his innocence. Allen nodded and did the same, barely able to dodge on time when the akuma suddenly charged at him. "Whoa! Lavi this akuma's fast, it's only a level two but be careful alright?" Allen told Lavi. The redhead just nodded and turned to the spot where the akuma was. "Hey, where'd it go-" Lavi was cut off when he felt a mass ran into his side, sending him flying into a building. "LAVI!" Allen yelled. He turned to face the akuma, who just sat on a roof, smirking.

"I'm sorry I had to interrupt you guys, but well, you see, I'm not a very big yaoi fan. If you get what I mean, and I don't see why a cute little boy like you should belong to that guy," the level two said resting its head in its hand. It turned to where Lavi was trying to get up. "So I take it that fellow there is Lavi?" Lavi stood up, wincing at the pain in his head. The akuma laughed and jumped off the roof, landing a few meters away from the exorcists. It looked like a human with dog ears and a dog tail. "So what's your name? My name's Josephina, by the way. Just call me Josette OK?" She said. Allen didn't feel like talking, not when the guy he loved just got thrown into a wall. He charged at her, Clown Edge ready to slice through her. She jumped out of the way only to be caught in a giant serpent of flames. "That's what you get for throwing me into a wall and making poor Allen worry, Fido," Lavi spat. Allen walked back worried if Lavi might have gotten hurt severely. He was glad to see that Lavi only had a giant lump. "C'mon let's go back. That akuma's probably going to be destroyed so we don't have to worry.....Maybe we can continue what we started," Allen added with a sly grin. Lavi replied with a kiss to Allen's forehead and they started walking away.

"Great, you singed my fur stupid lion!(1) Now you're going to pay!" Josette charged at them before they could turn abound, kicking the back of Allen's head with an impressive amount of force. Allen was sent flying into another building and was knocked unconscious. She turned to Lavi and tried scratching him with her claws. "Whoa! Down, girl!" Lavi commanded blocking the attack with his hammer. "Sit! Heel! Stay!" Lavi repeated commands hoping that she would follow them, which only managed in angering her more. "I'M NOT A DOG!" she howled, before biting Lavi's hammer. The innocence shocked her and she jumped back whimpering. "Awww, is Fido afraid of a little innocence?" Lavi insulted. Josette growled, she could feel herself weakening and decided it best if she left. She ran over to the unconscious Allen and slung him over her shoulder. "As much as I would love to stay here and listen to your insults, I have to go, but I'll take this little guy here as a little extra. Say goodbye to your little boyfriend, I'm sure you won't be seeing him again!" She waved and disappeared before Lavi could stop her. He felt his knees give away and tears flow down his cheeks. He could only manage to say one thing,"Allen...."


(1) Lavi means lion in Hebrew.

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