Don't Let Me Down

A Grey's Anatomy fic by Gigi

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Chapter 2: Proven Wrong

A/N: Hey there. Sorry it's taken me so long to get this installment up. It just took me a while to get the feel of the story again and figure out where it's going. I decided to make this a two-parter, so this will be the last chapter. Hope you enjoy it!

Addison rifled around in her bag for her BlackBerry, hoping to God she still had signal in the tiny elevator cabin. This was great, just great. As if this particular Monday morning wasn't miserable enough, God seemed to think being stuck on an elevator with a snarky, arrogant intern was a necessary addition to the day's events!

Finally, Addison managed to extract her phone from her purse. At that very moment, however, the lights overhead flickered and went out, plunging the pair into darkness until the emergency lights came to life.

Addison couldn't help herself. Throwing back her head, she demanded, "Seriously?" of the roof, earning a bewildered look from her intern.

"You okay?" Alex asked tentatively.

"No, Karev. I am not okay," she firmly denied. "Nothing about this is okay." Scrolling through the address book on her phone, she selected Richard's name and hit the "call" button.

"Richard Weber," came the gruff greeting.

"Richard, Karev and I are stuck in an elevator," Addison declared, just short of actually yelling.

"We're working on it, Addison," Richard assured her in a tired voice. "Some idiot trying to install the new backup generator did something and took out the entire wing."

"Well, how long will it take to fix?" She received no answer. What little signal she'd had finally gave out. "Ugh!" she yelled, looking over at her intern. "This is all your fault."

Alex looked shell-shocked for a split second before his expression gave way to indignation. "How the hell is this my fault?"

Addison glared at him. "I haven't figured out that part yet, but it's still your fault," she insisted. "You always enjoy making my life more miserable every time you see me."

"Well good luck guessing how to pin all this on me," he snorted. "Then I'll be able to prove you wrong, which is fun."

She glared harder.

He smirked.


An hour later found Addison sitting against one wall of the cabin and glaring at the man sitting directly across from her smirking.

"So are you going to clue me in to the reason behind your pissy—sorry, peaceful—mood this morning?" he asked.

Addison's face darkened. "You're really dense," she stated.

"I love you." His boss' eyes became the size of saucers. "I'm sorry, I thought we were playing the Opposite Game."

"And immature," she added, her glower back in place. "Do you even remember why I came to this hell hole in the first place?"

Alex rolled his eyes. "Of course, I do."

"And do you remember what happened last week at all?" she prodded. She really didn't want to have to give voice to the disaster zone that was her personal life.

Realization finally dawned in Alex's brown eyes as they darted to her left hand. "Sucks," he muttered.

Strangely enough, the monosyllabic response didn't anger the redhead. She could tell—not that she even wanted to know how she could tell—that it was his way of apologizing for being particularly ass-like and expressing his sympathies for her.

Of course, she couldn't actually tell him she understood what he meant. "Don't think this changes anything, Karev," she warned after a moment.

Another snort escaped his throat. "Like hell it will. I still hate the vagina squad."

A gleeful smile spread across Addison's face. "And I still love torturing you."


Another hour later, Alex had somehow managed to seat himself next to his boss, who had calmed down considerably. "God, this is boring," he grumbled.

"You're telling me," Addison agreed. She looked at her companion sideways. "If you were any other guy, I wouldn't have any trouble keeping myself entertained."

"I doubt that."

"You do, do you?" the redhead questioned.

"I'm a helluva lot more 'entertaining' than some guy like O'Malley," Alex pointed out proudly.

"At least his presence doesn't make me nauseous," she shot back.

"Yeah, you'd be sleeping too deeply to feel sick."

"And I don't argue with him every single time I see him." It was probably wrong of her to tease him so, but their bickering was actually helping cheer her up.

"Because it would be like being attracted to a couch. Comfy but definitely not satisfying," Alex quipped.

"So you're saying I only argue with you because I'm attracted to you?" Addison scoffed.

"Ever heard the term, 'anger sex'?" he countered.

Addison couldn't help but laugh at his words. "Sure. Of course that's what's going on here," she commented wryly.

Suddenly, the urge to convince her, to prove her wrong surged up inside of him, and before he'd even registered what he was doing, he'd grabbed her head with both his hands and slanted his lips over hers.

Addison didn't know what she'd expected Alex's reaction to her taunts to be, but him plundering her mouth with his was definitely not it. Even more unexpected was her own response of clinging to his collar and opening her mouth to deepen the most stimulating kiss she'd experienced in years. Soon, one of his hands tangled itself in her red hair and the other supported her back as he tugged her halfway onto his lap. Her own need to be closer to him brought her so she was straddling him.

The main lights in the elevator flickered on overhead, but even the shuddering of the cabin jerking back into motion failed to catch the pair's attention. They were both riding such a high that they barely noticed they needed air.

Unfortunately, something did penetrate the two surgeons' hormone-induced haze—the ringing of the bell that signified the desired floor had been reached. Faster than either could blink, Addison was off Alex's lap and panting against the opposite wall with widened eyes just in time for the elevator doors to slide open and reveal a crowd of hospital personnel, namely Richard Weber and one Derek Shepherd.

"What are you two doing on the floor?" the Chief of Surgery asked in confusion.

Chest heaving, Addison stood up on shaky legs and smoothed out her hair. "You really didn't expect us to stand for two hours straight, did you?" Slowly and as steady as she could manage, she made her way out of the elevator and past her increasingly amused ex-husband. She paused and peered over her shoulder at Alex, who was very sluggishly following suit. It pleased her to see that he was out of breath. "Move it, Karev," she barked. "Rounds are in five minutes, and after our discussion just now, you better not let me down."

Alex walked along in her wake as she strutted down the hallway with every ounce of confidence she could manage. He maintained a semblance of grumbling, but Addison heard a distinctly smug, "See? Proving you wrong is fun."

The sound of footsteps catching up with the pair of doctors alerted Addison to Derek's sudden presence next to her. He was just passing her, but he fixed a knowing gaze on his ex-wife and leaned in close enough to whisper nine words into her ear:

"I didn't know Karev wore your shade of lipstick."

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