Chapter 1 - Krystal Meets The Cullen's

In the state of Washington there was a small town by the name of Forks. Forks was an interesting place. A lot of rain, a lot of cloudy days...every once in a while it would be sunny, but it would still be a little cool out. Krystal Tyler looked in the mirror and thought, 'Wow...5 months already.' Krystal's family moved to Forks when her dad, Dr. David Tyler was offered a position at Forks Memorial Hospital as a surgeon. She was 16 and a Junior in Forks High School. Krystal was 5'9" and had grey eyes with honey blonde hair with shots of brunette throughout it, her hair was to the bottom of her rib cage. Krystal's mother had left her and her dad when she was 5...Something about not really wanting to be married or having a kid...According to her dad, her mom was something of a party animal which was how he'd met her while in med school. Oh well that's life.

Krystal looked in the mirror again she had on jeans, sneakers and a red long sleeved t-shirt that had buttons on the sleeves and collar. She left her hair down and curled inward. She shouldered her backpack after she pulled on her jacket and took off for school in her red Toyota Corolla. Once Krystal got to school she stopped at her locker long enough to stuff her jacket in it and grab her math book. She looked down the hall and noticed her friend Mikayla Morris was walking towards her with a big smile on her face. Mika as she so fondly nick named her was 5'7" with the craziest green eyes she'd ever seen. With raven black hair to the middle of her back. Mika and Krystal hit it off as best friends from day one.

Krystal said, "Hmmm...Someone looks happy...Would a certain, yea tall native boy from La Push have anything to do with that cheesy smile?" Mika giggled and said, "No...No Of course not......Okay maybe." Krystal bumped her hip into Mika's and said, "So dish...How is young Mr. Black doing? And has he survived your assault?" Mika blushed and said, "It wasn't my fault." Krys laughed and said, "Oh no not at all...You're foot landed in his crotch because you have a metal ankle and his crotch had a magnet in it." Mike giggled harder and said, "No seriously it wasn't my fault...I was playing a little football and when Embry tackled me I was next to Jake and he sort of took the brunt of the tackle...My foot just happened to of collided with his...Yea...He's doing much better. I beat the shit out of Embry for it." Krystal couldn't help but laugh as she leaned against the lockers.

Mika was friends with a group of guys from La Push which was a Quileute Indian reservation that was about 20 minute from Forks. Clearly they went to school on the rez, but Mika was not Indian so she had to stay at Forks High with Krystal. Most of the guys were fairly sweet...Notice most is the operative word. Paul one of the older boys had asked Krystal out on several occasions, but she always respectively declined. He was cute...Hell he was HOT, but there was something about him that annoyed her, she wasn't sure if it was his dominating stare or his short temper.

As they stood in the hallway waiting for the bell to ring, 4 people walked by like they owned the halls. Krys said, "Who the heck are they?" Mika cringed and said, "You don't know who the Cullen's are?" Krystal said, "Not that I'm aware of." Mika said, "They have been missing for a few months…The short girl with the pixie hair cut is Alice Cullen, and the blonde guy who looks constipated is Jasper Cullen and he's with Alice, the skinner guy behind them is Edward Cullen, and the big meat head is Emmett Cullen." Krys said, "Hmmmm…Kind of pale aren't they?" Mika said, "Someone said something about them being allergic to the sun or something, which I guess could be why Dr. and Mrs. Cullen take them out of school on sunny days…No one really knows…They pretty much keep to themselves."

Krys said, "I wonder why." Mika said, "Usually they have a gorgeous blonde girl Rosalie who's with Emmett. Carlisle Cullen is a doctor at Forks Memorial…you're dad probably knows him. Esme is a home maker…Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice are their foster kids, which seems weird, since Jasper and Alice are dating and Emmett and Rosalie are together too." Krystal said, "I guess it's not so weird…Everyone has to find love right?" Mika shrugged her shoulders and said, "I guess when you put it like that it's not so strange."

A few minutes later and the bell rang as Mika said, "Ooo their playing our song." Krystal giggled and said, "Just once I want to hear them play someone else's song." Mika giggled and said, "I fully second the motion!" The girls walked into their math class, and noticed Emmett and Edward were sitting in the last two seats in the back, which were directly behind Krystal and Mikayla's seats. As Krystal was taking her seat in front of Emmett, he smirked at her...She almost came undone when she noticed he had the cutest dimples. The teacher walked and looked at everyone and said, "Miss Tyler." Krystal said, "Yes Mrs. Finch?" Mrs. Finch smiled and said, "Congratulations on your 13 points for that game on Friday...It was most intriguing and highly impressive." Krystal smiled and said, "Thank you Mrs. Finch."

Mika whispered, "Ass kisser." Krystal stifled a laugh and whispered, "Whatever."

Emmett was sitting behind the most interesting person he'd ever met in his life...He didn't remember her being at the school, but then again Carlisle and Esme had taken them out for 5 months since the accident...It had been nearly a year ago, but they noticed their grades were slipping 5 months ago from their minds being on the accident so they removed them...Today was their first day back and it completely felt foreign to all of them. The girl sitting in front of him smelled so good. She had grey eyes and they were big and beautiful. She turned around to hand him the pop quiz Mrs. Finch was giving every one and she smiled at him...No one smiled at him...Most people were intimidated by him, because he was so big and hulking.

The teacher left the room for a few minutes so naturally everyone started talking...The quiz had been over and Mrs. Finch was basically giving them a free period to catch up on home work in other classes and also talk but it had to be quietly. A clump of The girls hair was laying delicately across Emmett's desk and he picked it up and rubbed it between his index and thumb...It felt so soft. The scent was so strong...He couldn't place the scent, but it filled his nostrils and made him thirsty. A few minutes later, Edward reached over and thumped his left ear and made a face.

The bell rang and they all got up and left for their next class.