WhatChuu- Disclaimer ple- whaaa?

Kakashi- So, you finally decided to show up, ne?

WhatChuu- How did? But? This is impossible! You're here before me, how?

Kakashi- *Flips page* Well, it's simple really- You're late.

WhatChuu- . . . . . . Che, *Crosses arms* only by- *Checks watch- Then calendar and cringes*. . Oooh never mind on the details on how late I am, ne?

Kakashi- ... I think it's been approximately over a year WhatChuu-chan . . .

WhatChuu- *Twitch* Just hurry up and do the disclaimer please Kaka-perv.

Kakashi- *Flips page* I don't think I heard you.

WhatChuu- If you don't, I'll burn your fucken book. Did you hear that?

Kakashi- *Glares* Not before I tell my pink haired student that you swore.

WhatChuu- Do you really wanna see whose threat gets carried out first?

Kakashi- *Scowls * WhatChuu-brat doesn't own anything except for this pathetic excuse of a plot she calls "Will This Time Be Better" that I'm a complete bastard in *snorts*

WhatChuu- . . . Pathetic? You mean bastard. *Smirks* Hehehehe, I've got a super fantastic plan though~ *mutters crazily*

Kakashi- *raises brow* Hn . . . . *Turns to book* What? !

WhatChuu- MwahahaCOUGH. . .looking for this?





Who's calling my name. . .?


Kaka-sensei..? Sasuke-kun..?

(. . .Sasuke. . .kee–. . . practi-. . . chuunin exams. . . Gaara's sand. . . Saku—. . . hospital. . .)

Kaka-sensei. . .

(. . .nurse. . . my stude—. . . forest. . .)

(. . .hai. . . follow me. . .)

Nurse? W–where am I..? Why can't I move..? Or see..? . . .Where am I?








(. . .fever. . . heart bea–.. . frantic. . . )

Kaka-sensei? Please. . . stay with me. I don't know where I am. . .


(. . . I'll . . . get. . . doct–... Hatake-sa–.. .)

Kaka-sensei. . .






(... ... ... )

Kakashi-sensei. . . Please answer me.


(Sakura. . .)

. . .I'm scared








"Saku– . . . Sakura. . . Sakura!"

"Whaaa. . . What? Who?" Sakura sat up und rubbed her head slowly. Her head ached and thumped as if she had been hit a thousand times. She opened her eyes slowly, vision slightly blurry.She looked around herself, confused as she didn't know where she was.

Nothing was in sight. It was completely bare, stretching out the distance. No sounds were heard apart from Sakura's breathing and movements.

"Kakashi-sensei? Sasuke-kun..? Where are you guys. . ." She wondered out loud as she stood up.

'Where am I?' She thought to herself.

Her brows furrowed in calculation as she observed her surroundings

"Kai." Sakura muttered while forming the correct hand seals to unleash a genjutsu. "Kai." She tried once again, but nothing changed.

"The hell. . ."

"This isn't a genjutsu, Genious."

Sakura jumped in fright and whirled around to face the person who had snuck up behind her. What her eyes met however, shocked her.

"Y-you! ? But— How— Whe— Aaah. . ." And she fainted.




"Sakura . . . —Kura. . . Sakuraaa!"

"Whaa. . . Okaa-chan, is that you?" Sakura sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes. Through her blurry vision, she saw green staring right back at her, ". . . Okaa-chan? Wow, I had the weirdest dream-"

"Ano, this isn't a dream either, Genious."

"Whaa. . . You again? ! So. . . so I wasn't dreaming?" Sakura slightly stuttered over her words and as her vision began to clear up, she finally saw that it wasn't her mother but her Inner self kneeling next to her.


" A-and it's not a genjutsu, either?" She asked and in return earned a nod.

"Well. . . Even if this was a genjutsu, I doubt that the enemy would show you a vision where I would admit this was a genjutsu in the first place, but details, details, no need to go into it further since this isn't a genjutsu, ne?" Inner beamed at her counterpart cheekily.

