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"Ahh...Please.. Don't... get out of here!"

Sweat poured of her face drenching her sheets. Tossing and turning a pink haired girl struggled in a never ending battle with her bed covers. Sweat gleamed in the morning rays reflecting of her porcelain skin. Eye's clenched shut.


Sakura bolted upright in her bed breathing heavily. Crimson red sheets dropped to her waist. Shoulder length pink hair sticking to her face from perspiration.

The door to her room slammed open revealing a beautiful woman with waist length maroon hair and stunning dark green eye's.

"Sakura sweetie, are you okay?" the woman's voice was frantic.

Sitting down next to the young girl she inspected her for any injuries, when she couldn't find any; dark green met light green. Tears flowing freely down Sakura's cheeks like a waterfall.

"Kaa-san..." It was barely above a whisper

The older woman took Sakura into her arms and held her tight. The pink haired girl clung to her mother like her life depended on it. The woman whispered in her ear trying to calm her. Rocking the crying girl in her arms. When Sakura's sobs stopped the older woman let her go and looked at her. Placing arms length between them she held Sakura by her shoulders.

"Sakura, what's wrong? Lately you've been waking up screaming all hours of the night" Her mothers voice held so much care and her eye's showed worry. It was too hard for Sakura to look at her so she simply looked out her window to the rising sun.

"I'm really worried about you sweetie. Is every thing alright?"

Ignoring her mothers question wiping her tears away roughly. She untangled herself from her grip and got up to walk to her dresser.

Looking back at her mother she put on the biggest grin she could muster.

"I'm fine Okaa-san, it was only a dream. Can you give me a moment? I need to get ready"

The older Haruno just watched her daughter as she turned back to her dresser. What shocked the older woman the most was her daughters eyes that her smile didn't reach. They were fulled with so much sorrow. They looked so tired looking years beyond her age. A secret shining behind her once bright emerald orbs holding a burden she shouldn't be.

Sakura walked down the long hallways of Konoha's hospital with a yellow daffodil in hand

Turning a corner she spotted the room she was was looking for. Fastening her pace Sakura walked passed the doors leading up to her destination.

Knock Knock...

-No answer

Knock knock knock...

'Thats weird the nurse said he was here' Turning the knob she opened the door and took a step in. Inside she noticed the bed empty 'Where is he...'

"Lee-san?..." Walking in further she knocked on the bathroom door 'Maybe he's in there'

When there was no reply she opened the door to find the small space empty also. Panic over came the young pink haired genin.

Running out of the bathroom. She was going to find a nurse for help... or anyone, it didn't matter. Right now Lee was missing!

"Lee-san!, You should not be doing that!" Stopping in her tracks she ran over to the window and looked outside where the noise came from. Relief washed over her. A small smile adorned her tired features.

'You really are a... remarkable person... Lee'







"If I do not do 1000 Push ups I shall do 2000 Laps around K-Konoha"

Sakura just watched as he pushed himself. She watched in admiration at the bushy-browed beast.

"9...9...8" Lee was trembling out of control now. Pushing himself further: went down again then slowly coming back up


The nurse was about to make a grab for him. Sakura seeing this leaped out the window landing gracefully and pulled the nurse away harshly. Unintentially.

"What are you!..." Sakura just glared at the nurse and she closed her mouth

"He needs to do this. Leave him be" her tone was icy surprising not only the nurse but herself too.

Ignoring that, she turned around to face Lee and gave him a warm smile. He gave her a smile with equal amount of warmth.

Slowly he went down, pushing himself up again slightly shaky

"1000... Lee-san" Sakura finished for him. Lee looked up and found Sakura still smiling at him softly. Admiration clear in her emerald eyes.

He nodded and a single tear ran down his eye, a sense of achievement ran through his vains.

"Thank you, Sakura-san"

After that he lost conscious from exhaustion. Sakura sighed. Smile still in place. Walking over to the now unconscious boy she knelt down and placed his head on her lap and stroked his hair. She bent her head slightly so her mouth was by his ear "Thank you again Lee for saving me in the forest of death" She whispered even though he couldn't hear her

"But please..." She carried on her voice strained so fulled of sadness and guilt "Never do that again"

And with that Sakura motioned for the nurse who was still a bit shaken up by the little Kunoichi to take Lee back to his room.

When they were out of sight she forgot all about the daffodil she had.

Jumping back through Lee's window noticing the nurse hadn't arrived yet she went to his bedside table and placed it down carefully as to not tear the fragile flower apart.

