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Chapter 1 - Protection and Swimmers

"Here, Renren, we picked some up for you while we were at the store. I didn't know what kind, so we just got the variety pack." Ruri tossed a box to Mihashi.

The pitcher fumbled with the angular box for a moment before getting a good grip on it. "C-condoms?!" he yelped.

Ruri, leaning against the doorframe now, blinked at him. "Yeah, condoms. Haven't you and Abe-kun had sex yet?"

"A-A-Abe!?" Mihashi's face was bright red and he flailed in his desk chair.

"Yeah…" Ruri raised an eyebrow. "I know you haven't come out and told me yet, but it's not anything to be embarrassed about. We all know about you and Abe-kun, Renren."

"M-me and Abe-kun?" Mihashi, now on the floor from his flailing, peered over the top of his desk.

"Yes, Abe-kun, as in your boyfriend. Geez, you're such a spaz, Renren." Ruri rolled her eyes and stalked down to the guest room she was staying in.

"But…Abe-kun's not my boyfriend…" Mihashi stared at the box that laid next to his desk. What in the world was he going to do with those?! What if someone saw them? What if Abe-kun saw them? And then he'd have to explain why he had them, and he didn't want Abe-kun to get mad at him or not want to catch for him anymore...

And why did Ruri think Abe-kun was his boyfriend! Like Abe-kun would ever be interested in him, Abe-kun was way too awesome, and the only reason he was nice to Mihashi was because he was worried about his pitching...

Mihashi shook his head furiously, tears gathering at the corners of his eyes. Maybe he could just put them in a drawer and he wouldn't have to think about them anymore.


"And my mom made SO MUCH FOOD so you should totally come because it's a really nice day and we could go swimming--"

"Geez, fine," Hanai said exasperatedly, "as long as you promise not to get naked."

"Aw, where's the fun in that? You know you like it, Hanai."

Hanai spluttered.

"I'll be at your house in two hours!"

"The food'll be cold by then!"

"But I have to jack off first!"

Hanai face-palmed. "Too much information!"

"You'll thank me for the mental images later, Dude." Tajima laughed.

"I'm hanging up now. See you in two hours."

An hour later Tajima showed up at Hanai's door with a giant picnic basket.

"I thought you said two hours!"

"I did. I'm early." Tajima grinned widely.

"Whatever, come in. I just have to get the blanket and we can go."

"Are you bringing the red one?"

"No, the blue one."

"But the red one's softer."

"Fine, we'll take the red one, but it's not as big."

"That's fine." Tajima shrugged, fighting back a smirk. The closer we're sitting the better.

"Where are we going, anyway?"

"To the field, duh!"

Hanai blinked. "Why?"

"Because it's awesome and we can sit in the shade in the dugout and we can swim in the pool--"

"We can't swim in the pool! We'd have to break into the school!"

"Yeah, so?"

Hanai sighed and turned to get the red blanket.


"Ren, what are these doing in this drawer?"

Mihashi jumped. "I-I-I--R-Ruri got them! I didn't--I'm not--"

"Ren, I bought these. They're for you and Abe-kun. I just want you to be responsible. You are being responsible, aren't you?"

"I--I'm not--with Abe-kun--"

"Put these in your bag, dear, and promise Mommy you and Abe-kun will be safe from now on, okay?"

Mihashi spluttered for a long time after his mother left.

"Your mom is awesome!" Hanai said after he swallowed the food in his mouth.

"Dude, right?" Tajima said around his mouthful.

"Swallow first. That's gross."

"Hey, Hanai."

"What-- Ew." Hanai rolled his eyes as Tajima showed him the half-chewed rice on his tongue.

"Lighten up!" Tajima elbowed his side.

"Mind your manners."

"Or you'll what?" Tajima leered at Hanai out of the corner of his eye.

Hanai thought for a moment. "I'll burn all your porn mags."

"You wouldn't."

"If you think so."

Before Hanai knew what was happening, Tajima had tackled him so he was laying on his back and was straddling his waist.

"Those cost a lot of money, you know!"

