Forbidden Chronicles

Passionate Night

Four Nights later…

Late afternoon…

It was nightfall, and Naruto, Chou-Un and Mai had already left the country of Amestris way behind them. That night, the trio decided to set up camp under the stars in a large clearing beside a small lake, taking this time to rest and catch up from a long journey.

Almost immediately upon joining the group on their journey, Mai began learning more about the pair she had joined. They were odd that was for sure, coming from a foreign land she had never heard of being one. Firstly, they dressed oddly; unlike the formal garments or merchant outfits she'd seen the people of central wearing. Secondly, they wielded very strange weapons, some of them recognized as Xing weapons, whereas there were a few others that she didn't know and was fascinated by them. Thirdly, they ate oddly, using two sticks instead of a fork, knife or spoon. This is what she got from first impressions when the three sat down around the fire and made fish for dinner.

Notably, Naruto and Chou-Un questioned Mai on her choice of outfits, wondering whether the clothes she wore were a bit uncomfortable. A rather poor choice of words made by Chou-Un was that it made the soldier girl look like a boy. Mai responded in typical outrage and anger, tackling the girl on the other side of the cooking fire, and wrestling and brawling with her in comical fashion. The tussle allowed Naruto to take a few more pieces of fish for himself before they decided to stop an hour later.

Once they were all full, and the fire was dimmed, they all went to their separate tents. The moment their heads hit the pillows, they were all sound asleep. Well…

…some of them anyway

Naruto was sound asleep, lying on his back with his hands behind his head. It was perhaps one of the only times he ever slept, and he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Comforted in his singlet, shorts and wrapped in a blanket under the sheets of his tent, he felt he had nothing to worry about.

That was until a shadow past his tent, and entered it.

Dressed in only a white singlet cut above her abdominals and a pair of underwear, Chou-Un snuck into Naruto's tent, slithered under his blanket, and wrapped her arms around him. She sighed, affectionately nuzzling the boy and attempting to fall asleep beside him.

She only managed to get a good half-an-hour of sleep with him before Naruto woke up, and found himself in a gentle yet vice like grip. Blinking as he stared up at the tent, he then looked down at his side to see Chou-Un lying against him, sleeping soundly.

The boy freaked out and tried to scramble away, only to have the girl wake and hold him down and, even more so, closer to her.

"GAH! Chou-chan! W-What are you doing?" the boy asked, looking down at the girl, a fair bit concerned.

The girl restrained him, taking his wrists and pinning him. She straddled him, opening her eyes and staring down at him with her green orbs, while he stared back up at her with his blue sapphire eyes. In spite of their peculiar situation, Naruto didn't fail to notice the streak of red across his friend's cheeks.

"N-Naruto-kun," Chou-Un began, leaning down closer to him, their breaths mingling in the atmosphere of the tent.

For the young shinobi, things were getting hot and frankly a little tight from his pint of view. He squirmed uncomfortably underneath the silver haired girl. However, the girl, though not as physically strong as him, had managed to catch him off guard, and now had him at her mercy. Not that the boy was putting up much of a fight, he still found the situation a bit perplexing, reminding him a lot from a scene in one of his master's erotic books.

The silver haired girl inhaled his scent, moaning in satisfaction before smiling down at the boy, still blushing.

"Make me yours…" she whispered.


"Please…" the girl whispered, bringing one hand down and coming to trace first his face, then his chest, his torso, and then the lining of his shorts. Naruto complained very little when the girl moved in, pressing her knee up between his legs, rubbing gently. "I know you want it, Naruto-kun… and I want you…"

She leaned in, closing her eyes and readying her lips. Naruto gulped silently, as the girl swooped in slowly, and captured his own lips in a tender, soft kiss. The boy returned it gently, at the same time marveling at her softness and her scent.

However, just before things could escalate any further, the entrance to Naruto's tent flew open, and Mai stepped in.

"Naruto-kun…I…WHAT THE!" the girl shouted, double-backing when she saw Chou-Un on top of the blonde, pinning him, both of them looking at her in surprise.

When they saw the young Amestris soldier, they saw that she was wearing a plain, light blue robe, and black lingerie underneath it. They could see the lace bra and panties since her robe was partly open. She clearly had something planned for the shinobi herself, and Chou-Un knew that it was supposed to be for an 'extended' visit.

Seeing the pair staring at her, the girl looked down at her body, and shrieked. She covered herself fully with her robe and glared up at them, red in the face and gritting her teeth.


"Uhh… hi there… Mai-chan…" Naruto exclaimed sheepishly, waving with his free hand. "I like your uhh… clothes…heh."

Mai growled and looked at Chou-Un, who was smirking at her. Once again noting the female Ronin to be on top of the boy she planned on sleeping with as well, the girl stomped over to them and grabbed Chou-Un by the back of the shirt.

"Oh no you don't!" Mai yelled tossing her out of the tent and following, drawing a blade she kept concealed in her undergarments.

The same instant she was thrown was the same instant Chou-Un managed to snag a kunai from Naruto's nearby weapon holster. Upon landing hard on the ground and leaping back to her feet, she took a fighting stance, meeting Mai as they circled each on beside the camp fire dimly flickering in the night.

"You were thinking of bagging him, weren't you?" Mai growled.

"Apparently, you were thinking the same thing!" Chou-Un replied calmly, eyes closed as usual. Mai blushed furiously and rebutted as best as she could.

"Yeah… well… I'm older… so I should go first!"

