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Chapter 6 - Sisters and Cuddles

"Hey, Abe!" Hanai waved to the catcher. "Do… Do you always come to school this way?"

"Nah, I'm gonna walk to school with Mihashi. Surprise him."

"Well, you should come with me then." Hanai grinned.


"He spent the night with Tajima."

"Oh…guess I should've planned better."

"This way." Hanai put a hand on Abe's shoulder and steered him toward the other street.


"Should we be…" Abe started.

"Jealous?" Hanai finished.

Tajima and Mihashi were curled around each other in the middle of Tajima's bed.

"You know… It is kind of… sweet."

Tajima cuddled into Mihashi's neck, already mostly on top of him. Mihashi made a breathy noise.

"Cute!" Abe and Hanai whispered together.

"We should wake them up," Hanai said. "Or we'll all be late to school."

Abe nodded and walked to the edge of the bed. "Mihashi," he said loudly, reaching over to shake his boyfriend's shoulder. "Tajima, get off him, you're gonna be late."

"Mrr?" Tajima shifted, then rolled off Mihashi and sat up blearily. "Abe? What are you doing here?"

"Hanai and I stopped by to get you. We're supposed to leave for school within the next five minutes."

"Shit. Hey, Mihashi." Tajima poked his cheek. "Wake up, dude."

Mihashi sat up slowly and rubbed his eyes, yawning cutely. "Hi, Abe-kun," he said sleepily, then blinked. "Abe-kun?"

"Hey. I came to pick you up, but Hanai told me you were here."

Mihashi's cheeks colored. "You were gonna pick me up?"

"Aren't they cute, Hanai?" Tajima grinned and sidled over to the captain, leaning up to kiss him. "Morning."

"Morning. Get dressed, we're going to be really late."

"You just want to watch me change."

"I don't just want to watch you change."

"Gimme a beat and I'll see what I can do." Tajima winked over his shoulder.

"Get dressed." Hanai slapped Tajima's butt, making his yelp.

"You bust it, you buy it!"


"I can't believe it's raining AGAIN!" Tajima grumbled, pulling out his umbrella.

"Well, we don't have practice. That's nice, right?" Hanai opened his own umbrella.

"I guess. I mean, the fields are completely saturated, and there's nothing else for us to clean, at least."

"I'm going to have to call all the parents to cancel practice for them too now."

"Do you still wanna hang out?"

"Of course!"

"Can we go to your house this time? My brother's supposed to have friends over…"

"You embarrassed to show me off to your family?" Hanai jabbed Tajima with his elbow.

Tajima glared.

"I'm kidding. My little sisters will be home by the time we get there, though."

"That's okay." Tajima grinned. "Are they cute?"

"They're terrors, but I'm biased. They'll probably interrogate you and flirt a lot."

"I'll just let them know I'm taken." Tajima winked.


Before they left after school, Mihashi stopped Abe by the entrance gate.

"Oh, hey. Are you going straight home?" Abe asked.

"I-I don't know… I wanted to ask you something first…"


Mihashi looked back and forth between Abe and his feet. "D-do you want to go on a date with me?"

"Sure, when?"

"Uh… I… I don't know…"

"How about now?" Abe suggested.


"Guys, I'm home!" Hanai called into the house.

"Big brother!" Two smaller bodies barreled into the captain.

"Hey to you too. Tajima, these are my sisters, Haruka in the green, and Asuka in the pink."

"It's nice to meet you, Tajima-san!" they chorused with big smiles.

"Nice ta' meet you too." Tajima smiled back, not alarmed by the little girls in the least.

"Are you the one who took big brother away from us the night before last?" Haruka--or was it Asuka?--tilted her head at Tajima.

"Uh…I guess…"

"We don't like it when big brother Azusa isn't here." The one who hadn't just spoke tilted her head to match her sister's.

"Quit being weird, you two."

"But our room is scary! We had to go sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room," they said together again.

"It's kinda creepy how they talk in unison like that," Tajima whispered.

"You get used to it. Come on upstairs, they'll leave us alone."

"So they sleep with you?"

"Some nights." Hanai shrugged. "They're convinced there's some terrible monster in their closet, and I've tried everything short of performing an exorcism to get them to believe they're not going to be eaten in the middle of the night."

"That's so cute. No wonder you're such a good coach."

Hanai punched Tajima in the shoulder playfully. "Quit calling me cute."

"You are!" Tajima returned the playful punch as they entered Hanai's room.

"Not as cute as you," Hanai tipped up Tajima's chin for a kiss.

"Got me there."

"You're a brat."

"Mhm. Spoiled rotten. Now, if we could mosey on over to your bed, I believe I have a spot to find?" Tajima pushed Hanai in the direction of the bed.