"Get off me."

"Don't wanna." Tajima stuck his tongue out.

"Get off, what if someone sees you and gets the wrong idea?!"

"Well then that's their problem." Tajima shrugged, visibly miffed.

"And ours! Get off." Hanai sat up, pushing Tajima off his torso.

"Chill out, geez." Tajima popped a piece of sushi into his mouth.


Tajima hopped up. "Hey, let's go swimming!"


"Why? It's not like we have to break any windows or anything. The lock on the back of the gym door has been jammed all semester."

Hanai glared. "Didn't bring my trunks."

"So? Neither did I! We're both dudes. Nothing I haven't seen before!"

"We've all seen you." Hanai rolled his eyes again.

"Yeah, 'cause I don't care. Geez, Hanai, it's not like you don't have a good body or anything, you work out all the time." Tajima grinned. "Or maybe you're embarrassed about the size of your equipment."

Hanai flushed. "Shut up, I am not! I just happen to have some decency."

"You're totally blushing!"

"I don't have small equipment!"

"I don't believe you."

Hanai growled. "Fine. Let's go swimming."

Tajima made quick work of the back door to the gym, and it was only a few seconds before Tajima's clothes littered the tiled pool room floor and Hanai was being splashed with water as the freckled boy cannon-balled into the pool.

"Gonna swim?" Tajima kicked himself across he surface of the water.

"Turn around." The captain frowned.

"Prude," Tajima jeered but shut his eyes regardless.

Hanai got undressed quickly, keeping an eye on Tajima to make sure his eyes stayed shut. He slipped over the edge of the pool, near where Tajima was floating, and shoved the smaller boy under the surface.

When the clean up hitter resurfaced, Hanai was at the other end of the pool, and Tajima was sputtering.

"Dude," Tajima coughed, "I'm gonna kill you!"

Hanai snickered. "You probably couldn't even catch me."

Tajima's eyes sparkled. "Is that a challenge?"


Maybe he should just throw them away. He wasn't going to use them, and his mom would never know.

Oh, I can't do that... Mom spent money on them, it'd be a waste to throw them away... Maybe I can give them to someone?

But who did Mihashi know who would use them? Was anyone on the baseball team... doing stuff with... oh, it was too embarrassing to even think about! How did you just go up to someone and give them condoms?

Everyone on the team would make fun of me... except Hama-chan. I should give them to Hama-chan! I know he and Izumi-kun... Mihashi blushed. Okay. I'll give them to Hama-chan and hope no one else finds out. Especially Abe-kun.

Mihashi slipped the box into his baseball bag and went back to his room. Now the only problem was getting Hamada alone to give them to him.


Half an hour of swimming later Hanai was struggling to resurface while Tajima held him under the water.

"Okay!" Hanai shouted. "Lemme up!"

Tajima snickered and kicked away through the water.

"You're a better swimmer than I thought."

"You too, but I could'a guessed that, with bein' bald and all." The wide grin splitting Tajima's face told Hanai he was only being teased.

The sound of a door banging startled both boys.

"Shit!" Tajima yelped, scrambling out of the pool and grabbing his clothes.

"What's going on?" Hanai pulled himself out of the pool, careful not to slip.

"Come on! Someone's coming!" Tajima said quietly, tugging his clothes back on.

"Freeze!" The doors to the pool burst open and guns were leveled at the boys.

"Shit!" Tajima repeated, raising his hands.

Hanai turned from pale to crimson as he realized he didn't have any clothes on.

"Young man, hands in the air."

The officers joked as each boy was handcuffed. "Won't have to search this one!" one said to the other as cuffs were slapped around Hanai's wrists.

"Well, now I really don't get why you're so body shy. You're a monster, dude." Tajima smirked as they were led to the cruiser.


"So we drove all the way to the police station bare ass naked, right, and when we got there they gave us those orange jumpsuits because we didn't have anything else, it was so damn cool, they booked us and everything--"

"It wasn't cool!" Hanai said hotly. "That's on our permanent record, Tajima!"

