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Just some drabbles on the relationships between characters in my Bella, Mutant universe. It will be updated, and you have any requests for a drabble, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll write em down!

And here we go…

Bella & Paul

Bella liked Paul.

She didn't love him, not then anyway. Because then she was with Angel, even though he was being an ass and getting all suspicious of the guys from La Push.

But then Angel broke up with her, and Edward attacked her. Bella changed. She was more wary, she didn't trust as easily.

And she changed again. She was Omega. She was all powerful.

Paul was there the whole time. Smiling, laughing, joking - making cracks at vampires, fighting with Sam, training with Leah, threatening Angel, beating up vampires. Being her rock.

Bella had realised she loved Paul.

Kitty and Jake

Kitty adored Jake with every fibre of her being. He adored her with every fibre of his being. It was a perfect match.

The Cat and The Wolf.

He understood sometimes she would have to go away with the X-men, for days, maybe weeks - even months. He understood she had to fight - and could possibly get hurt. She understood he was subject to the same things with the wolf pack, both Sam's, and later, his own..

They balanced each other out. They even liked the same things - fighting vampires, motorbikes, mechanics, fast rides, superpowers, supernatural stuff - when they eventually moved in together they were certain their house was haunted. And happy about it.

They were a match made in heaven.

Logan and Storm

"Damn it woman! That was my last cigar!" Logan growled at Storm, who wrinkled her nose.

"It'll give you some nasty disease." She sneered.

"I regenerate." He shot back, folding his arms in a smug position.

"I don't like it." She retorted, and Logan knew she had won.

"Okay, fine, I'll stop - for the time being." He agreed slowly, and slung his arms around her shoulder, "But can I suggest one thing about you that irks me?"

"Perhaps." Storm murmured.

"You hogged the blankets last night. I nearly got hypothermia." Logan sniffed, attempting to look sad.

"You regenerate, remember?" Storm smirked, and walked down the hallway to the her study.

"Damn." Logan grunted. He knew she would always get the better of him.

4) Edward and Bella

He was always the guy in the background. Never favoured, never loved - only hated by the object of his heart's desire.

It wasn't until about two years after he met her he realises it might have been his fault. His fault he ruined the friendship they could've had. His sister points that out many times, but he never believes her.

What a fool he was.

He watches her with the wolf.

How can she do that? He thinks, She knows he's dangerous, but she stays with him. He could hurt her.

Edward never truly realises Bella can defend herself.

So that's the end. You're probably thinking; "That scummy author, she thinks four drabbles are enough for me?" I just wanted to see how this was received. Anyways, please review!