Sakura rolled her eyes but then paused to glance up and look around herself again.

"What is this place?" She turned her head slightly towards Inner but still kept her gaze on her surroundings.

"This? Well. . ." Inner clapped her hands together, and now they were sitting by a lake, feet dipped in the water with Sakura quickly pulling hers out from the sudden chill running through her legs, "—This Saki-chan, is the inside of your head AKA my home." Inner announced boisterously.

"Really?" Sakura's mouth opened slightly as she looked from the lake to her Inner being.

"Really." Inner raised a brow at Sakura's awe struck face "Why are you so surprised at all of this, huh? We talk all the time. . ." She looked away from Sakura and stared at the glistening lake that almost seemed to glow under the now bright sunlight

"Yeah but. . . it's just so surreal, ya' know? To actually be here face to face with you and to be in the place you live in. . . " Sakura's voice trailed off as she took in the beautiful sight before her,

"Yeah, I guess it is... And maann is your forehead bigger in person!" Inner teased Sakura while poking her tongue out.


Sakura's 'Huge forehead' ticked in anger as she slowly pulled her fist back from a frowning Inner. Sakura felt a slight tingle of discomfort but brushed it aside when it quickly disappeared soon after. She put her hands on her hips and glared down at her Inner.

"We look the same Baka." Sakura snapped with a scowl,

"Mmph, whatever. . . you should really stop hitting Naruto-baka, —poor kid. Your punches hurt like a bitch." Inner stood up in a huff as she rubbed her head, trying to soothe the ache her outer self had caused, at the same time, messing up her short pink locks making them tussled in an unorderly fashion.

Sakura merely rolled her eyes at her Inner and sat back down on the fresh green grass, admiring the view of the lake.

". . . This place is beautiful." Sakura mused to herself as she dipped her feet into the water, sighing in content as it brushed along her skin in a cool, calming sensation.

Inner, doing the same as Sakura looked up at the cloudless sky and sighed, "Yeah, I guess it is, ne?"

Time seemed to go by slowly as the two sat in comfortable silence, basking in the beauty of the scenery. The sound of the flowing ripples rang calmly through the area, setting a soothing tone to the atmosphere.

Sakura couldn't remember the last time when she had been so calm. She couldn't remember the last time where she felt as if she had nothing to worry about, where she could sit back and relax.

Ever since her nightmares had begun, she's felt so uneasy. They plagued her mind everywhere she went no matter how hard she tried to ignore them.

She shifted her gaze from the waters to subtly glance sideways at her Inner.

It was weird actually being there in person. Actually face to face with Inner— It all seems so unreal.

She looked down at the calm flow of the lake and closed her eyes. It was too peaceful, she didn't want anything to ruin it.

With a heavy sigh Sakura needed to get this over with. "About my dreams. . ."

She heard Inner sigh beside her before she heard a shift. When Sakura opened her eyes to glance over at her Inner, she was looking off into the far distance.

"I don't know anything. . ." Inner trailed off, inwardly grimacing at the change of focus.

"Don't lie to me." Sakura spoke through clenched teeth as she sat up stiffly.

Inner turned to her with a smile— an oh-so-fake smile. "Why would I lie Sakura!— Come on!," Inner pulled Sakura up before she could say anything, "I'll give you a tour around this place!" Inner cheered while pulling Sakura by the arm, making her almost trip in the process from the hurried movements.

Sakura lips twitched downwards as she was being pulled.

"...Don't you trust me?" She muttered.

Inner stopped moving. Her grip on Sakura's arm tightened unintentionally but Sakura never reacted.

"It's not that I don't trust you— I mean, there's nothing to tell-"

"You're lying!— I can feel it." Sakura says clutching her chest, as if emphasizing her statement. She yanked her hand out of Inners, glaring defiantly at her back.

"Just tell me!" Sakura demanded, raising her voice causing it to grow slightly hoarse. She panted from using her voice at such a volume. Sakura's eyes wavered as she tightened her fist.