"Yeah, so? No worries, Hanai, you're not going to get turned down for a job after college because you skinny dipped in the school pool without supervision when you were sixteen." Tajima rolled his eyes and turned back to the rest of the team. "So we had to call our parents, and Hanai's mom is the coolest, she didn't even care."

"Guys, we need to start practicing," Hanai said loudly, glaring pointedly at Tajima.

"Where's Mihashi?" Abe asked, peering around for his pitcher.

"He went to the bathroom a few minutes ago," Sakaeguchi answered. "I can get his glove and stuff out of his bag so we're ready to start when he gets back."

"Nah, I'll get it." Abe waved a hand absently as he walked towards the dugout. He found Mihashi's bag and had to tug the mitt from the bottom. Several things fell out, but Abe looked at the glove first to make sure he hadn't damaged the glove with all of his tugging first. He tucked the mitt between his elbow and side before leaning down to pick up the things that had fallen out of the pitcher's bag. Ball, papers with their last opponent's stats, dirty undershirt, condoms? What the hell was Mihashi doing with condoms? He picked up the box and inspected it.


Abe whipped around. Mihashi was standing next to him, face bright red. "What do you have these for?"

"I-I-I-I d-don't--"

"Don't lie, damn it, I'm not an idiot! If you have a girlfriend or something I don't care, but you gotta tell me because I need to know when something's going to distract you from your training!"

"M-m-m-my m-m-mom--" Mihashi's eyes were shining with tears. "D-don't be mad!"

"I'm not mad," Abe said, trying to keep from raising his voice. "Just tell me."

"M-my mom g-got them because--" Mihashi's voice faltered.

"Guys! Come on! We need to--oh... Sorry, I didn't know you were uh... Sorry for interrupting!" Oki darted out of the dugout.

Abe blinked. "Shit! It's not like that--Oki!" He growled and cradled his head in his hands. "Forget him. Why do you have these?" Abe held up the box again.

"M-my mom thought s-so too."

"Thought what?"

"T-th-that we..." The trembling pitcher trailed off into mumbling.

Abe blinked. "Why the hell would she think that?"

Mihashi flinched. "I-I don't know! B-but Ruri... thought so too..."

"Hey, so Oki said something was going on with condoms and I wanted to see if I could join in the fun." Tajima slung an arm around Mihashi's shoulders. "I knew you guys were doin' it, but I thought you were still trying to keep it a secret."

"We are NOT!" Abe snapped.

"Dude, whatever. There's no point in hiding it anymore, everyone knows." Tajima ran off and jumped on Hanai's back. The captain shouted at him and tried to push him off.

"What the hell? Does everyone think we're having sex?"

Mihashi could only shrug. Apparently, but he didn't want to tell Abe that. He'd only get yelled at.

"Come on, boys, save your lover's tiff for later." Coach Momoe came into the dugout and, taking each of them by the shoulder, marched them out of the dugout before they could continue.

Even Coach Mo?! Abe mentally shouted. What the hell!? We don't act like we're dating... Do we?! Abe was panicking. No, no, no. Calm down. If you're panicking, then Mihashi's probably about to have a heart attack. You have to tell him it's not his fault.

"Look, uh, Mihashi," Abe said awkwardly, putting a hand on the pitcher's shoulder, "you--uh--it's not your fault, you know, that everyone thinks that, because, I don't know, I don't really think we act weird, I just look out for you because I'm your catcher and I'm supposed to, so just ignore it, okay?"

"O-okay," Mihashi agreed, and he didn't understand why his chest ached.

"So you and Abe?" Tajima said at lunch, stuffing a sushi roll into his mouth. The two of them were sitting under a tree with Izumi and Hamada.

"I-it's not like that," Mihashi said quietly.

"It's totally like that." Izumi said at the same time as Hamada replied, "It's not?!"

"Dude, you two are like married. How can it not be like that?" Tajima asked.

"Everyone thinks so," Izumi added. "That's why Shinooka stopped putting love letters in his shoe cubby a few months ago."

