"What are you staring at?" Severus asked crossly.

James was smiling slightly, tenderly, but his eyes held a look of awe. "Sometimes I look at you and it takes my breath away."

Severus snorted. "What, my stunning good looks?" He tapped the end of his nose pointedly.

Severus was not inclined to joke, so James always made sure to laugh when he made the attempt, whether it was funny or not. "Well, you are breathtakingly handsome, but that's not what I was talking about."

Severus waited for him to continue.

"The way I feel about you. It's so big, inside me, there isn't any room for air. I never held much stock in falling in love with your Hogwarts sweetheart, I always figured I'd just play around while I'm here and then find a serious partner afterward. But…this feeling…it's so wonderful, so enormous, how could it be anything but love?" James did not feel he was doing the emotion justice, but he had never been good with words. Particularly not sappy words.

"That was almost poetic." Severus said.

"Was it?" This was not the response James had been hoping for.

"A simple 'I love you' would have sufficed."

"Would it?" Drat, drat, drat, he was supposed to say it back!

Then Severus' mouth quirked into that half smile James liked so much. "I love you, too, you arrogant toerag."


(LONG A/N that is not even about this fanfic)- Ok, I don't actually ship James/Severus. But…there's this fanfic I've got plotted out in my head…and they're together, but this scene doesn't fit into it. It could be a prequel, if I ever post the main part. It is an mpreg of massive proportions. Even if I don't post the whole thing, I'll definitely post some of the scenes I have written, with explanations, because…I like them. Would anyone actually be interested in reading something in which the majority of Marauder aged Hogwarts ends up pregnant? And then there's Voldemort…and Gridelward…. Anyway, thanks for reading.