Chou-Un smiled. "That was a weak response…"

The two of them then engaged in combat, a rather small confrontation outside the tents. Since they weren't using the weapons they were accustomed to using made them both handicapped, and because of their similar strength levels, put them on par with one another. Naruto crawled to his tent's entrance and watched the fight for a few minutes. When they both disarmed each other and began wrestling on the ground, tearing at each other's clothes, he decided to intervene.

However, due to the sight and his primal response to it in his lower regions, he decided against it, and decided to sit it out. He sighed and laid there at the entrance to his tent, tapping the ground impatiently as he watched the pair punch it out.

"Well… isn't this just turning out to be a pleasant night…"

The following couple of weeks…

That earlier night, Naruto had become completely aware of the fact that Chou-Un and Mai were competing for his attention. In terms of affection however, well… they were doing their best to actually get closer to him.

Days after that tent incident and after a few more miles of traveling, Naruto had become the target of both women. Night in and night out, the two competing young girls continuously attempted to sneak into his tent, but always caught each other outside, and fought it out until dawn, keeping Naruto awake for fear of having his tent cut down, as well as himself. If that weren't enough, it was the following month that would have the blonde shinobi beginning his daily lessons and training sessions from Chou-Un and Mai. And of course, during which, the two girls would alternate between lesson times, and getting close to Naruto. Moves they would usually pull would often be sitting closer then usual during breaks, resting against him, accidentally trying to kiss him, and more inappropriately, attempting to grope him in parts of the body he was well aware of. However, each and every time one girl would attempt to get close to him; the other would usually show up and physically drag the boy away.

Aside from the constant hovering of the two girls over him during the day, the training sessions and lessons he was learning weren't bad at all. Chou-Un, whom he had known for a fair few months now, was very much a kindred spirit with his own. Her training sessions were rather enjoyable. At first she went through with him breathing and meditative techniques in order for him to harness his ki, which he soon began putting into practice on the field. Soon, he was successfully beginning to manipulate air currents around him using ki, as well as being able to increase his speed, strength, and manifest visible energy in his hands. Soon, he was attempting to use this energy in more inventive ways, such as being able t hurl masses of it in combat or turn them into blast streams.

Mai's lessons however were a little more dramatic. Unlike Chou-Un's gentle nudges, the former military officer was a real tyrant went it came to training. She first got him to work on increasing his physical fitness, as if he didn't get enough of that already. The lieutenant wanted to get him into proper shape in order for him to handle a blade without the use of chakra or ki. He needed to learn how to use a blade when he was out of chakra, and could still fight. After every work out, with the girl standing with her arms folded over him, she would then move into basics of her Western sword play. Even here she didn't take it easy on him, preferring to use unsheathed weapons on him. His first fight with her had him go back to camp with stitches and a limp. She repeated this till he was at least able to keep up with her, one sword against one.

Naruto quickly learned the lesson that different cultures had different ways of fighting, and that learning from these were so much more difficult then to what he was used to and already knew. It was like he was a kid again, and learning these things from scratch. This made him think of just how tough Chou-Un and Mai had it, during their years as apprentices to a higher person.

In exchange for their lessons, Naruto would then pull each of them aside, and teach them in the arts of fighting he knew well. His close combat was far more nimble and faster then theirs and he aimed to train them the way he was trained. Chou-Un picked up on it quickly, but Mai was still a little impatient, having to drop her principles of military corps fighting styles to meet his standards. Furthermore, Naruto then began teaching them how to manipulate chakra, so that they could pull off some of the basic moves he could. It took a while for Mai to grasp the concept of tree climbing.

It took her a week before she even made it to the top of the tree. Water walking would follow later onwards.

In and out of his training sessions, breaks, and him teaching the girls, Naruto would burn through the books on Alchemy the Elric Brothers had given him back in Amestris. In them, he was able to pick up on a lot of the theories quickly, beginning to put them into practice. He started with the basics, in order for him to get used to the principle of Equivalent Exchange. Within two weeks, he was writing seals into surfaces quickly, and learning how to attack with the earth, water and trees. He would then later begin researching and creating his own shortcuts, in order to skip the tedious task of actually writing the seals and circles before attacking in each instance.

As much as Naruto was getting a kick out of learning new things, he still had the problem involving Chou-Un and Mai. No matter how hard he tried to keep the peace, they just wouldn't stop arguing or fighting with each other. Heck, they didn't even try to find a resolution before each confrontation. Instead, the two of them continued to glare at each other hatefully, and Naruto was tired of having to cope or deal with it.

The boy had to think of a solution…

One day, Naruto found himself sitting by a small river that ran through the area, the trio having set up camp not too far from it up on higher ground, having the need to stop for a couple of days and rest their legs. The evergreen forest they were trekking through was a real bitch, and they were wondering when it was actually going to end.

Sitting on a large rock, the blonde shinobi was carefully carving into one of his ninja gloves a circular equation he managed to pick up from the notes Edward gave him. He summarized that if he combined wind manipulation with fire, as from the basis of his ninja training, he might be able to create an attack sufficient enough to be used as a last minute resort in field combat, when there wasn't enough time to form hand seals.

Biting his bottom lip, he finished the circle and the odd symbols within it. Utilizing his scroll seal markings he practiced on his training trips with Jiraiya and the theories of equivalent exchange, combing both cultural theories into one, he summarized an effective and difficult equation to wind current manipulation. Naruto also designed it so that it was near impossible for anybody else to copy or mimic and that it corresponded with the security seal he had conveniently tattooed onto his chest, which would appear whenever he was concentrating chakra at his center.

