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"I get it already!" Kanda yelled as he threw a plate of soba over at the annoying beansprout. Allen laughed and caught it without spilling so much as a single noodle, finishing it in a matter of seconds. "Well, BaKanda, I can't help it if you were acting like a complete freak and TimCanpy just so happened to record it all~ Maybe, if you stop calling me beansprout and moyashi, then I'll have Tim erase everything and you'll never have to relive the experience again!~" Allen said, grabbing a piece of meat off of Lavi's plate, then another, and another. ...And another. Soon all of Lavi's yakiniku was devoured. Allen turned to Kanda and waited for his answer. Kanda glared at him. As much as he wanted the film of him acting like a complete idiot all because of Komui erased, he didn't want to give up insulting Allen. Suddenly, an idea hit him and he inwardly smirked. "Alright," he said, "I'll stop calling you moyashi and beansprout." Allen blinked, he didn't think Kanda would have ever said that. "Really? You sure about that?" Kanda nodded and Allen said, "Alright...Tim, erase the footage of Kanda proclaiming his love for everybody in the order..." Allen said. Kanda glared at him even more and Allen added, "And erase the tape of me kicking his a-"

"ALLEN! YOU ATE ALL OF MY YAKINIKU DIDN'T YOU?" Lavi yelled, running back to the table and stopping in front of his now empty plate, a look of utter despair adorning his face. Allen nervously laughed and scratched the back of his head. "Dangit Allen! I leave to go to the bathroom for five minutes and you lick my plate clean! Aren't you supposed to treat your boyfriend with a little bit more respect?" Lavi cried, shaking Allen's shoulders. Allen's face suddenly became very serious and he stood up. "When it comes to food, it doesn't matter if your my boyfriend or if your even Mana! I'll treat everybody the same!" he said. Lavi sighed and stood up too. He went to walk to get more yakiniku, but sighed and shook his head grumbling about how Allen would just eat it again. Kanda glared at the two idiots, but he was glad the footage of him was erased. He smirked and thought 'Heh, good thing I know Spanish as well...' He got up and walked away saying, "Che. Bye Baka Usagi, bye Cortito." Allen turned to Kanda's retreating figure and raised an eyebrow, but immediately placed his attention on Lavi when he heard him giggle. "What's the matter Lavi?"

Lavi put a hand on his mouth to try to stifle his giggles while the other was used to pound on the table. People looked over at them with some strange looks, and a few others were worried. Allen smiled and waved them off, telling them it was nothing. Once Lavi calmed down enough to speak he turned to Allen and wiped a tear from his eye. "Haha, ahhhh, Jeez Allen. When'd Kanda start calling you that? It's hilarious man!" Allen tilted his head to the side and asked, "Calling me what?" Lavi had a sudden urge to just hug Allen to death for how cute he looked, but he forced it down. 'I'll have more time later...' he reminded himself. His giggles returned when he tried to explain it to Allen, but a smack in the head made them go away. Lavi sighed and let out one last giggle, then said, "Well Allen, Kanda just called you Cortito. Tell me, when did he switch from Beansprout and Moyashi to Cortito?" Allen shrugged and answered saying, "Just now. I told him I'd erase the footage of him if he stopped calling me that." Lavi sighed and shook his head. "Well Allen, you've been tricked. Apparently, Kanda knows some Spanish as well as English and Japanese. Cortito is shortie in Spanish," Lavi explained. The look on Allen's face was priceless. Allen was just about to rush out of the cafeteria to strangle the man when Lenalee came up to them.

"Hey guys! Halloween's today, remember? We're having a costume party tonight and you guys NEED to come!" Lenalee said, sparkles in her eyes. Lavi turned to face her excitedly and said "I can't wait! I have the perfect outfit chosen for me and Allen! Like, I was thinking Allen could be in this really tight maid dress that went up to his mid thigh, while I would be in-ACK!" Faster than you could even blink, Allen had pounded Lavi's face into the table. Lenalee sighed and shook her head, slightly red in the face. 'Well...Allen-kun could actually pull that off...' she thought. "Anyways! No, nobody's choosing their own costumes," she explained. Lavi looked at her and yelled, "WHAT? I CAN'T SEE MY MOYASHI DRESSED UP LIKE A DROOL WORTHY CROSS DRESSER?" Once again, Lavi found his face in the table, except this time two fists were on his head.



Allen and Lenalee yelled at the same time. There was a soft 'got it' muffled by the table, and they brought their fists back. Lavi gingerly touched his face and mumbled, "You guys almost ruined the prettiest face in the world..." Allen snorted and Lenalee giggled. Then, she continued explaining, "Well, like I was saying. Once you get to the party we're going to assign you an outfit by means of 'Eenie Meenie Miny Mo' and then you'll go to the costume place and change. Nii-san says that if you don't change into your costume then you have to 'help' him clean his office one day." Lavi and Allen shuddered at the amount of papers that man had on his desk, not counting the ones on the floor. If they did, they would surely have fainted from fright. "So...When does the party start?" Allen asked. Lenalee smiled and said, "It starts at five 'o clock. So get ready cuz you guys only have...five minutes to get ready. And Nii-san doesn't take kindly to people being late. Even thought he's late himself half the time..." Lenalee said, grumbling the last part and walking away towards the ballroom were the party was going to be held. Allen and Lavi shot out from their seats and quickly made their way to the showers to take a lighting quick shower. Allen ran out tying on his ribbon while Lavi ran out zipping his pants, putting on a belt, slipping on his shirt, and tying on a bandana. Allen rolled his eyes at how ridiculously silly Lavi was. They made their way to the ballroom just in time for the party to start and Komui welcomed them warmly.