"A-Abe-kun's just looking out for me, is all..." Mihashi protested, putting a hand on his stomach when it churned violently.

"You okay? You look like you're gonna get sick," Hamada asked warily.

Mihashi shook his head.

"Maybe you should go see the nurse..."

Mihashi shook his head. "No! My mom will make me go home and I'll miss practice and then Abe-kun will be mad at me!" He flailed.

"Okay, buddy, but take it easy for the rest of the day..." Hamada popped a pickled plum into his mouth.

Mihashi nodded and Tajima stared at Hamada's bento box. He had already scarfed down his own.

"No way, Tajima," Hamada warned playfully. "This one's mine. Kousuke made it special." Hamada wrapped an arm around Izumi.

"I did not. It's the same's mine." The smaller boy protested.

Tajima pouted and then yelped as Hanai dropped something on his head, approaching from behind.

"Hey." The captain sat down on Tajima's other side.

"Dude, you're the best!" Tajima tackle-hugged Hanai as he unwrapped the pre-packaged rice ball Hanai had dropped on his head.

"They're not as good as the ones your mom made." Hanai shrugged.

Mihashi looked back and forth between the two pairs, his gaze stopping on Tajima. "A-are you and Hanai-kun--l-like everyone thinks Abe-kun and I are?"

Hanai, who was in the process of eating a rice ball, choked and started coughing violently. "What?"

"Nah," Tajima said nonchalantly, "we're on our way to fuck-buddies, but we sure aren't a couple."


"Oh, come on, I've been trying to get in your pants for like a month, you are so freakin' oblivious. After I 'accidentally'--" Tajima made air quotes-- "groped you in the pool and you didn't figure it out, I figured I'd probably just have to tell you. So there. Sex in the locker room, yes or yes?"

Hanai gave Tajima a long look. "What makes you think I'd want to be your fuck buddy after you got us arrested?"

"I'd let you top," Tajima sing-songed before popping the remaining bit of the gifted rice ball into his mouth.

Hanai rolled his eyes. "Did it ever occur to you that I was straight?"

Tajima, as well as the other three, stared at him with owl eyes. "Straight?"

"Yeah, as in I like girls and someday want a wife and kids?"

"Dude, no worries. I'm an awesome cook!" Tajima said happily.

"I don't care about that! I don't. Like. Guys."

"How do you know? Have you ever had sex with one?"

"No, but I've never had sex with a girl either and I know I like them!"

"Come on. Once. I'll make it worth your while."

"No! Dude, you may be a man whore, but I actually want to be in a relationship with the person I lose my virginity to," Hanai blinked, then snickered.

"Dude. You are such a girl."

"Screw you." Hanai immediately regretted his word choice.

"See? You totally want to." Tajima crossed his arms with a smirk.

"I didn't like boys either." Hamada pointed at Hanai with his chopsticks.

Hanai half glared at the cheerleader for dragging out the subject.

"I mean. Tajima still watches porn to look at girls. Don't you?"

"Yeah, chicks are hot. I just don't like them. They get all clingy and lovey and shit, like Hanai here." Tajima jerked a thumb at the captain.

"Guys," Izumi piped up finally, staring at the pitcher, who was laying on the ground looking red and deflated, "I think Mihashi needs to go see the nurse."


Hanai groaned and kept walking. Practice was over, and he'd been glad to get away from Tajima, at least until the next day, but it seemed Tajima saw fit to follow him home.

"Hey!" Tajima jogged to catch up with him. "What's up?"

"Can you just leave me alone?"

"Geez, just because I want to have sex with you, you don't have to be a jerk."

"Stop saying stuff like that!" Hanai snapped, flushing.

Tajima shrugged. "I was going to ask you on a date, but if you're gonna be like that..." He turned on his heel.

"Tajima. I. Don't. Like. Boys."

"You won't know that until you try it." Tajima turned back with an accusing finger pointed in his direction.

Hanai sighed. "If I go on a date with you, will you drop it?"

Tajima grinned. "Pick you up eight?"

"Why so late?" Hanai blinked.

"We've been over this. I have to jack off first!"