Chapter 1

New Boy In Town



I turned and faced the source of the husky voice addressing me.


I may have sounded a little too harsh but sitting outside the stage door, in the freaking cold and dirt, was not my idea of fun. This was not what I signed on for three years ago when I became the manager of the newest emo band or whatever they liked to call themselves, particularly lead singer, Edward Cullen.

I had imagined a life of luxury, sitting in 5 star hotels, not sitting on the edge of the dusty road, looking at our bikes lined up ready to whisk us away when the show ended.

Of course, Mr Bloody Cullen had his limo and chauffeur waiting for him. Nothing but the best for the star who kept us all employed.

"Do you have any new bookings for next year?" asked Aro,

Always so bloody anxious to tie us all up for ever and a day.

"We have bookings right up until November and you know his royal bloody highness will demand Christmas off, again. He never works in the second half of December or the first 2 weeks of January, so, yeah, next year is pretty much fully booked."

Aro scowled at my attitude, but what did I care? He can't sack me, only Edward can do that and he wouldn't dare. He knows which side his bread is buttered.

A stage hand opened the door and seeing us all, dressed in all black other than the occasional red bandana tied around a shaved head or hanging out of a pocket, ready to wipe up the alcohol spilling down from an unsteady hand holding the bottle, jumps back and decides he doesn't need to come out here after all..

We were a colorful lot, just not many colors were involved.

Intermission would be over soon and we would all spring back into our roles, making sure the second half of the show went as planned.

I shook my head at Mike's offer of a smoke, his roll your owns were really good, and relaxing, but I need my brain cells functioning for my job, and his special ingredients pretty well guarantee that won't happen.

I stood and smacked the dirt off my black denim clad ass and opened the door and walked back towards where the band were just seating themselves, ready to blast the eardrums of the chanting audience.

Jasper looked a little high but he was only the drummer, he could carry it off in is sleep. Luckily.

Emmett was leaning a little to one side. I approached and copped enough fumes from his breath to keep me drunk for a week.

"You right there, Em?"

"Sure, just tired." he assured me.



His arm was probably tired, tired of bending at the elbow as he swallowed down a small towns ration of rum.

Jake grins at me and I smile in return. He knows better than to drink or get high before a performance. He is so dependable. He picks up his new guitar and starts making it sing. The crowd roar in anticipation, and he walks to the front of the stage, in front of the heavy red curtain that hides the band from the audience, and starts playing a complicated guitar solo, mesmerizing the crowd and keeping them happy until Edward decides to show himself so the show can go on. Thank God for Jake.

Ah, here's the man himself. Finally. No prizes for guessing what he has been doing. At least he has put his pants back on.

Edward shook off his make up girl, Jess, as she tried to touch up the blackness around his eyes and on his lips.

Bloody emos.

Think they look so fucking hot and tough and sexy. Some of them just make me want to laugh.

My own make up is dark enough but I always brighten it up a little with a dark burgundy lipstick so it's not all blackness.

"Fuck off, Jess." growls Edward, pushing her away as he takes his last drag.

I walk over and snatch the joint from his hand.

"Shit, Edward, can you keep your head together until the show is over, please."

"I know every fucking word and every fucking riff, chill out, Swan."

He is such a peach.

He is dressed in all black, it goes without saying, but his fuckbuddy Lauren has come up to him and is trying to tie a red bandana around his head.

I hold my breath, she must know by now, never touch his fucking hair.

He slaps her away with a backhander and she falls to the stage floor. She is being overdramatic but he still has no need to slap her like that.

Jess helps her up and leads her off, crying noisily.

"Fuck you, Edward. You can't treat her like that, you bastard." I say quietly, so my voice won't carry to the audience.

"Get rid of her then and find me something better to fuck tonight" he answers,

I am so sick of this son of a bitch. I should just cut my losses and walk.

x x x x x x x x

Back in high school, Edward was the totally gorgeous but dark, depressed boy everyone avoided. He would always sit alone, as far from the others as he could. All the girls all adored him and hoped he would notice them as they flounced about in the yard. He made no sign of seeing them but I had heard stories he wasn't as alone as he pretended, out of school.

When Jasper Whitlock started at the school, I saw he would be the one to break through Edward's wall of solitary aloneness. They were pretty much two of a kind, Jasper started on a Monday, in the second term. He walked in with his foster mother, Mrs Meredith Stanley,widow, clucking about like some demented hen, brushing down his clothes and telling him how to behave and how too impress the Head.

Jasper looked strangely out of place with his thick blond hair neatly brushed to one side of his head. He wore a pair of thickly framed glasses and was dressed in a white button down shirt and a ridiculous yellow cardigan. Only his jeans hinted at some thing different.