Slipping the glove on, Naruto checked that it fitted him right and that it would not back fire on him. Testing for it to be sure, the boy held his hand out, extended his fingers and aimed it at the trees. Focusing his chakra into his palm, there was a sudden blast of wind that shot from it, the invisible attack striking the trees and punching a gaping whole through the forest, shattering wood and cutting through the thick undergrowth.

Raising an eyebrow, Naruto then moved his hand around, before flicking it towards the water, snapping his fingers. The sparks creating from the material ignited in the warping air currents, and simultaneously exploded along the river. What came out from the small blasts afterwards were a few dead fish, small craters along the shore, and steam clouds.

Before the boy could further test his new ability, he suddenly heard the thunder clap of a weapon discharging somewhere close, causing him to look over his shoulder.

Curious and cautious, Naruto got up and traced the sound. His trek led him a bit deeper into the forest, the camp site still in view behind him, as he found the source of the noise.

Standing five hundred feet away from a target marked on a tree, Mai was practicing her marksmanship skills with her Mauser C/12 pistol side arm. The girl was putting space between each shot as she fired on the red and white target, hitting it dead center each and every time. She was obviously engrossed in her gallery of fire to notice Naruto standing to her right, leaning against a tree with his arms folded and watching her out of interest.

When she stopped ten shots later when her pistol ran out of rounds, Mai let out a heavy sigh and lowered her weapon. Discharging the shells, she reloaded it, cocking the slider and raising it to take another shot. However, she sensed a presence, and turned to see Naruto watching her.

Seeing the by looking on with a smile, Mai grunted and holstered her weapon.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing, really," the whisker-marked boy said, getting up off of the tree and approaching her. "Just wanted to see what all the racked was…"

"Well, don't be too concerned. I'm fine," the girl replied, turning towards him. "I can take care of myself."

Naruto noticed the outfit she was wearing. Her blue army slacks and black boots matched the black tight muscle shirt she wore; the bandoleer she was wearing over that carrying her duel pistols, magazines of ammunition, and a sword on her back. Clearly she was always prepared for a fight.

"You may say that, but I can see that something is bothering you," Naruto said, walking up to stand a couple of arm lengths away from her. "You're awfully tense, your pulsating ki levels are indicating you're overly stimulated, and… taking note of the high bands in your voice frequency levels that you are very… aggravated. So… care to fill me in?"

Mai visibly flinched, but she turned away, arms crossed.

"You worry too much."

"Aside from training and helping other people, I make it a habit of mine. Being a ninja means I have to be weary of everything and everyone. Making discreet observations is a part of my lifestyle…"

"Well… it's a very strange and absurd way to live," the fourteen year old officer girl replied, glaring at him. "You live to high a strung…"

"And you're not right now?" Naruto musingly replied. "To put it simply… I just want to make sure everything is alright with those closest to me. I hate seeing a person unhappy about something and leaving them in that state… I wouldn't be able to sleep well at night if I didn't do something about it…"

Mai looked away, blushing slightly. "You care way too much. That can get you into trouble…"

"No it won't," Naruto stated, hands in his pockets. "Because I won't let any harm, or let anything bad come to the people I care about! That I can promise you…"

The blonde girl looked back up at Naruto, considering what he had said and looking him straight into his eyes. She had only known him for just a month, give or take a few days, and even when she was just getting to know him, she had grown fond of his company. Not only did she look towards him in admiration of his kindness, compassion, and willingness to put other people's happiness ahead of his, and wanted to get to know him, Mai also wanted to be close to him, because she got this strange, buzzing feeling whenever she was around him.

And it felt good.

"Do you… care about me too, Naruto?" she asked, rather timidly with a little blush on her face. Her question was quite a bit out of her usually serious character, which surprised the boy quite a bit.

But instead of questioning that, the young ninja smiled and nodded. "You're my friend, Mai. I care about you a great deal…"

Smirking, Mai closed her eyes. But then, in a flash, she drew her sword and slashed out at him, Naruto acting quickly on reflex as he leapt back to avoid it. He was surprised at just how fast she actually was, even though he had faced this speed before in their earlier fight. She was still a very difficult opponent to deal with in close combat.

Pulling his hands out of his pockets, he then began avoiding another series of furious strikes, as she forced him back. Frowning, he drew a kunai and blocked a few strikes, catching one and grappling with her. However, the girl caught him off guard, using her handle guard, she knocked into the kunai ring at the end, slashing it out of his hand and stabbing at him. She aimed for his shirt's collar, and impaled it against the tree behind the boy.

Naruto grunted as his back slammed into the tree and he was pinned by her sword. Swiftly, the girl walked right up to him, their height matching as she pressed her body fully against his, and ran her leg up and down his. Placing her hands on his chest, she played with the fabric and stared deeply into his eyes, a bright blush on her face as her breath mingled with his.

"I want to be more then friends with you… Naruto-kun," Mai whispered, feeling hot under her hair. Naruto, at this moment, was feeling more then a little heat, but also a little pressure. The girl knew it because she could feel it, and she wanted it. "I want you…"

"I've been hearing that a lot lately," Naruto replied, trying to rationalize the situation, or at least reason his way out of this. Of course, with his arms pinned, and legs unwilling to work with him, he tried to go with it. "Mostly from bad guys and people wanting to kill me… then there is you of course…"

Mai smiled and placed a finger over his lips, silencing him. "You talk too much," she exclaimed, quietly. Slowly, she reached down to his pants, and slipped a hand in through his waist belt, feeling around his underwear. The boy sucked in air when her hand grazed him. "Boy… you sure are tense yourself. Do you need some relief, Naruto-kun?"

"Desperately…" Naruto replied, gulping.

