Don't Let Me Down

A Grey's Anatomy fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: Don't Let Me Down

A/N: I really shouldn't start another fic. Oh, well. Blame Kate (Kate811, whose stuff you should totally read, btdubs) for inspiring me to write an Addex fic with a title of an Idina Menzel song as the title. Enjoy!

It was a Monday morning. There was absolutely nothing good about Monday mornings. Nothing at all. Not even a little bit. Not even the cute little babies are enough to allay the horrible feelings in the pit of Addison's stomach every single time she must face Monday mornings' terrors after a weekend of peace in her plush hotel room. In fact, Addison ends up focusing on the grave danger many of those cute little babies are in, and that just ends up depressing her even more.

The worst part about Monday mornings? Seeing them together nauseatingly happy after two days of sleep and … not so much sleep. Addison looked down at her left hand surreptitiously as she walked into the lobby of Seattle Grace Hospital, mourning the painfully slowly fading ring line on her fourth finger. Her ex-husband took a small break from his bright and shiny new life without her, but that break was long enough to wordlessly chastise her for still wearing the rings.

So on Friday, she tossed them into the bay. And spent the weekend cooped up in her posh hotel room sobbing until her tear ducts refused to let her wallow in self-pity any more. Her tear ducts laid down the law with just enough time to lose the puffy red rims around her pale blue eyes and get ready to face the hospital without the security of those two rings on her left hand.

God, she hated Mondays.

"What do you see, Karev?" She announced her presence to her cocky intern, Alex Karev, in the most Monday-morning way. "Do you see a lazy intern who should be halfway through his charting by now? Because that's what I see right now. That and a huge pile of untouched charts right next to you."

"Well, happy Monday to you, too," Karev commented sarcastically, not even raising his head from the one chart he was holding to make himself look busy. "Bad dream, or couldn't you sleep?"

Addison chose to ignore the question and focus on her intern's obvious lack of work ethic. "Do you think that time stands still for you, or something, Karev? That it'll just pause while you do absolutely nothing productive?"

"I can't be productive without you here, oh, Great Mistress," Karev shot back with a smirk. "Besides, I finished my charts already."

"Then whose are those?" Addison nodded toward the huge pile next to him.

"Psych consults. The guy hasn't picked them up yet," he answered promptly.

"So how do you know they're his?"

"Because I had a psych consult and asked where to put the chart, and the pretty lady in the bright scrubs behind the counter pointed to this giant pile."

"Do you even know how to accomplish anything in this hospital without flirting?" Addison made a disgusted sound and started to walk away from the nurses' station and toward the elevators.

"How'd you know I flirted?" Alex followed her, still holding the one chart.

"The second you mentioned someone of the opposite sex. You're a mini-Mark Sloan. Deduce," she responded wryly, pressing the call button for the elevator.

"Should I be flattered that you compared me to the go-to plastic surgeon on the East Coast, or should I be offended that you compared me to a guy you slept with?" Alex smiled smugly at the sharp look his boss sent him as they walked into the cabin.

"Neither. But it definitely wasn't a compliment."

"Like you don't use your looks to your advantage to get things done around here," Alex commented.

"Is there a voice inside your head that just tells you when is the absolute worst time to torment me?" Addison deflected. She looked at the lights on the top of the elevator doors. They were moving too slowly. Much too slowly.

"Oh, so you don't wear slightly lower cut tops when you have to deal with any of the male attendings or are short on interns and have to order labs yourself? You don't smile just a little bit more for the male nurses? You don't wear your hair down every time you have to talk to the husband alone?" Alex pressed.

"Okay, one, you've officially become a stalker, and two, why the hell haven't we reached our floor yet?" Addison's eyes were fixated on the light above the elevator door, which was terrifyingly still.

Monday mornings sucked.

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