"And I do wish you had worn those nice dress pants I bought you.." whined on Jess's mom. She always wanted a large family and had tried to compensate for only producing the one chicken, Jessica, by providing a home for every waif and stray in the region.

Few could stand her fussy ways and her rules.

She alone caused the runaway rate to treble in the state of Washington, her rules and her habit of squeezing into dresses made for teens and maybe hookers. She had a very strange self image, that woman. I swear she thought she was frozen in time when she was seventeen, and she never bothered updating her look as she aged. It was creepy and scary. She spoke in an annoying baby voice that only real seventeen year old incredibly pretty girls could pull off. She couldn't.

I had been called to the Headmaster's office and I stood waiting outside until the door opened.

"Bella Swan, take this new student, Jasper Whitlock, and show him where his first class is to be held. I have had him put in all your classes so you can look after him."

"Thank you sir" Jasper drawled in a heavy Texan accent, shaking hands with the Headmaster.

He turned and winked at me and I blushed and showed him the way to Biology.

I just couldn't work out what was going on with him. He looked almost right, to be the academic student who would fit right in and cause no trouble but it seemed like a facade.

Mr Banner blinked at Jasper and adjusted his own glasses.

"Um, sit with Bella at her table."

"My table is full, Mr Banner." I reminded him.

He looked around the lab, with an expression of surprise on his face, like he hadn't realized there was more to the room than his desk and whiteboards.

"Cullen. You two sit with Cullen. He has plenty of room at his table."

I sighed.

The reason Cullen had plenty of room at his table was because nobody wanted to sit near him. He was quite gorgeous but his darkness radiated out and warned you to stay away and leave him alone. His emerald green eyes were often filled with rage and hostility and they certainly were now, as I pulled out a chair and sat between him and Jasper, wanting to spare the new kid from copping too much of Cullen's inevitable wrath, on his first day.

Senior year was turning out to be so much fun.

After class, I took Jasper to the lunchroom and introduced him to my friends, Jess,who he already knew obviously, Lauren, Alice, Rose and Emmett, brother of the sulky man himself. Edward never sat with us or anyone else but I don't think he ate lunch anyway. Whenever I saw him, he was smoking away like his life depended on it,back against a tree, but I never saw him eat anything. He did have a flask so I suppose whatever alcohol he hid inside was high enough in calories to keep him alive.

Jasper quietly took us all in with his bright, ice blue eyes and rarely spoke. After the final class of the day, I walked with him to the parking lot and he asked me the first question to cross his lips all day.

"Where can I get some hair dye and make up in this pissy little hole of a town?"

I jumped back in shock. So much for the glasses and the cardigan. He was currently removing both and he dropped them into a trash bin as he walked to his car.

"Um, that would be the pharmacy in the main street" I replied, hoping he would invite me along.

"Do you want me to show you?" I offered when he continued climbing into his car.

"Yeah, whatever" he said and I abandoned my rusty red truck in favor of the passenger seat of his sleek black sportscar.

"Nice car" I commented as he drove us along at a speed that must have been well over the speed limit.

"Um, my dad is the local police chief and I will be in deep shit if you get stopped for speeding with me in your car."

He laughed but he slowed down a little.

"The cop's daughter. How perfect."

"So, where you from, Jasper?"I asked, hoping to make him like me and not hold my Dad's profession against me. It had been so long since we got any new blood in this tiny town, I wanted to be the first to check him out.

"Texas. I thought that was obvious." he answered.

I indicated where he should park and scampered along behind him as he entered the store.

His legs were so long, he took one step to my three.

He was grabbing boxes of black hair dye from the shelves and he settled on one brand he liked and handed four boxes of it to me, then he approached the make up section and started grabbing kohl pencils, and mascara and eye liner and the one solitary bottle of black nail polish.

I cringed, they only carry that color for Edward Cullen and he will be so pissed when he comes in and finds they have sold his bottle.

The girl at the counter blanched when she saw Jasper place Edward's nail varnish down. I knew what she was thinking.

"You might want to get a larger supply in now" I hastily advised her and she nodded at me.

She rang up his purchases and he handed her a platinum card.

I hid my astonishment. It was not Mrs Stanley's card, that was for sure.

"Daddy's" explained Jasper. "Conscious money."

I guess that also explained the car.

"Want to help me dye my hair?" he asked, as he sped back towards the school.

"Sure. We can do it at my house, Charlie is on late shift."

"Cool" he answered and I told him where to turn, and he pulled in and parked in Charlie's driveway.

"Mom home?" he wondered as I led him to the front door.

"Divorced" I answered, using his method of using as few words as possible.

I led him to the one and only bathroom, upstairs and he removed his white shirt, revealing an unexpectedly buff chest , back and arms. The boy was built. Not obviously large like Emmett but firm and muscular and was fitter than any of the other students at school. I wanted to run my hands over his torso but I resisted. I did lick my lips, though. This bathroom had never held a hunk like this in it before,.

I pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and mixed the two containers so the chemicals started to darken as they reacted against each other. Jasper sat on the edge of the bath and I threw an old towel around his shoulders. Charlie won't notice one less threadbare towel seeing I do all the washing and folding.

I quickly and thoroughly coated every hair on his head and set the kitchen timer.

"Your turn" he said.


"Come on, I can't be the only student here with dyed hair. Let me make you one of us, on the dark side."

I touched my boring brown hair. Dare I take him up on his offer? What the hell, Charlie probably won't even notice.

I threw my shirt off and sat where Jasper had before, and he pulled a towel around my shoulders and copied what I had done to him. Half an hour later, he handed me the third box.

"Shit, Swan, you have a lot of hair. Lucky I bought four boxes."

So, he had planned this all along. His hair had only taken the one box.

I mixed the chemicals and handed him the applicator bottle and took the empty one and tossed it into the bath where the first two lay already. He had done the top of my head, all the roots and now he just had to coat the length. He worked quickly and by the time I was done, the bell had sounded to indicate his was ready to be rinsed off. He pulled his jeans off and his boxers, and stood under our shower.

I bit my lip. I have never seen a man naked before and I couldn't bring myself to look away as he closed his eyes and ran his fingers back and forth through his newly darkened locks.

I took advantage of his closed eyes and checked his entire body out, especially his...package?

And a very nice package it was, too.

"Like what you see? " he asked, causing me to blush enough to be mistaken for a tomato.

"Um, sorry" I muttered, stepping back and gathering up our mess of boxes and reaching out a hand as he handed me the bottles from the bath.

I tried to avert my eyes, but it was a view I had wanted to see for the last year or so, and having never had a boyfriend, I had never had any opportunity to be this close to a man's..lunchbox.

It seemed a well packed lunchbox, too.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked in a casual tone.

"I, ah, I , um, haven't, don't" I spluttered.

"A virgin? In Senior Year? Fucking awesome." he answered, catching on to what I was unable to say immediately. "Let me know when you want to cash your v card in, I will be happy to oblige. Towel?"

I handed him another red towel and he wrapped it around his hair, and dried himself with the dark blue towel I handed him next.

He was completely unselfconscious of his nakedness.

He looked at the time.

"You are done now."

He reached to help me remove my jeans and I stood there and let him. I was determined to appear as nonchalant as he was, and I unhooked my bra and turned away a little self consciously. Well, I can try and fake casualness.

I stepped under the water and rinsed the extra blackness and watched it swirl down the drain and I rubbed my fingers through as he had done, waiting until the water ran clear.

Jasper handed me a towel and I turbaned my long tresses up and then accepted the next towel and dried my body.

I heard a knock at the front door and froze.

Shit. I hope this isn't anyone who knows where the spare key is..

The door squeaked open and my best friend Jacob flew up the stairs. His jaw dropped open as he saw us standing there, Jasper with just a towel around his waist as he dried his hair with the other one.

"Um, Jake, Jacob Black, this is Jasper Whitlock, he is new in town" I hurriedly explained.

"I see you gave him the full welcome wagon package deal" snarled Jake.

"We were dyeing our hair, actually," I said, dropping my towel and walking to my room, determined to shock the living daylights out of Jake. I had tried on many occasions to get Jacob to date me but he always had an excuse. We were friends, and he didn't want to risk losing me if we broke up. I was too young. I was acting in haste.

Haste? I had known him all his life. It I had handed my virginity to Jasper today, it would have been Jake's own fault.

I opened my drawers and pulled out clean underwear and slid into them as Jake's eyes looked me over hungrily. Yeah, Black, you could have been enjoying this body long ago if you wanted. Well, too late now. I grabbed a top that didn't require a bra and pulled on some clean jeans then stalked out past him. Jasper was redressed and sitting at the kitchen table. His hair looked wicked. It suited him and his blue eyes popped against the blackness.

"I love it" I said, touching his hair as it hung in his face, drying.

"Show me yours" he said in a husky voice and I wished I had stayed in just the towel, not to mention had thought to deadlock the front door.

I dropped my hair down out of its wrappings and it hung in loose waves to my waist, shining and black.

"Cool" pronounced Jasper. "I love it."

Jake stood at the doorway, watching us warily.

"Coffee?" I asked them both and made us three cups of the precious brew.

We sat and looked at each other looking at each other.

"You moved here permanently?" Jake asked Jasper.

"Until the day I turn eighteen, then I am gone" promised Jasper, more to himself than to us.

"Where are you living?"

"With the frustrating Stanley women" he answered.

"Jess and her mother?" laughed Jacob.

