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Pairing: Saïx x Axel

Warning: Characters will be mildly out of character; slightly AU; mentions Xemnas x Saïx and Axel x Roxas. Total Ramble in A/N.

Summary: Once upon a time, Axel and Saïx were whole as Isa and Lea; both secretly always admiring one another. Now as Nobodies, things have changed — Axel sees Saïx changing, but is it his fault? Axel doesn't know, nor does he know that he's still being admired by the azure haired male.


Sighing, the red head shooed the portal closed with the flick of his wrist. He felt like a fool as his emerald orbs scanned the streets of Twilight Town, searching for the heartless he was to kill. He had most certainly made a mistake within the Grey Area, calling his old friend by his original name. Then what did he do? He lied and stated that he called him by that dreaded name that the prick — Xemnas — gave him. He wasn't even sure why he had spoke the old name, he hadn't even realized he did it until he replayed the event when Saïx snapped.

He grunted at the thought that he was possibly losing his mind, which was more then likely true. He had a feeling, no, he knew, that if Saïx caught him still living in the past that he would attack. He really didn't want the beast to lash out; Axel didn't think he could fight back against him. It would hurt too much, it would bother him until his death. He knew this for a fact, because even the thoughts of attacking Saïx bothered him. They were friends, and deep down within his empty being, Axel still considered them as such.

But now was not the time to linger on these thoughts. He was given a mission, he wasn't here to ponder on the past. He needed to finish this up quickly and find something to do that didn't involve thinking of his new life, nor his old one. He knew just the place, matter of fact, he eyed it up right now. The Clock Tower in the distance was the perfect place; no one would bother him nor would they look for him there. He could sit up there and stay away from everything, even those memories that haunted his dream world. He could hide from Isa, he could hide from what Isa had become.

The sound of light pitter-patter caused the nobody to turn his gaze to the left. A simple Shadow stood not far off, its three claws twitching as it's humanoid body jerked about. Glowing out of the jet black form was glowing yellow eyes, the creature seemed uncertain about what to do with the Nobody. Axel only frowned at the creature, sensing that it was time to get back to work. He lifted one of his hands as he narrowed his emerald orbs, snapping his fingers with a dull expression. The creature would then screech as its small — yet round — form burst into flames, only lasting mere seconds within the extreme heat and nipping fire.

"Called your friends, huh?" Axel's comment echoed sarcastically over the pitter-patter of more feet, light footsteps of the creatures he was sent to fight. His eyes scanned as a horde of the creatures came into view, a smirk soon took over his expression while his hand lifted and summoned one of his Chakrams. The horde stopped at the sight of the nobody, staring and twitching as Axel chuckled lightly. "What's the matter? Afraid to end up like your little buddy? Don't worry, I'm going to take you out a different way."

The creatures watched as the object in the Nobody's hand burst into flames, with licked at the black glove that covered the male's hand. He gave a sarcastic smirk before the twitching creatures began their attack. Axel leaped back, tossing the flaming object at the creatures. One by one, the beings were set ablaze and flames engulfed their small bodies. A chilling laughter escaped the nobody his weapon came back to him, curving and soon captured by the gloved hand that threw it. Screeches escaped the dying Heartless, the nobody would soon eye up the remains of the horde — there had to be at least twenty left. "What's the matter? Scared?"

Twitching and screeches escaped what was left of the horde, a few seemed to scurry away but Axel wouldn't let that happen. He went to step forward, only to feel the claws of a Heartless digging into his back. He didn't yelp, he merely spun and lashed out of the Heartless with his weapon. It let out a familiar death screech and was gone. The red head grinned at his quick work, but the triumph was short lived. The pitter-patter of the others' feet echoed, Axel turning back to the group and summoned a fire wall.

A few of the creatures were stupid enough to step forward, the flames taking their existence from them. The other screeched for their fallen comrades, only to screech in pain moments later when Axel would throw his chakram through the flames. He didn't think of the noise he was making, he didn't think about anything besides finishing this mission. All he needed to do was slaughter the horde, then he would have time to himself — time to get away from every memory that plagued his mind.

Once the horde was taken care of, which hadn't taken long, his weapon and fire wall disappeared. No corpses, the Heartless never left anything to clean up, which Axel was a bit relieved about. No mess meant that he didn't have anything after, he could just go on his way to his escape. He could merely get a Sea Salt Ice Cream — something his former self and Isa did long ago — and escape to the clock tower. Nothing could get him. Not the Organization, not his memories; he could just sit up there and watch those below him. It was always so perfect there.

Just as he lifted a foot to head in the direction of the shops, to purchase his treat, the familiar swirling sound echoed past him. His eyes quickly snapped in that direction to see the young mullet haired blond, a frustrated sigh would escape the red head. Now what did Demyx want? Couldn't he see that Axel didn't want to be bothered? Of course not, Demyx was about as thick as a chunk of firewood at times — most of the time was more like it. Still, Axel knew that Demyx wouldn't wander out of The World That Never Was without good reason, so just plain out ignoring him would be a horrid idea. "What is it, Dem?"

"Axel," Demyx's frightened voice echoed nervously. He fidgeted with his fingers like a child in trouble, this only meant bad news for Axel. "We're supposed to return to the castle right away! There's an important, surprise meeting. Xigbar said that Xemnas will be really, really angry if anyone misses it, and that I was supposed to come and get you!"

Axel snorted, "Again… when did we start listening to Xigbar?"

"This is serious business," Demyx whined like a child.

This almost made Axel smirk. Almost. He almost wanted to laugh as well, but knew that it would be hallow and empty. "Demyx. Do you ever listen to yourself?"

"I'm serious this time, Axel." Demyx whined once more, "An angry Xemnas is not good! Remember what he did to Saïx!"

What he did to Saïx. Axel sobered quickly from his sarcastic nature, remembering that day perfectly. A single step out of the perfect line and the Superior had went off on the red head's best friend. Axel hadn't known exactly what happened, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know, but he had seen the aftermath. An almost naïve being, so much like the original self, turned into the distance and almost sadistic nobody he now was. All because of something that man, the man that was supposed to care for them, did to him. Axel blamed himself, he should have been there.

"Yeah," Axel commented more to himself then the blond. "We better get going."

Demyx stared for a moment as Axel moved forward, watching as the red head headed for the portal that he had opened to arrive. The blond was curious to say the least but said nothing. He knew a bit of Axel and Saïx's past together, when they were different then they were now. He only knew because of Axel's ranting in his room, yes, the blond had been eavesdropping. Whether or not Axel knew about Demyx's act, he didn't know for sure, but something told him that if he did know, he wouldn't be so nice.

Now though, he didn't regret it and followed after the other nobody, walking through the dark corridor and to the castle. The hall that they ended up in was empty, Axel knew why. The others were waiting on the two of them, or just getting to this important meeting that Demyx spoke of. Axel only found himself lifting his hand to summon the darkness, to arrive at the meeting. His emerald eyes snapped over to see that Demyx was following suit, a smile almost touched his lips. He fought it back as his form was surrounded in the darkness he summoned, and soon found himself in his seat.

His eyes danced around to see that the others were joining as well. He noted that his old friend was already in his seat, probably there the moment that the meeting was called upon. His stomach twisted as the thought of Xemnas turning his old friend into a lapdog, finally clicking in his mind and into his empty chest. It hurt. It hurt to know that there was nothing he could do to stop it, and now the empty amber gaze met his and he realized just how lost his best friend just might be.

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