The girl giggled and leaned in, removing her hand from him, and tenderly kissing him on the lips. The shinobi didn't fight it, but returned it none the less. Mai ground into him, wanting to feel as much of him as possible as they both tasted each other. They moaned into each other, things starting to escalate a bit more.

However, before things could get anywhere else, a streak of light flashed through the air, Mai and Naruto reacting quickly and ducking, just as the tree they were up against was cut in half. The pair leapt out of the way, Mai drawing her side arm and Naruto just standing straight up as Chou-Un appeared on the seen.

As the tree crashed to the ground away from them, the silver haired Ronin stood atop of the stump of what was left of it, sword drawn and green eyes shining dangerously as she glared at the blonde haired girl. The young lieutenant returned the girl's glare with a smirk.

"Jealous?" she asked.

Chou-Un didn't say anything. Instead, she sheathed her sword and hopped down from the tree stump. Marching towards Naruto, she took his hand in hers and walked him away from the clearing. Mai lowered her pistol as she watched the pair walk away.

"Come, Naruto. It's time to practice more on your ki manipulation skills…" Chou-Un said.

As soon as they were out of sight, Mai frowned and holstered her weapon, thinking of another plan of getting at her Naruto.

That night, Naruto had the great pleasure of actually getting to sleep peacefully. Though aware of the competition between the girls at trying to get at him, he wasn't that worried, knowing that no harm would really come to him, as he was the prize. Still, there was the issue of trying to get the two girls to stop fighting with each other. This was proving to be a very complicated puzzle, especially after today.

However, after only getting about an hour of sleep, just like the nights beforehand, the entrance to his tent opened, and in tip-toed Chou-Un, dressed only in her undergarments. Silently, she swooped down to the boy lying on top of his covers, and got onto her hands and knees, hovering above him.

Her presence was quickly detected, as Naruto's eyes flew open. He saw the angel of a girl gazing down at him, smiling lightly with a brilliant shade of red on her cheeks, as her green eyes gazed into his blue eyes. The young shinobi smiled at the sight of her, instead of recoiling at the sight of her like he did at first.

Of course, this has become a regular occurrence for him…

"Hello, Chou-chan… back again?"

"Yes… Naruto-kun," she replied, leaning down and without any hesitation whatsoever, kissed him full on the mouth. The boy did not hold back, and began kissing her back as well, the two of them sharing a strong and passionate embrace, as their bodies moved against each other. In a flow of hand movements dancing over the other's body, the two young teens allowed their bottled up lust out, and poured it all into this kiss.

Their tongues entered the battle, opening their mouths to the other and allowing them entrance. It was the most intimate either of them have ever gotten with each other, and it was about to become more so as Naruto and Chou-Un began feeling under the clothes of their partner. The silver haired girl's hands explored the ninja's well toned torso and chest, while Naruto's ran over her back and sides. Though they were both still young teens, puberty had a way of influencing and arousing their curiosity. An eleven year old Naruto and a twelve year old Chou-Un were in the process of learning more and more about each other, and they still were.

Chou-Un moaned as Naruto's hands massaged her skin and muscles as he explored her, the girl removing her lips from his to look down into his gorgeous eyes, while he looked up at her in kind.

"This time… will you permit me?" she asked.

"Of course… but only if you want to?"

"You have my answer," she replied, leaning back down and beginning again, eyes closed as they passionately made out.

Slowly but surely, Naruto's hands began exploring more around the young girl's front, down her lower back, and to her buttocks. He gripped her there firmly as she ground into him, their tongues fighting a prolonged duel. How they managed to hold their breath for so long was as big a mystery as love. Their strong partnership and strange friendship had blossomed to the point where now, they can throw aside any barrier or obstacle blocking their way, and fully give themselves to the other. Like it was said, both of them have unanimously agreed to take it all the way now.

Chou-Un slipped her hands under Naruto's shirt, and pulled it over his head, tossing it to the far corner of the tent, leaving the shinobi showing off his magnificent build. The girl definitely had to admit that martial arts did wonders on the body. That and his strenuous exercises made this boy a sight to behold.

Stopping for a brief moment, Chou-Un removed her own top throwing it away and whipping her hair around, so that it hung seductively over her face and down her back. She smiled lustfully down at the boy, while he looked up at hr in awe of her own wondrous features. Her body looked as though it was already in her teen years, with a bosom that matched her height and curvaceous form. Her tanned skin developed from their days at sea with the Straw Hat gang, made her a goddess in Naruto's own tent.

Smiling as Naruto looked her over, Chou-Un then proceeded to kiss him again, only to pull away a little. The young by, remembering some of the lessons he had learned from his master's Icha Icha novels, decided to try out some of the moves to pull. He used the opportunity of her closeness and brief time her lips spent away from his to pull her in slightly, and catch a whiff of her scent, blowing on her ear, and whispering sweet nothings to her. Chou-Un moaned when he gently nuzzled the ridge under her ear and bit it playfully.

She then proceeded to trail kisses down his cheeks, to his neck, lingering there a bit before moving to his chest. There, the girl took her time, resting her head against it and marveling at his build. The silver haired girl ran her hands up and down his sides, deciding to take it slow with the boy the first time, at the same time Naruto ran his hands through her hair, smiling down at her.

Chou-Un then moved, reaching the teen's shorts. Noting the large bulge underneath the cotton, the girl giggled and nuzzled it playfully, the boy moving a bit so to feel all of it, finding a very strange and good feeling from the feel of her cheek. After coaxing a small groan out of the boy, she then removed his shorts with her teeth from the waist band, pulling it all the way down to his knees and throwing them away.

Apparently went Naruto slept in shorts, he went free bird. Chou-Un was pleasantly surprised when she saw the boy's fully naked form when she knelt up to get better scope of her lover. Licking her lips the girl then reached down to remove her panties, only to be stopped by Naruto's hands.

"Let me…" he exclaimed, the silver haired samurai giggling as Naruto removed her panties himself, clumsily of course, his hands shaking with nervousness and excitement.

After throwing her under wear away, Naruto then took the girl by the arms and laid her down where he once lay. Placing her head on his pillow, and the rest of her on his comforts and blankets, placed his right hand on her cheek and gazed into her eyes. Both of them smiled as they began a long staring contest, searching each others souls through their windows, and relishing in the warmth they created between each other.

Being naked for the first time together is a new feeling for everyone. It's an opportunity for the couple to express their most heartfelt desires, whether with words or through silence. Naruto and Chou-Un's loving embrace meant more to them in this moment then any before or those that were to follow. They spent time looking into each other's eyes, taking in the other's scent, and running their hands slowly over the other, becoming familiar with their lover's body.

Then, after what seemed an eternity, but was about ten minutes to them, Naruto and Chou-Un leaned in, sharing a tender kiss, before either one pulled away.

"Do you want to… try that?" Naruto asked, gesturing a little awkwardly. Chou-Un smiled and shook her head.

"Maybe later," she replied. "It's my first time. This is a really special thing for me. I don't want to ruin it. Let's just… stick with what we know… or what we think we know…"

"Okay…" Naruto replied with a smile.

Taking a few seconds to adjust and perhaps take a breather, Naruto prepped his hardened member near her entrance, Chou-Un spreading herself wide enough for him. She looked down between them briefly, blushed a brilliant shade of red, and then looked back up at her partner.

"Do you think it will fit?" she asked, noting the seven inches worth prodding at her. Naruto shrugged.

"Only one way to find out," he replied. His look then became a little bit more serious. "Are you ready?"

Chou-Un gave him a kiss in response, her passion growing, as she wrapped her legs around his waist, and allowed him to slip into her. She pulled him in, and he pushed in, their combined efforts drawing sweet moans from both of them from this new and heavenly feeling. At first, Chou-Un felt a bit of pain, letting Naruto know by digging her nails into him. The boy stopped, knowing full well through physical action what she meant, and stayed like that as the girl got used to him. After which, she signaled him by relinquishing his grip, and he once again.

Together, the two of them went with it, Naruto moving with her as they made love for the first time. They expressed it through quiet moans, groans, and murmurs, the two of them remaining like that through most of it. The blonde took Chou-Un from above with her beneath him, with her running her hands over him as her breathing came out rapidly. She bit into his shoulder to stop from crying out in passion.

Eventually, after Naruto had pummeled her enough from above, they switched. Clumsily, Naruto and Chou-Un rolled over, trying not to hurt the other, until Naruto was lying beneath the young Ronin, and Chou-Un was on top. Together, they kept in sync with each others movements, experimenting and learning together. The silver haired girl rode him, grinding, bouncing and changing positions and posture to get the best out of their time together. Naruto would go along with this, sitting up and embracing her, helping her to move, allowing her to bounce, or making her move.

When they sat up against each other, chests pressed, and the two embracing in the night air filling the tent, Naruto whispered into Chou-Un's ear.

"I love you…"

"I love you… too… Naruto-kun!" Chou-Un whispered loudly, clearly trying to suppress her screams and moans. Naruto picked up the speed slightly, the girl suddenly throwing herself back onto the comforter and Naruto began taking her from above her again. She moved her hips in time with his, their centers slapping against one another. The blonde shinobi leaned over, placing his hands at the girl's sides and passionately kissing her, Chou-Un returning it.

When they parted lips, Chou-Un cringed. "I… I think… I think I'm going to…" she began.

"Go on Chou-Un… come for me," Naruto whispered, remembering words spoken from Icha Icha. If he had learned anything, this was the moment of climax, where the girl felt she was reaching her limit. Strangely enough though, he felt he wasn't there yet, even after supposedly going at this for forty-five minutes already.

After a few more thrusts into the girl, Chou-Un felt it, a heat exploding from inside of her and out. She bit her teeth and held back a scream. Naruto kept her from letting it out, clamping his lips over hers, and both of them kissed deeply. At the same time, the whisker-marked boy felt warm moisture dampen his crotch area, but he didn't pay much attention to that. All that mattered to him at this point was Chou-Un's well being and happiness.

After dropping down from her all time high experiences, the silver haired Ronin looked up at Naruto and smiled. Sweat dousing her forehead and more dripping down her body, with a bit seen from her partner, she nodded to him, running her hand through his hair.

"Thank you… Naruto-kun…"

The boy smiled back. "A real pleasure… Chou-chan…"

Suddenly, the entrance to the tent flew open, and Mai stepped in, surprising both Naruto and Chou-Un. The blonde girl stood at the entrance, dressed in a bath robe, and her hair let down and loosened. Without a word, she stood there glaring at the pair, looking at the state they were in. The pair stared back from where they lay, the silver haired Ronin a bit scared and still in shock, while Naruto just looked back silently.

After about a minute of just standing and staring, Mai closed her eyes, looking away.

"I see you've made your choice… fine," she said, huffing. "I'll leave you two alone…"

She turned on her heal, storming out of the tent. Unseen by Chou-Un, Mai had tears streaming out the moment she turned her back on them, but the silver haired girl knew that she was deeply hurt.

Before Mai could even make a run for it from the campsite, a sharp, yellow blur landed in front of her, blocking her pathway, a half-naked Naruto standing there. Dressed in shorts, he proved to Mai just how much faster he had gotten. Stopping, the girl frowned and turned away, trying to run again with tears still pouring from her eyes, but was halted when Naruto's arms wrapped around her.

"I have made my choice, Mai," Naruto whispered into her ear, placing his chin on her shoulder as he hugged her from behind.

"B-But…" Mai whimpered, for the first time since meeting Naruto showing a completely new emotion he never expected from her. The girl, enclosed by emotional and mental defensive barriers she had put up since her time at the military academy, continued to hold them up as she was pulled into the boy's warm embrace. "W-Why pick her over me? WHY! Is it because of me, Naruto?"

Naruto just stared at her quietly, watching her tremble as she cried, cradling her in his arms at the same time.

"Is it because I'm not as open or as free spirited as her? Or is it because I am not her?" she continued, pouring out her feeling towards the other girl. "Sure… I'm serious and strong like her… if not, then I can be if I wanted to… but… I…I don't smile, or show as much compassion, or express my feelings as well as her, or am in any way like her! Everything she can show on the outside… a kind heart and a warm smile… I can't do that! It's not me! I can never bring myself to be like that!"

"Mai…" Naruto began.

"Alright!" The girl spun around in Naruto's arms and looked at him. The blonde shinobi got a good look at her, an expression of hurt and love all mixed into one, with tears streaming down her cheeks from her shimmering eyes. "Since this may be my only chance to say it, I will! Naruto! I…I…I love you, Naruto! I… love… you! The moment I met you back in Amestris… I felt something inside of me light up… a spark… a flame… a warm feeling! I couldn't describe it… and it scared me! That prompted me to fight you the moment I saw you, to get rid of you… and that feeling! B-But… after a while, I soon realized it wasn't something bad. So… that's why I followed you, to be close to you, to travel along side you, and keep feeling that warmth. I felt I had to be with you… to protect you, to help you… to see you smile…"

Naruto continued to stare, absorbing everything the girl said to him. He saw Mai shake her head, rubbing the tears away, before looking back up at him.

"It… it happened so fast…" Mai said. "I know it's unexpected. I… just had to let you know. B-But… how can you love me… when you are clearly in love with Chou-Un? You've known her for so much longer… and you've only known me for a month. I know I can't compete with her…for your love… I just wanted you to know how I felt…"

Mai tried to leave, wanting to get out of Naruto's sight, knowing that by crying in front of him, made herself appear weak before him. However, she couldn't move, because Naruto still held onto her. She shut her eyes and tried to look away from him, to stop looking at him, because she knew she wouldn't be able to stop the tears. But in spite of all her efforts, the blonde shinobi took her chin in his hand and turned her towards his face.

Unexpectedly, Mai felt the undeniable sensation of his lips pressed against hers. She thought she was dreaming for a moment there, but when she opened her eyes, she saw that Naruto really was kissing her. Not reacting beyond surprise or disbelief, the girl recovered from the shock that hit her, and began returning the kiss, feeling her legs growing weak under his touch and embrace.

The girl moaned as their kiss was prolonged through the night, the dim light of the fire burning beside them and their shadows danced in its light. Then, after a minute or so, Naruto broke his kiss with her and smiled at her, seeing Mai looking back at her, curious and dazed at the intensity of his kiss.

"Remember… when I said that I hate leaving a person I love hurt or sad," Naruto said, rubbing his thumb over her cheeks, wiping away her tears. "And that I care about those closest to me… well… I meant what I said. I care about you just as much as I care about Chou-Un. I love you both equally… and for that matter… I care about both of you equally. It would kill me if I chose one of you over the other, and left the other sitting on the sidelines, broken hearted. Don't think I will just leave you alone… because I won't…I promised that I wouldn't…"

Mai gazed into his eyes as he stared back, his voice sincere as his voice spoke the full and honest truth. Upon hearing this statement, the girl sprouted a smile, her cheeks red as she fully responded to his words, and looked upon his smiling face. She leaned into him and hugged him, embracing him and resting her head on his chest.

"You promise…"

"I swear it," Naruto said, pulling back and looking down at her. "The only question is… are you willing to share my love and your love with Chou-Un?" The blonde girl looked up at him, blinking. "I'm sure she wants you to accept her, just as much as you want me…"

The girl looked down again, taking this into thought for a moment. She then smirked and looked up at the young shinobi. "If I can be with you… it doesn't matter. I can share…"

"Good," Naruto replied, taking her by the shoulders and leading her back to his tent. "Because I want you two to get to talking and settle your differences…"

He opened the flap for her, and allowed her to walk in, with the young ninja following after. The moment Mai stepped in; she was met with an unusual and strange sight, with Naruto standing beside her with a curious smile on his face. What they stepped into was certainly a surprising sight, of Chou-Un on her hands and knees, getting pounded from behind by one Naruto, and a second Naruto being given a blow job by her. The two clones were really taking a step up with the silver haired girl, who took both ends in completely.

Pulling the clone's cock out of her mouth for a brief moment, the girl licked her lips and looked up at the clone, grinning. "Give it to me… Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed, catching her breath in that instant before taking the eight inch member into her mouth again.

The real Naruto chuckled, watching on in amusement. "Even though it's our first time… you have to give me points for creativity…"

Mai watched the sight before her for a minute or two, tilting her head as she watched positions shift and Chou-Un sitting on one of the clones, riding him while having her breasts massaged from behind, that clone kissing and nibbling on her neck. It was a very interesting experience, and Mai was getting turned on just watching it. She smiled and looked towards the real Naruto.