This is what she didn't want. She didn't want to cause conflict— An argument. She wanted to stay and just take in the scenery in front of her that was so peaceful and serene. She wanted to bask in the calmness of it all— before she faced reality. She didn't want to confront the realness of the situation. Though, she couldn't hold it off any longer. She needed to get it out there, and get some answers that she needed, albeit hesitantly, she knew it had to be asked.

Sakura growled, "I know you know what these dreams are about," She spat out the word 'dreams' with venom, "So just tell—"

"I can't!" Inner yelled, whilst abruptly turning to face Sakura head to head. Sakura took a step back in surprise at her Inner's outburst, opening her mouth but Inner cut her off before she could speak.

"I-It's not that I don't trust you. . ." Sakura could see the sincereness in her counterpart's eyes but stayed strong with her glare never softening. Inner's shoulders deflated as she sighed tiredly, looking at the ground avoiding Sakura's eyes, "It's. . . complicated, okay? Not even I, myself completely understand. . ."

". . .I need to know Inner. It's not your burden to bare," Sakura whispered softly, "Please," she begged, "Trust me. . ."

"I told you, I trust you, okay. It's just not that simple though!" Inner snapped, suddenly frustrated.

". . . It is," Sakura's voice wavered a little. Inners brow furrowed as she diverted her eyes from the ground to look back at Sakura. "If you honestly trusted me— believed in me. . . All you have to do is— Just . . ." Sakura trailed off looking at her Inner, almost pleading, not only desperate to know some answers, but desperate to see if her theory was right.

". . . "

Sakura's lip trembled after she received no answer.

". . .I," Sakura's voice trailed off as she turned her head to the glistening sparkle of the lake, "I thought so . . ."


"Don't." Sakura growled.

"Sakura Haruno," Inner's tone of voice scolding, suddenly feeling a heavy weight in her chest, "You're being completely unfair-"

Sakura chuckled harshly before she returned her icy gaze back at her Inner.

"Unfair? I'll tell you what's unfair," Sakura took a step towards Inner, "Unfair is being completely left in the dark all the time. Not knowing what's happening in those cursed dreams when I know that they mean something— Something important." Sakuras voice was calm as she took another step towards her Inner self, "Never being able to be relied on by anyone. Even your own teammates . . . " Her eyes were fierce as she bore holes into Inners head that was now bowed low, staring at the grass once again.

Inners eyes clenched tightly shut knowing how sad Sakura would get whenever she felt like deadweight to not only her team— but to anyone around her. However, Inner knew how much Sakura looked down on herself especially after the chuunin exams.

She clenched her eyes tighter.

"Sakura I can't. . . I don't want you to. . . Inner paused as she opened her eyes to look Sakura in the eye, "No. . . I said no! I don't want you to know!" Once again, Inner's emotional outburst shocked Sakura– Not only by the outburst itself, but by her words as well. Tears could be seen welling up in the corner of Inner's eyes and her hands were scrunching up the hem of her dress.

A moment of silence passed between the two as Sakura took a moment to digest what she just heard.

Inner didn't want to?

The hell?

Sakura took one more step forward so that she was face to face, chest to chest and toe to toe with her Inner. The exact replica of herself— both of same height.

She wiped a stray tear that escaped the lime green eyes that matched her own, before speaking in a soft yet determined voice.

"In the chuunin exams, I made a vow; To never watch my teammates backs again," Sakura's hand slipped from Inners cheek and flopped limply to her side. She looked her Inner in the eye and the corners of her mouth twitched up into a small smile, "It's about time I stood on my own, don't you think?" Sakura asked.

She closed her eyes as her head turned upwards to face the horizon in her Inners world– or 'Her mind' as it was also labeled too, "I think I understand now, Inner. It's not that you don't trust me, it's just that you're trying to protect me, ne? Protect me, until I'm ready to handle the truth, right?" Her smile never wavered as she once again locked eyes with Inners.

"Saki. . . " Inner trailed off as she stared back at Sakura, holding her gaze understanding where this was going.

She got ready.

"Thank you," Sakura whispered quietly and in the next second, Inner felt a pain in the side of her face, body grazing harshly across the lush field.—She didn't even have time to prepare herself.

"But I can't continue being protected anymore," She could still hear Sakura's voice clearly above her groans.

"If you won't tell me," Inner stood up shakily and wiped the blood from mouth.

"Then I'll make you."




'Sakura . . . You've grown so much.'




Sakura- WhatChuu-chan, where have you been?

WhatChuu- Oh, here, there. . . and there too. . . Okay, I'm sorry!

Sasuke- Baka, I think Kakashi was looking for you.

WhatChuu- Really now? *smirks*

Kakashi- Yes. Really. Give my book back you little brat!

WhatChuu- Ne? I dunno what ya mean. . .

Kakashi- *Twitch* . . . Sakura, this idiot swore in the beginning disclaimer.

WhatChuu- You didn't! You, you, you ratted me out!

Sakura- *Sigh* You just got back after a long absence. . . I missed you too much so I'll let you off, okay?

WhatChuu- Okay~

Sasuke- You spoil her too much, Sakura.

Sakura- Meh, what can I say?

WhatChuu- Aaaah, Sasu-chan I missed you, expecially your jealous tendencies over Saki-chan. I bet—

Sasuke- Shut it, Baka.

Kakashi- Aaa have you all forgotten about me? Sakura! Is that all this brat gets? Is a 'You just got back after a long absence. I missed you too much, so I'll let you off, okay?' What? Punish her!

Sakura- Kaka-sensei, don't be so mean. Besides, you came in here accusing WhatChuu-chan of stealing your book. Why would she steal your porn? Anyway guys, I gotta go and. . . Well . . . do something. . . some stuff. I just gotta go, anyway; Sasuke, do the end credits for me, please?

Sasuke- Yeah, sure.

Sakura- Kay, bye guys. *Poof*

WhatChuu- Pfft, why didn't she just say she was going to finish of the scene where—

Sasuke- Baka!

WhatChuu- *flinches* Oh right, sorry audience. Thank Sasu for cutting me off. Damn *looks sheepish* I always do that~ Lucky, otherwise Saki would have gotten mad at me for almost ruining the next chap and giving spoilers.

Sasuke- Hn *sigh*

WhatChuu- Soooo, anything new Sasu-teme?

Sasuke-No, you?

WhatChuu- Nope. . . Psst Sasu, *Nods over at Kakashi who's sulking* I've got an idea~ *Grins and pulls out orange book*

Sasuke- *Smirks* Hn, lets go.

WhatChuu- Kaka-perv! Look what I got~

Kakashi- Huh? My book!

Sasuke- Katon: Gokakkyou no jutsu!

Kakashi- *pales* N-no. . . NoNoNO! Nooooo!

*WhatChuu & Sasuke bump fists*

Sasuke- Good to have you back Baka *smirks*

WhatChuu- *smiles* Aaaaa~ I know. It's great! To be back. . . Let's go, ne? I wanna go watch Sakura figh—

Sasuke- *sighs* Baka. . .

WhatChuu- Right! Sorry. Let's go to. . . Um. . . to go and. . . Whatever, lets go before we miss it!

Sasuke: Hn, yeah. . . Oh wait. Hn, stay tuned to find out what happens next time on 'Will This Time Be Better' *smirks* Hopefully, this time it won't take her over a year.

WhatChuu- You told them to review *teary eyed* . . . Hmph! Yeah, well so you should teme! *Teasing Laugh*

Sasuke- You . . . *Faces audiences* Do NOT— I repeat, do NOT review. If any of you do, I'll chidori your asses!

WhatChuu- Teme, Teme, Teme! I was kidding! I'll kill you off in my story! I'll do it, too! Hahahahah then Naru-chan and Saku-chan will get married and have blonde haired, green eyed babies running around Konoha!

Sasuke- *growls* You. . . CHIDORI

WhatChuu- Hahahah, you're jealous! I'm telling Sakura and you can't catch m— Oh shit. I was only teasing damnit! I'm sorry OUCH.