prompt: mikoani; 'mikoshiba!'

summary: "You dumbass!"

Aniya came by to visit in the middle of the day, once, ditching a Kawato lecture in favor of making Mikoshiba's day. He ducked his head into the other boy's room; no one. His face twisted unattractively, and he considered things. If he were Mikoshiba, where would--oh, duh. The workout room. He slid the door closed again and stuck his hands in his pocket as he whistled his way down to the workout room. He slid the door open quietly, peeking his head in--"Mikoshiba!" he squawked, rushing over and kneeling. "What the hell happened, you dumbass?"

Mikoshiba was curled up under the rails; he took a deep breath. "Hit it on the rail column," he answered quietly, "can you help me up?"

"," answered Aniya, rolling his eyes, "I'm just going to leave you here...dumbass. He wound an arm around Mikoshiba's ribs and hauled him up. Mikoshiba leaned back heavily on the railing, sweating from exertion, and let his head loll back so he could stare at the ceiling.

"This sucks," he said, flatly.

"That only now occuring to you?" asked Aniya, smirking. Mikoshiba's head snapped up and he scowled at him.

Aniya grinned, full-on, and pulled Mikoshiba's head to his shoulder. "Stupid fucker," he said, after a moment, "carry your phone, call somebody! what would you've done if nobody found you?"

"Be screwed," muttered Mikoshiba dutifully into his neck, shoulders shaking a little before he finally stilled.

"...take me back to my room," he said, quietly, after a moment. Aniya nodded, offering him his crutches and pushing the doors open.

Mikoshiba settled on his crisp hospital bed, leaning his crutches against the wall. "When will it be July?" he asked, eyes focused on his hands.

"Not soon enough," drawled Aniya, flopping on his back next to Mikoshiba so he could make faces at him.

Mikoshiba laughed, messing up his hair, and Aniya responded by flicking him off and pushing his hand under Mikoshiba's so he could wind their fingers together.

"We're waiting," he said, after a few moments, "I... hung your jersey up on the fence. So we remember."

Mikoshiba's eyes are wide, wondering; he smiles, widely. "Thank you," he breathes, tightening his fingers around Aniya's.

Aniya blinks back some imaginary wetness from the backs of his eyes, when he smiles back.

There's a second batch to come but this is all I've typed up for now. Feedback is of course awesome! :D/

The next batch includes actual Okada/Yufune, Kawato/Aniya, Kawato/Mayumi, more Akahoshi/Hamanaka and Akahoshi/Mikoshiba, obviously MikoAni, some Shinjo/Sekikawa (FINALLY XD) and my new favorite wonder trio: Hiyama, Sekikawa, and Wakana. They may even get a post to themselves, I wrote a little mini-series XD