"I want what she's having," Mai said, Naruto looking back at her, blinking. "Only I want three…"

The real Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his head. "Ah… sure thing, Mai," he exclaimed, before gesturing over to Chou-Un's threesome. "How about you join in first… then I'll honor your request…"

"Done!" The blonde girl looked back towards the orgy, ripping off her robe, and taking off her bra and panties before any more words could be uttered. Then, in a blink of an eye, Mai joined in the fray, taking one Naruto clone away from Chou-Un to the side and starting things off with a make out session and a blow job. Of course, the silver haired samurai was caught a little bit off guard and was disappointed at having her other man taken away, but couldn't put thoughts to words as she was so engrossed in the sensations of being pounded from below. She decided to put it aside and just enjoyed the ride while it lasted.

"Oh Yeah! Naruto-kun! Fuck me! Please… give it to me! OOOOooohhh!" Chou-Un moaned out.

Mai on the other hand was now really getting into this, as it was her first time too. Having watched Chou-un, she attempted to copy the other girl in pleasing the clone Naruto, altering on the shinobi's member from licking, to sucking, and even trying to deep throat, but decided against the last one when she gagged on it. Instead, she went to practicing a sucking technique.

The real Naruto smiled, watching from the side as the two girls experimented with the clones. Eventually, he decided to get in on the action, and producing another two clones, hopped back into this one. While one clone went to Chou-Un, he and the other copy went to join Mai. The silver haired girl was pleased to have another Naruto, and ordered that one to stand by her. When it did as ordered, she began sucking it off again, while continuing to ride the other Naruto.

Off to the left, Mai was now trying to position herself comfortably over the clone lying beneath her. Having still one more step to take, she was very nervous at the enormity of the clone, and was a little worried that it was going to hurt a lot. However, the clone suddenly sat up and stepped aside, Mai letting out a complaint before coming face to face with the real Naruto. The boy smiled at her and kissed her passionately, before laying her down on the bed. Moving over her, he gazed down at the blonde girl, as she looked up at him.

"Let's make your first time be with the real me," Naruto exclaimed. Mai nodded and took in a deep breath of air, readying herself.

"Do it…"

Naruto obliged, and entered her, marveling at the feel of the girl's insides as he penetrated. Mai groaned, biting back cries and tears at the pain she felt. However, after waiting a bit for the stinging to subside, she allowed him to continue, and soon enough, he was thrusting into her slowly, and she was grinding into his each thrust.

The young blonde shinobi decided to take it slow with his other partner, worshipping her body just as he had done with Chou-Un, who at the moment was altering between giving blow jobs to the two Naruto clones. Mai of course, was in a state of pure bliss. She never thought that sex was like this, as she had heard from stories from other soldiers in her unit (of course, uncalled for) that their sex lives were kind of dull. However, now that she was making love herself, with a boy she admired and loved more then anyone else in the world; it was an unbelievably pleasurable experience. The girl was literally crying out in lust, joy and pleasure.

"OH GOD! YES! NARUTO! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! PLEASE! MORE!" she moaned loudly, running her hands up his back. "GIVE ME MORE! HARDER!"

Naruto did as ordered, and began moving faster in and out of her, now pounding into her. He had to say, in spite of it being her first time; she had great control of her inner muscles. The sensations he felt were amazing, and he knew she was experiencing similar feelings.

Across from them, Chou-Un was now trying something a bit new, a sixty-nine position with one clone, both of them on their side, while the other clone massaged her breasts from behind her, sandwiching her.

Mai let out a cry of passion as her very first orgasm hit her, and she soaked Naruto's crotch. The real shinobi grinned at her as he pulled out, letting the blonde girl rest underneath him. After which, she sat back, wiped her sweaty brow, then made a motion with her finger for the other clones to come to her. They did so, and standing on either side of her, she began soaking both of them off, while getting on her knees and wiggling her ass at the real Naruto.

"Come on, Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed in a begging voice. "I want it…"

Naruto sighed and shook his head. 'My goodness… guess I'm going to have to pull an all nighter with these two…" the boy thought, well aware of the third scene from the first Icha Icha book.

He walked up to Mai, and entered her from behind, the girl crying out in passion at the entry. Chou-Un, meanwhile, was also being taken, this time with her legs wrapped around Naruto's waist as he stood there, pounding into her on his feet.

'Hope Kyuubi doesn't mind the racket…' he thought, sparing a glance at the necklace on top of his folded gear in the corner of his tent.


Inside the necklace, Kyuubi was sitting on a bunch of giant cushions in the middle of a small valley, next to a lake, forest and desert on all sides, and light cloud cover overhead. This all seemed to be localized all inside of the small pear at the end of the piece of string that usually hung around Naruto's neck.

The giant fox was lying atop of the pillows, sleeping comfortably, with its tails wrapped snugly around her. It was then when loud moans, screams and cries of love making hit her ears, which twitched at these sounds.

Groaning, the fox awoke, glaring up towards the ceiling, where she saw through the transparent barrier of her confines the sight of a bunch of Naruto clones all packed together and pounding on the two girls he was traveling with. Both Chou-Un and Mai were sitting in the same group, the two of them making out with each other as they were taken by two separate clones, while the others paid tribute to their bodies.

Kyuubi growled and reached up with her front paw, fisting it and pounding on the crystal surface, even though they wouldn't be able to hear her.

"Hey! Keep it down out there you brats!" she growled.

Shaking her head, she laid her head back down and watched on, giggling when she saw the Naruto clones begin making out with the girls.

