The wind was a bit strong in the forests of Pandora as the rain was falling as fast as a bullet. Viperwolves ran to take cover from the cold rain as they gave up from their hunt. This was the not so perfected day for a little Na'Vi girl around the age of three or four.

She sat on a metal seat in a bare metal room with nothing but a glass door, her knees were hiding her crying face from whomever walked by. Sniffles were heard echoing the room as the child wiped her eyes with a shaking hand. Her left ear twitched as she heard footsteps coming toward where she sat.

she trembled while heard the air hissing from the open door.

"hey…you awake?" asked a deep sounding voice, to the girl it sound like a Thanator growling in a deep tone.

It was quiet for what felt like hours to the Na'Vi child, the she swallowed the lump in her throat that formed when the human walked in. the man grabbed gently at the child's wild hair and pulled to see the girl's face.

The luminous glowing spots on her face were so dimmed that you would think they didn't glow at all. Her topaz eyes seemed so terrified at the man. And her skin was a pale color, the same color as the earth's sky.

She heard the man sigh then cleared his throat, "looks like your still alive." the man said coldly.

He let go her head and walked out to talk to another human this one seems female with orange hair, she told the other man to leave her alone with the girl, as he was about to say no when she gave him a cold and deathly glare. He left as soon as he could.

She walked in and looked behind her shoulder, the girl was in the right corner whimpering.

'and I thought that other human was scary… this female made him run away.' she thought.

"don't worry, I wont hurt you, young one." she spoke in Na'Vi.

She looked up at her, only happiness showed on the female's face.

"what is you're name?" she asked.

It took a minuet for the girl to find her voice while she looked away, "n…Na'Nu."

The woman grinned, "what a beautiful name, Na'Nu, my name is Grace."

"gra-ce." the girl tried to pronouns.

Grace nodded then got up from her sitting position and helped Na'Nu.

The child still held on to Grace's hand. She smiled while Na'Nu followed her to the door, she stopped as soon as she was in front of the door.

"don't worry, Na'Nu, the door is not there right now." the scientist laughed.

The child slowly put a hand up where the door was to see if Grace was telling to truth and as Grace said it, it wasn't there anymore. She smiled for the first time in months as she and Grace walked out of the room.

It was beautiful in the garden to Na'Nu, but everything was beautiful than that metal room they kept her in.

Grace let go of Na'Nu's hand and chuckled, "why don't you go explore the rest of the garden? Don't worry I won't leave you alone."

Na'Nu whimpered a minuet but thought about it, she never got out of the sky people's weird room or even got to see the outside. She looked back at the flame haired female and wandered off in the plants.

'why is that sky female being so nice to me? She is not like the other sky people I have met.' she thought as she sat down under a huge swirled like plant. Na'Nu looked around but not paying any attention to the scenery, no she just thought about how to escape or to at least get out of the sky people's lair.

She sighed, it was hopeless to try, and if she did succeed , they might kill her if they saw her. The little girl then got up from her sitting position and stretched then looked around again, she felt some one was watching her; but she saw no one. She started to whimper but stopped quickly in case what ever was watching her didn't hear her.

Then out of no where a adult female Na'Vi came out of the flowers, a gasp escaped her.

"oh dear…a child." the female said terrified.