"Yeah, can't live with 'em, can't kill them" answered Jasper.

"You can fuck them" suggested Jake as I stepped into the other room to lock the front door again. I don't want anyone else to barge in.

"Mother or daughter?" asked Jasper.

"Both. Old lady Stanley, or 'call me Meredith',is quite the cougar. She likes herself some young cubs. And Jess isn't a bad fuck, but most of us prefer her doing a blowjob seeing it forces her to shut the fuck up for five minutes, and believe me, fucking her does not stop her talking. She needs something shoved in her mouth to achieve that."

I wondered if Jake imagined because he couldn't see me, that I couldn't hear him.

"What's with you and Bella?" asked Jasper quietly.

"Just friends. She is my best friend. Known each other since we were kids" Jake answered.

"And you haven't fucked her?"

"No, she is not that type of girl, Bella is special. Not the type you fuck and leave. She deserves better." answered my best friend equally quietly. "Please don't use her."

"No intention of it. I was just surprised to meet a virgin in Senior Year" answered Jasper.

I walked back in the room crossly.

"I am not the only virgin in Senior Year" I shouted.

"We don't count the computer geeks" Jake retorted."They wouldn't know where to stick their hard drives...or more like, floppy disks."

Jasper high fived him and I tapped my foot on the floor impatiently.

"Angela Webber is a virgin" I stated, sure of my facts.

"Sorry, Bells. Ben's party... I don't think she knew what to buy him for his birthday gift so she gave him herself.."

I blushed and cursed inwardly that she had not told me. She had been weird around me lately, come to think of it.

"Um, Alice Brandon."

"Okay, you got me there. Alice is one cute little virgin but she is waiting for Mr Right."

I wracked my brains. There must be more of us.

"Don't even suggest Rosalie Hale" warned Jake.

I hadn't intended to, I think we have all seen Rose and Emmett slip into school after first bell, looked a little too rumpled and pleased with themselves.

I paced the floor, thinking, coming up empty handed.

Shit, was I last of a dying breed?. Maybe I should let Jasper help me out.

The guys soon left and I prepared spaghetti for dinner, ate alone and put dad's serving into the warming oven. Homework waits for no man, or woman, so I washed my dishes and made my way upstairs to get mine out of the way. Bloody algebra. Made no sense and I can never imagine needing it once I leave school, but I do the assignment and hope it's close enough to right to get me a pass.

A couple of hours passed then the sound of knocking at the front door draws me downstairs.

Jasper and Jake are back, and are both a little drunk.

"We bought gifts" announced Jasper, as they both held their hands high above their heads, bags from several women's clothing shops hanging from their fingers.

"What have you done?" I asked, worriedly.

"Present for you. You hang around with me, you need to dress a little...sharper. Edgier. No offence."

Jasper tossed the contents of his various bags onto the kitchen table. Black, skinny legged jeans. Black tops. A black leather jacket. Various vintage band tshirts.

Jake opened his two bags and and a box , and poured make up onto the table.

"Where did you get this stuff?' I asked, handling the black nail polish, eyeliner, eyelash curlers, and several dark red shades of lipstick.

"Port Angeles. I hate black lipstick" said Jasper. "You need a hint of color, and femininity if you wear all black."

"Why would I wear all black?" I asked.

"Because it's cool, Bella and so are you" Jasper replied, putting his arm around my shoulders and kissing my cheek.

"Hands off" warned Jake and Jasper backed away, hands in the air.

"Sorry man. Don't touch the Bella. She is special" he repeated Jake's words from earlier.

I opened the box and pulled out a pair of black Doc Martens.

"Jasper, I cannot let you buy me all this stuff. It's expensive."

"Bella, Daddy insists. I have to use his card to salve his troubled conscious. You are helping me help him. Now, those boots, this pair of jeans, or this pair, equally suitable..not that pair though. This top or a vintage T,the Harley one with the rose is hot, and the jacket is a definate. Every day you are to wear the jacket. Understand?"

"Charlie will be home soon so you two help me hide this stuff in my closet then get outa here" I ordered.

I know I should make Jasper take it all back and get refunds but I don't want to. And I tell myself, it would be rude to.

After everything is hidden, I walk the guys to the door and bid them goodnight.

"I will pick you up for school tomorrow morning" promises Jasper.

"I have my own truck' I answer, waving a hand to where my truck should be. Damn. It's still at the school.

"Tomorrow" laughs Jasper. Jake climbs onto his black bike and starts the engine.

"Bye, Bells."

"Bye Jake." I call and stumble back inside.

Minutes later Charlie pulls up and walks in the door.

"Was that Jake?"

"Yeah" I answer.

"You had your hair cut?" Charlie asks.

"Yes, dad, I had my hair cut" I sigh and heat up Charlie's meal, then walk upstairs.