"I've heard of mating on mass, but this is ridiculous…"

Back in Central, Amestris

Deep underground, underneath the Central Command building, there sat a massive room made up of pipelines, cables, and constructed completely into a dome. Metal walls and frames held all the concrete and stone into place, with similar materials making up the main foundations of this dark abyss of a room. To put everything into perspective, it was a pretty depressing room, with one of the only light sources coming from a couple of candles and a lamp sitting on an oak desk, beside a stone throne strung with cables, wires and pipes.

Sitting in that very throne, was what appeared to be a man dressed in white robes, a mysterious and eerie figure that cast a very cold shadow across the room. He had a rather thinly outward show; pale wrinkled skin and white hair, his possible age making him look to be about eighty years old, when in fact he was over twenty-thousand years old.

In his reclines seated position, the man tossed aside his book and looked to his left from the shadows of his seat. Almost as if they were summoned telepathically, a dozen or so figures suddenly emerged from the darkness. The first to appear came out of casted shadows of tentacles and shapes, giant red eyes enveloping the body of a child, who strolled into the light carefree. The boy wore a buttoned up shirt, shorts and a vest, his short brown hair shadowing murderous little eyes and a devious grin. A figure accompanying this satanic boy walked in alongside, dressed in formal military robes, his numerous badges and adornments on his garments giving him that appeal of a high-ranking official, was armed with a sword at his side, an eye-patch on his left eye, and a bushy mustache, making him look very distinguished.

The others to form the circle consisted of a rather voluptuous female, a young lady wearing a black dress, had long, silky black and rather divine hair, and a gorgeous facial complex, her delicate looking hands adorned with long gloves that went up her arms. Fourthly a short, bald and fat man, wearing spandex, had large arms, and a big mouth, however moved with little difficulty despite his size. There also stood a pair of shorter, almost teen figures, one of them taking a seat on a large pipe, this one wearing leathery, revealing clothes, and had long green and spiky hair, masking a feminine boyish face and figure. The teen standing next to him/her, was a figure similar in appearance, long brown hair spandex shorts, a shirt, and had sickly yellow skin, accept for a right arm and left leg, which looked relatively normal. He looked to be around twelve, whereas the older teen looked to be around sixteen. A seventh figure was another woman, wearing a long brown dress with brown hair, had fair skin, and seemed very passive in her movements and appearance. Behind her stood an enormous man, with bulky muscles, chains clasped to his wrists, wearing spandex, and had stringy black hair, falling over a stoic and chiseled face. A ninth figure stood away from the group, wearing leather pants, boots and a fur collar vest and sunglasses. The man was tall and fair muscular in appearance, and he seemed to stride around with his hands in his pockets. He looked at the others out of boredom and disdain, before looking towards the man in the center throne.

"What's up…dad…?" the sunglasses wearing man exclaimed.

"My children… a situation has just come up that I require a few of you to tear away from your duties here in this country to run a little errand for me in another," the man in white stated, in a gruff and calm like voice. "Though this next job may seem minute, I assure you it does me some concern. It was not until just now I was hit with the full scope and realization of what this issue may bring us."

"Oh… what would that be then, Father?" the green haired boy sitting on the pipe exclaimed, throwing his hands behind his head and smiling.

"I know I have plans set for this nation and its human population with good use for them in the foreseeable future, but it'll take some time before it comes to full fruition. Just several days ago, I detected what could possibly be a future problem for us traversing about above us," the man continued, looking towards the various figures standing around him. "I sensed a very powerful individual enter this country… a person carrying a mass of energy in one spot, far beyond the energies of a philosopher's stone, even my own… perhaps even greater then the very power I myself seek."

"Interesting," the little boy beside the military figure spoke up, a voice baring a mixture and blend of several, giving it a very spooky distinctiveness from the others. "Can such a person with that kind of power truly exist?"

"Probably, but we cannot be completely sure," the vixen female in the black dress continued in place. "Are you sure you sensed correctly, father?"

"Perhaps your mind is wandering a little, old man?" the glasses wearing man spoke up, smirking. "Maybe you should rest for a bit?"

"My senses… are still finely tuned and accurate, my son," the white bearded man spoke, directing his attention to the one speaking ill about him. "What I sensed was nothing I had ever perceived before…"

"So… what is your plan then?" the old man with the eye-patch asked, hands behind his back. "What do you intend to do to get rid of this… problem?"

"I want you to go, retrieve this individual… and bring him to me, so that I may uncover the secret behind this strange and enormous power," the man said, resting his head on his hand, arm keeping his head propped up. "I have strong faith in you… my children."

"Who are you going to send then, Father?" the boy in the back asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

It didn't take much time of thought, in which the man seated in the throne looked up and around at the shadowy individuals surrounding him.

"I would send you, Pride… but unfortunately, you cannot leave this country, as you are bound within the circle and would die if you were to tread outside of it," the old man pointed out bluntly. "King Bradley must remain here, in order to keep control and watch over the military, as well as the sacrifices. I must also keep Gluttony, Juliet Douglas Sloth, and Envy around, for support and preparations. Also…recruiting Kimblee and requesting his assistance to add to the final touches to the transmutation circle would be of good use. Because this individual may be incredibly difficult to bring in, I will send Lust, Wrath, Greed, and Sloth to capture this person… and will send assistance if need be."

The man in the sunglasses grinned, holding up his hand and clenching his fist, cracking his knuckles. "Heh… this might actually turn out to be quite fun, old man!"

"Tsk… yeah!" the boy standing beside Envy smirked. "Heck… I might get a kick out of this opportunity…"

"Lust shall be leader for this job. Track this individual down, and subdue him in any way possible," Father stated, closing his eyes. "The day of the eclipse is drawing nearer… so be quick about it…"