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"Na'Nu may be the last of her tribe."

Jake shook his head in denial, "this is impossible! Why was there a dam out there in the first place?" he growled in anger.

Grace shrugged, "I don't really know, I just found out about it when Norm told me. And from what Parker said, that dam busted four months ago. The day before I found Na'Nu in a river."

"So that's her tribe? The Horse Tribe? They might've climbed the local trees for all we know." Jake explained. Then it hit him full force, the angry bite marks on the little girl's shoulder, this explains it! Na'Nu fears water; she's never seen a jungle in her life, and those bite marks! It must've come from a fish!

Jake grabbed Grace's shoulders and asked. "Was there anything around them to climb up to higher ground? Maybe they waited till the flood was over before they started moving. It would explain why there wasn't any direhorse tracks or any sign of moving." Jake asked, right now he felt like a detective.

Grace's eyes went wide, the scientist herself hadn't thought about that, "actually there was a few thick trees near to where they lived…but it still doesn't tell us if they made it or not. And if they did how in the hell am I supposed to find them now? Their location was programmed in the satellite when I checked them earlier."

Jake thought for a second, Grace did the same, suddenly the both smiled.


"Let me get this straight, you want me to fly around the plains, which is out of my limits, and look for a tribe that might not even be there?" Trudy asked as she leaned on her metallic friend.

Jake and Grace nodded at the same time, then Grace spoke up, "Trudy we have to get Na'Nu back to her tribe. The Omaticaya has different cultures then the Horse Tribe does."

Trudy played with her toothpick before replying, "fine, but I'm only doin this for the kid." Grace and Jake smiled. "We'll let you know when we're ready." Trudy nodded before walking back to base.

"So…Na'Nu still doesn't remember what happened?" Grace asked as she and Jake went back inside. Jake shook his head no, "she keeps asking me to tell her but I can't."

"She hasn't had any more flashback? Or one of her little fits?"


Grace nodded as she itched the tip of her chin, "we'll try one more time, if nothing…then we have to tell her. But until then I have some work to do on finding her tribe." Grace waved before walking off to her lab.

Jake waved to Grace before going to his room to rest.


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