Chapter 15 - I See You

A few months later, Krystal, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Edward all graduated high school.

Esme and Alice had been helping Krystal get the wedding all planned, they were sitting around the kitchen table discussing everything and Krystal said, "I definitely don't want it getting too big...Clearly just family and friends. I don't even know if I'm allowed to invite Mika and Jake." Esme said, "You can invite anyone you want...If they come they come if not, then they are definitely going to be missing the most beautiful wedding in the world."

Emmett walked into the kitchen and said, "Oh Geez...It looks like a book store exploded on the table. Are we getting married or starting our own town?" Krystal looked up at Emmett as he smirked and she pointed at him and said, "Don't even mess with me." Emmett chuckled as he walked over and kissed the back of her neck and said, "I was wondering if I can steal you away for a minute...I need to talk with you about something." Krystal looked up above her head and said, "Oh really now?" Emmett smirked and said, "Yes...Please." Krystal giggled and said, "That smirk has nothing but evilness behind it...But since you said please I will be nice and pretend you have only good intentions."

Emmett held out his hand as Krystal placed her hand into his as he pulled her up and led her out of the room as they were walking upstairs, Krystal said, "I'll be right back ladies." Esme and Alice both giggled and at the same time said, "Yea...Right."

Emmett carefully pulled Krystal into his room and closed the door as he backed her against the door and blocked her in by placing both his hands on the door and Krystal said, "So talk." Emmett said, "Yea...Right." As he leaned down and softly kissed her lips. Krystal giggled against his lips as her arms went up and around his neck. As his hands slowly slid down her waist and twisted around her pulling her closer to him.

As they pulled apart Krystal smiled and said, "Good talk." Emmett chuckled and said, "Yea...Really good." Krystal looked in his eyes and noticed they were turning dark. Krystal said, "You need to go feed." Emmett smirked and said, "I will in a minute...I was going to ask you, do you want to change before or after the wedding?" Krystal said, "Aren't you supposed to decide for me?" Emmett chuckled and said, "Oh no...No...You have to decide because you also have to know what to expect. For the first year your eyes are going to be red because of the blood in your system. It takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days for you to fully change, so if we do it before the wedding then we need to do it soon, that way you don't try to eat your friend who aren't vampires at the wedding."

Krystal couldn't help but giggle and said, "I don't honestly know…do you have any suggestions…I mean you've been through it you tell me." Emmett said, Honestly I've been talking it over with Carlisle and he said it would probably be easier to do it now, that was you've got a month to get used to it by the time the wedding comes because we're getting married in exactly 30 days. Unless you want to wait until after the wedding if you don't think you'll be able to control it." Krystal said, "I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I want to do it and get it over with…Being changed not the wedding…Well the wedding too. I just want to be married already." Emmett said, "I second the motion." Emmett leaned down and captured her lips again with his. Emmett pulled away as he started backing away from her and she said, "You better go feed…I'll let Esme and Carlisle know."

Emmett nodded as he walked her back to the kitchen and he headed out the front door and into the woods to hunt. His thirst grew even more then Krystal said she was ready for the wedding and to be changed. It just meant he was going to have to trust in himself that he could bite her and not drain her. Carlisle told him he had faith he would be brave enough to do it and not drink her dry.

A few days later, the Cullen's and Krystal took a trip to California…There was a cave high up in the mountains, Esme had a hold of one of Krystal's arms, Carlisle had a hold of the other arm, Alice was posted at the cave entrance so Krystal couldn't get out. Jasper was standing directly behind Krystal using his mood stabilizing powers to hopefully control Krystal so she wouldn't get out of hand…Usually Newborns, which were humans changed into vampires were exceptionally stronger than older vampires…and usually after a year their strength would weaken to a normal vampires. After a year of drinking animal blood her eyes would go from blood read to Golden as the other Cullen's had.

Emmett walked up to her as he stared in her grey eyes and said, "Remember 3 to 5 days…And it's going to hurt…but I promise once the transformation is complete it won't hurt anymore…But you have to listen to what we say and trust we know what we're doing." Krystal nodded and said, "I love you." Emmett smiled and said, "I love you too." He lean down and kissed her lips softly as he cupped her face in his huge hands and slowly tilted her head to the side as he gently placed soft kisses down the side of her neck until he got to the nape of her neck, as she closed her eyes, Emmett gently bit her he sat there for a second letting the venom leave him and enter her. He could hear her breathing had picked up.

4 days later, Emmett was teaching Krystal how to hunt the biggest animals for the most blood they carried. He had her hunting with him every 2 hours to satisfy the immense thirst he knew newborns had…When Carlisle had first changed him he had a difficult time sticking with animal blood…But soon grew accustom to it.

The Quileute pack didn't have anything to do with the Cullen's anymore…They knew they had changed Krystal, but they also knew they hadn't done it on their lands.

26 days later, They were standing outside of the Cullen house in the back yard reciting their vows to love, honor and cherish each other for all eternity. As Emmett twirled Krystal on the dance floor he looked into her blood red eyes and honestly couldn't wait for them to start changing to gold. He would forever miss her grey eyes, but he couldn't wait for the gold ones to come in. Emmett said, "How are you holding up? Do you need to feed?" Krystal shook her head no and said, "You stuffed me 3 times an hour before the ceremony…I'm done for at least another 2 hours." Emmett chuckled and said, "I don't think I've ever been this happy" Krystal said, "I know I haven't…Until today."

Emmett said, "Why on earth did you ever agree to marry me?" Krystal said, "I see you for who you truly are…A beautiful human being…And I'll always see you that way…I see the real you." They couldn't have been happier.

The End