Just got really bored one day and started writing down some rules, hope you like it =D


1. Don't get on Feral's bad side ( Trust me)

2. When on the week-ends and you to stay in his office don't annoy him.
( * Dodges clipboard* ) ( " Ha Ha missed me!")( * Runs from Feral * )

3. SWAT Kats + Feral = Katastophe

riding in his squad car , don't ask to sound the siren.
( he said no)
( but I did it anyway)
(Got grounded,but it was so worth it)
(Can't wait to try out the new one)
( * Smiles evilly*)

5. When it's time to go to sleep never complain about sleeping on the floor.
( He made me sleep between him and the wall )
( It was not comfortable, and he sleeps in his boxers * Shivers* ) O.o (but his fur is so soft....forget that last part)

6. After you get out of the shower, MAKE SURE you HAVE a TOWEL!
(no comment....guess he forgot) ( Scary)

7. When in the shower make SURE no one STEALS your towel.
( Don't look at me)
(The voices are telling me the towel thief came)
( * Edge of towel sticks out of refrigerator * )
( Yeah... * Runs away super fast* )

8. Never make Feral mad!
( Just don't do it)
( Me....I don't count)

mention the word 'Fun' around Feral.
( I don't think he knows what the word means)

10. Don't act stupid, especially in public.

asked to babysit Steel, don't take it literally. ( Like I did)
(I put him in the naughty corner )
( Shouldn't have back talked me)

12. Never play 'Love Games' around Feral. ( I played just as Steel was in Feral's office)
( Alot of Kats were mistaken)
( I had to clear things up..... got grounded )
( Can't handle a little joke)

13. When Feral is coming don't do the Jaws Theme.
( He didn't take it well)
( Office supplies went flying)
( * Rubs arm* He needs to take anger management...or take out all his anger on Steel)

14. When Feral is coming in for work please don't send post-it notes saying ' It's Here'.
( it ended with a few kats getting fired )
( Why couldn't he fire Steel along with them why? Why torture us with his presence!)

15. Don't call Steel a ' A cock sucking coward '.
( Even though he is) * Snickers*

16. Don't take Steel's coffee when he's not looking.
( I am the only one who can actually pull it off without being caught.)
( But at lunch break many kats wonder why I'm running around the parking lot)

17. