A/N: Hey earthlings, all's been good. Bought Sherlock Holmes on DVD the other day. Since I'm in Australia, it didn't come out for a while. So, here I am, bunched up on my bed, laptop on lap, busily watching Watson insult Lestrade and Holmes smirk from the side.

And, sweet Jesus, when Holmes wakes up from his episode and Watson announces, "You look gorgeous," Holmes does! I mean, he always does, but it's like they asked Robert Downey, "Okay, today we're doing the 'gorgeous' scene. Put on your pretty face and make your eyes light up. Make sure your hair's in that adorable ruffled 'do, and for god's sake, don't flirt, my wife's on set."

Actually, I'm certain they said no such thing, because I made it up, but wouldn't it have been cool?

Enjoy, people. Only short, like, really short, but we'll see how we go.

Disclaimer: So, I've never owned any part of Iron Man. Somebody, please rectify that for me. I want myself some Tony.

Pepper and Tony wrestled on the couch. They were each trying to gain the upper hand. Entangled, they fell to the floor.

"Oof, Tony, you weigh a tonne," Pepper panted.

"It's my sexiness. I have so much of it."

"Whateverrrrr." Growled Pepper as she pounced on Tony. Furiously scrabbling at each other's bodies, the pair writhed and rolled about.

Rhodey looked in through the door. "Seals." He stated flatly, and made his retreat.

"Don't worry, Happy," he said to the concerned bodyguard waiting anxiously by the hallway. "They're just fighting over the remote again."

A/N2: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Come on, you smiled. You ignored the cliche, and the length, and you smiled.