"I doubt you'll find one."

"Well, we'll see. Lay on your stomach."

Hanai rolled his eyes but obliged, climbing onto his bed. Tajima straddled his hips and contemplated where to begin his search, absently kneading Hanai's back.

Hanai groaned. "You have hands like a god."

"And you have a ton of knots in your back. Dude, ever try relaxing?"

"I have a busy schedule," Hanai defended. "Between baseball and coaching."

"Poor thing." Tajima pressed his thumbs to a particularly large knot right between Hanai's shoulder blades, earning him a hiss and a low grown. "Just hold still."

"Why are you hurting big brother?" The twins stood in Hanai's, now open, doorway. Each had a wooden spoon covered in chocolate in their hands closest to the door frame.

Hanai half rolled over, tossing Tajima off of his back. "He was just giving me a massage. I'm fine."

"Tajima-san." The pink-clad one turned a pair of puppy eyes on him.

"Will you teach us how to give big brother a massage too?" The green one pushed into his vision next to her sister.

"Uh… I guess…"

"Yay!" They clapped their hands together. "We're going to help big brother!"

Hanai sighed.


"Did you have somewhere in mind?" Abe asked as they set off from the school.

"Not… not really…" Mihashi flushed. "S-Sorry…"

"It's fine. Want to get something to eat?"

"O-okay!" Mihashi looked immensely relieved.

Abe raised an eyebrow. "Is something up?"

"N-no…" Mihashi frowned. "Well… Tajima-kun told me I had to take initiative, so I tried, but I didn't even think of anything for us to do!"

"You've taken a lot of initiative just by asking me out. Don't worry about it." Abe slipped his hand into Mihashi's. "Where do you want to eat?"

"It doesn't matter to me."


"Okay." Mihashi nodded, squeezing the warm hand in his.


"Like this?" Green twin asked as her hand slipped against Hanai's left shoulder.

"Am I doing it right, Tajima-san?" Pink twin asked at the same time.

"You're doing fine. With a little bit of practice you guys will be great!" Tajima said as his thumbs ran the length of Hanai's spine.

"Holy hell…" Hanai muttered. "Uh, girls, Tajima and I have to do our homework now, so why don't you go… torment the neighbor kid?"

They giggled, chimed, "Okay!" and ran out of the room.

Tajima wrinkled his nose. "Homework?"

"I just wanted them out. The effect you're having on me right now is not one I want my sisters to witness."

"I see." Tajima grinned and slipped his hands under Hanai's shirt, dragging his fingernails down the captain's toned back. "So I should consider going back to searching for that spot?"

"Follow your own rules."


"About finishing what you start."

"Would you like me to finish?"

"Only if you want to." Hanai rolled over and pulled himself up so Tajima sat in his lap.

Tajima dangled his arms over Hanai's shoulders and leaned in for a kiss. "You sure?"


"Then you better not start whining halfway through, because I'm not stopping," Tajima warned, reaching down to loosen Hanai's belt.


"Their curry is really good if you like it spicy," Abe said as he browsed the small curry restaurant's lunch menu.

Mihashi nodded and looked down to where their hands intertwined on the seat between them.

"You don't mind hand-holding do you?"

"No," Mihashi shook his head.

"Good, 'cause it's the only way I know without Tajima and Sakaeguchi that you're okay."

"What do you mean?"


"It's your legs," Tajima mumbled into the partially-dressed captain's shoulder.


"Your spot. Especially behind your knee." Tajima reached down at an awkward angle and scratched behind Hanai's knee, making him squirm. "See?"

"Congratulations," Hanai said dryly. "…I should put my pants on before my little sisters decide to barge in again."

"You need a lock on your door if this is going to become a regular thing."


"Tajima and Sakaeguchi understand you when you get… you know. Nervous, I guess. I don't really. I'm working on it, though."

"I-I'm trying not to be so nervous, A-Abe-kun." Mihashi ducked his head with a blush.

"It's okay." Abe blushed a little too.

Abe had to give Mihashi his hand back when their food arrived. The conversation changed to food and then their mother's cooking, and then their families. When they left the restaurant Mihashi was happily holding Abe's hand and smiling. Abe was glad he'd kept his voice quiet the whole time. This side of Mihashi was nice, especially since Tajima was practically the only one to see it.

"Don't," Abe said as Mihashi started to get his umbrella out, "we'll share mine." He wrapped an arm around Mihashi's waist and tugged the pitcher against his side.

"A-Abe-kun?" Mihashi flushed at the closeness.

The catcher leaned down and pressed a kiss to the trembling boy's lips. "Come on. Let's get you home."


As Tajima started to let Hanai up two voices came from the doorway again. "Tajima-san, where are big brother Azusa's pants?"