Squidward made his way through the barren wasteland several miles west of Bikini Bottom, getting closer and closer to his destination at the forbidden Kelp Forest. Marching through the rough sand storms that plague the wastelands, Squidward took one step through the tall kelp, entering into the forest. Looking behind him, he laughed as he leisurely walked through.

"Squidward, you genius, you have finally crossed into dangerous territory," Squidward proclaimed to himself as he laughed, placing his arms around his head, "This will be a piece of ca-"

He screamed as several nets suddenly trapped the humanoid squid, entangling Squidward. The nets then released Squidward into the sky, soaring all over the Kelp Forest. Squidward continued screaming as he bumped into a tall kelp tree, causing it to fall on its back as Squidward fell along with it. Moaning, Squidward rubbed his head as several coconuts from the sky fell on his head. He looked up, his eyes popping out of his head as more coconuts were showering from the sky.

"It's a coconut downpour!" Squidward exclaimed as he headed westward, running as fast as he could, when he tripped over a connected branch within the soil. He moaned as he picked up his face, being pelted by the coconuts. Shielding his head, Squidward hid in one of the nearby kelp trees, watching as the coconuts continued pouring down. Rubbing his elbows, Squidward took caution as he stepped out of the tree.

"All right… it's just nothing but coconuts... You can do it, Squidward Tentacles…" Squidward told himself as he slowly but surely built up enough confidence to continue.

Squidward gulped as he quickly observed the area, seeing a bright golden light towards the north. He gasped as he guessed that it could be the jewel he was seeking, taking no chances as he dashed. However, several spears were then chucked at him. At first Squidward panicked, but quickly remembering that he made it to the Kelp Forest all the way from the barren wasteland before with ease, Squidward resisted the damage he was receiving from the spears, a determined angry look on his face as he continued. He would not let this stupid forest corrupt his mind. Every step he took was stronger than the last, and Squidward pulled out the spears sticking to him with ease, crushing them as he laughed at the face of death. Finally, after fifteen minutes, Squidward came across a large kelp tree, the bright shining coming from behind it. Squidward smiled evilly as he rubbed his tentacles together, repeatedly punching the tree until it collapsed on its back, revealing the bright light, which turned out to be the very jewel that Squidward was looking for!

"There it is! The elusive Technogerdo Emerald!" Squidward exclaimed as he placed both of his hands on his face with enthusiasm, laughing as he had a wide grin across his face, grabbing the yellow-colored jewel and placing it away in his backpack after holding it for forty eight seconds, "At long last, do I have the one thing to complete my masterpiece!" Sighing of satisfaction as he got what he was longing for, he turned around, folding his arms as another determined look came across his face. "Now... the only thing to do is to get back… but I'm sure that will be a walk in the park."