"OK! SO! Let's pick Lavi's costume~" Komui said, giddy from the excitement on getting to see everybody in the randomest of things. He started to chant and move his finger in random directions. "Eenie Meenie Miny Mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let him go, Eenie Meenie Miny Mo!" Komui's finger landed on number 65, which was a male escort costume. 'He might attract Lenalee with that...! Think fast Komui!' He quickly added, "My mother chose me to pick the very best one and you. Are. IT!" Now his finger was on number 1,238. He looked up at Lavi with a glint all too obvious in his eye. "Lavi-kun~," He started, a smile present in his voice, "your costume is number 1,238. Go get it and get dressed!" Lavi raised a questionable eyebrow, but went and dressed. Komui repeated the same process with Allen, and Allen followed after Lavi. As soon as he walked into the changing rooms however, he was met with something he thought he would never see in his life. There, right in front of his eyes, was a fairy princess. Yes, it was a fairy princess with red hair and a humiliated face complete with wings and a wand.

"L-Lavi? Is that you….? What the heck...? Why are you dressed up like that?" Allen stuttered out. Lavi looked like he was about to cry, "Komui rigged this! It's rigged I tell you! Rigged! I just lost most my pride dangit!" Allen got closer to take a better look at Lavi. 'Hmmm...suits him.' Allen thought, giggling. Lavi didn't notice, he was too busy trying to figure out a way to get out of wearing the stupid costume. Allen left him and started looking for his.

"Hmmm...number 63...number 63...where is it?" When Allen finally found it, he grabbed it off the rack and felt ALL his pride leave him. His costume was the most horrifying thing he had ever seen. 'I-It looks like the things Shishou's girlfriends wear...' Allen thought. Still, he made his way into a changing room and proceeded to put it on. 'Do it so that you don't have to clean that man's office!' he thought. Allen almost started crying when he tried to put on the navy blue skirt. Yes, he was wearing a skirt, a very short skirt in fact. It ended about four inches above his knees and it was TIGHT. Allen could barely get it on. The shirt was even worse. It was the same color as the skirt and had three little black crosses in the bottom right corner. The shirt had no sleeves, zippers, buttons, laces or anything. He had to slip it on and he nearly choked. It was tighter than the skirt if that were even possible. Once he got it on, he could barely breathe. His shirt was just above his bellybutton and right under his armpits. "A-Almost done..." Allen wheezed out. He grabbed the fingerless gloves and slipped them on, they reached a little over his elbows, then he grabbed the choker and put that on too. He thought it was kinda nice because it had a little white cross in the center. Thankfully, they weren't that tight. Allen would have died if he had to wear another thing that could cut off his breathing. He was just slipping on the knee high boots and placing the headband with the mini hat in his hair when he heard a knock on the changing room door.

"Allen! You done yet? We hafta go. Everybody's already outside!" Lavi called out. "Ok, I'll be right there!" Allen replied. Lavi nodded and walked outside, walking over to the snack bar and pouring himself some punch. Allen nervously walked out of the changing rooms and blushed as hard as he could when everybody stopped and stared at him. He nervously laughed and said, "Uh-uhmmm...L-Lavi! C-Can you g-get me some f-food...?" Allen quickly walked over to his lover and was glad to see that some people had stopped staring, although the majority was still dumbfounded by how the innocent Allen Walker was wearing something so...well...not him. Lavi turned around about to ask why Allen couldn't get it himself, when he felt his cheeks flare up and something run down his nose. He silently cursed, then turned around and grabbed a napkin to wipe the blood off his nose. "Lavi, you ok?" Allen asked, walking around Lavi to face him. Luckily, Lavi had just finished wiping his nose. He smiled and said, "Yes I am Moyashi-chan. Ecstatic even! I mean, how often do I get to see You wear something so undeniably attractive?" Allen blushed harder and looked away, grabbing some snacks and scarfing them down. Lavi laughed and ruffled Allen's hair. Allen growled softly, muttering about how Lavi was messing up his headband, which led Lavi into a laughing fit.


The party went smoothly, they played a few games and had a costume contest. (Komui was the judge, so Lenalee and her angel costume won of course, much to Lavi's annoyance who claimed that his costume was much better by far) Not surprisingly, everybody was wearing a costume. Even Kanda was wearing a samurai costume. Komui looked sad that he wouldn't have anybody cleaning his desk, but shrugged it off. All the guests got truckloads of candy, the science department even made candy for golems just for Timcanpy. Overall, everybody had a lot of fun.

When the party ended, Lavi walked Allen to his room. During the entire walk, Allen kept on talking giant gulps of air claiming that his costume had deprived him of some much needed oxygen. Lavi chuckled and grabbed Allen's hand. Allen blushed a little, but smiled and intertwined their fingers. He rest his head on Lavi's shoulders and they continued walking towards Allen's room. Once they got there, Lavi opened the door and Allen walked inside. "I'm so tired...I can barely keep my eyes opened," Allen said while yawning. Lavi laughed and said, "Yeah, you really had a lot of fun didn't you?" Allen nodded and took off his gloves. Lavi walked up and gave him a hug from behind. "I'm so glad I have you back Allen..." he murmured into the shorter exorcist's silky white hair. Allen leaned into him and smiled saying, "Well, i'm not gunna go anywhere anytime soon." Lavi smiled and turned Allen so that he faced him. He grabbed the ends of Allen's ribbon and said, "I'll make sure you don't. I love you too much to lose you again." Allen replied saying, "And I love you too much to leave you." Lavi smiled and leaned down to place a gentle kiss of Allen's soft lips while gently undoing Allen's ribbon. As the two shared the most loving kiss they had ever experienced, Allen's ribbon gently fell to the floor, sealing the two exorcists' love forever.

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