Then left.

Walking down the streets of Konoha. Sakura couldn't help but keep thinking about the dreams she's been having.

'They, they are so... agh. But, it's just not possible. Is it?. No it's not, don't be stupid Sakura'

'Hey watcha thinking 'bout? ha'

'Well apparently your my inner self so shouldn't you know what I'm thinking'

'Hee...hee... well agh... hmph!'

'Well? So what do you think it means? My dreams'

'Listen Saki-chan... don't think to much on it okay?'

'Inner-chan.. you seem a bit... quiet today'

'... '

'Actually you've been quiet ever since the dreams accured'

'HEY! I'm not LOUD!... Only Sometimes!... Well. Not ALL the time... hee... hee. Maybe just a little.'

'Inner. You know something don't you'

'... '

'And it has to do with those dreams I've been getting? Inner. last night. It was about us; Team 7 and we were fighting. And, and Konoha was, It was... destroyed... Agh! it's just a dream damnit! I don't know why I'm getting so worked up I mean seriously hehe. Dreams aren't real. Even if it was more like a nightmare hehe'

'... '

'Inner? right?'

'... '

'Damnit inner! It can't be real! We're only twelve we looked older in my dream!.. but. NO! Sakura it was just a dream you're being an Idiot. Just a stupid rediculous dream!... a stupid ridiculous... dream'


'And... the other dreams with everyone else aren't real either! because all of them are alive! ALL of them DAMNIT! Ino-pig was at the flower shop! I saw her when I went to get Lee that daffodil!.


'And, and Lee... he was at the hospital he was perfectly FINE! He, he was ... ALIVE!'


'Not DEAD. Definantly NOT DEAD! ... Because of..of... NOT DEAD BECAUSE OF ME!'

'Saki-chan everyth..'

'Not dead because he sacrificed...'

'Sakura! don't worry! things will work out Don't worry over those dreams because that's what they are OKAY! just DREAMS!'

She hadn't notice she was deep in the forest. Uncontrollable tears rolling down her face. Sakura fell to her knee's shaking on her palms. No one was around to hear her screams to the heavens.

'Your lying inner-chan...

Sakura sobs had calmed down but uncontrollable tears still ran down her cheeks leaving new tear stains. Her back leaned against a tree. Knee's pulled to her chest with her arms wrapped securely around them.

'You do know something inner and I don't know why but I have this feeling...'


'...that they aren't just mere dreams'

Three dark cloaked figures silently leaped through the lush green forest of Konoha.

One of them was deep in thought but somehow was still able to jump from branch to branch with elegant grace.

'This forest, the very one we would train in...' The figure took a quick glance at her partners 'So many memories ne? We have so much memories... great ones too. But as time went on they only grew darker. Memories I wish I could erase.' She looked down and inaudibly sighed 'So much...' Her breathe hitched '... bloodshed once covered... will cover these grounds' Silent tears were slowly streaming down her face her bangs shadowing her eyes from view 'I never. Ever. want to see that. Ever. Again' She let out a quiet sob

One of the other cloaked figure came to a halt. Looking over his shoulder he jumped to the branch the girl was on. Taking her in his arms and rubbed her back soothingly. Her arms hung limply at her side not returning the embrace. Only sign she was crying was by his cloak getting wet, other than that she was silent.

She looked up and her eye's were tired. Showing years of sorrow and pain. Of fighting. The life of a ninja. No her eyes were more tired. No shinobi as old as she should be capable of such.

Unwanted tears streaming down her porcelein face. When she stared at the person who held her in his arms .Silent tears coming down his face also. They looked into each others eyes before she leaned on his chest and slowly wrapped her arms around him too.


When they lifted their heads looking in the eyes of Cerulean blue. Mirroring the same emotion they felt. The girl took his hand softly. Keeping one arm wrapped around the other figure and pulled him gently to them and wrapped her arms around him too.

Rain started to pour.

They were content. It was a comfort to have the water from the heavens hide their tears from view. The rain poured harder and the only thing keeping them from falling to the ground was their chakra surged through the souls of their feet.

The sky's crying out for them. Their tears were shed for the ones they love. The ones they lost. For the people they fought for.

But most of all for each other. And they did, they cried there hearts out holding onto each other never letting go. Afraid to let go.

Thank you for reading my fic..

Sorry if you don't quite understand whats happening that will be my hopeless writing skills fault.

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