Squidward's Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yes, it's time that good ol' Squidward, the best character on the sow, got his own little adventure. And what adventure will it be! Will he stay in Bikini Bottom, or will he extend to all of its surroundings? ...I'm not going to tell you much, because that would just ruin the surprise. You're just going to have to find out yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, enough of me yapping my breath away and using up the story's word count. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Squidward Q. Tentacles belongs to Nickelodeon.

Squidward yawned as he got out of his bed, looking at his alarm clock. Picking it up, he murmured as he rolled up his bed covers, heading into his bathroom and changing out of his pink pajamas, placing on his regular brown shirt. He headed downstairs, making his usual breakfast before heading to work. He took a moment to lok all over his house, his majestic, beautiful paintings being hung proudly on the walls of his house.

"Ah! Nothing like a perfect morning to make work... less boring..." Squidward muttered as he rubbed his nose, drinking hi orange juice as he began to ponder. "Although... maybe I could avoid going to work today..."

Thinking deeply about this, Squidward stood up, pacing about within his living room as he began wondering what to do for today. Squidward quickly turned on the television, to see something about an elusive jewel hidden deep within the Kelp Forest. Rubbing his chin, Squidward grinned as an idea popped out of his head.

"Kelp Forest... last time I was there, I nearly lost my mind." Squidward briefly touched upon, but shrugged it off, laughing as he turned off the television and headed out the door, "But this time, I have a keen sense of where it is! And I won't let anything stop me!"

Just as he took a step out of his eastern island-esq house, a pink jellyfish bumped into him. Squidward growled as he grabbed the jellyfish and smashed it on the ground, stomping on it until it could barely move. Smiling as he dusted his tentacles, Squidward took out his key and locked his house, making sure no one would get in. Walking past the pineapple house that was to the right of his, Squidward turned to his left and headed southwards, leaving behind the ordinary path to the Krusty Krab. Taking a quick look behind him, Squidward chuckled as he casually walked into the distance, nothing but coral and reefs in the distance.

"Heh heh! Squidward, this may be one of your finest moments yet," Squidward congratulated himself as he rubbed his tentacles together, "Now, if I can just get that jewel, I will have completed my collection, and not only will I feel excellent and completed..." He laughed as he upped his walking pace, "But then I'll finally be able to shove it in Squilliam's face after all these years!" He laughed as the distance from Bikini Bottom became larger, the city itself practically disappearing as the corals and reefs in the background essentially replaced it.

Squidward, though, didn't worry. He brought along his green backpack, which had food, water, and all the essentials for an adventure. Knowing that he would reach the Kelp Forest with ease, Squidward began whistling to himself merrily, willing to take anything in his way. A hungry, angry Sea Bear came charging towards him, but Squidward punched the beast in the face, wounding it greatly. A Sea Rhinoceros popped up from the front, bellowing loudly in Squidward's face. Squidward shook his head and grabbed the monster by the horn, smashing it into a couple of boulders nearby. Whistling again, Squidward began humming to himself as several jellyfish buzzed by, spotting Squidward. They attempted to sting him, but Squidward smacked them all away into the distance with his tentacle, handling them with no care in the world. Squidward took out his compass after twenty four minutes of walking, seeing that he was five miles away from Bikini Bottom.

"I must be pretty close," Squidward assured himself as he smiled, rubbing his tentacles together again as he chuckled, "Gateway to wealth and posterity, here I come!"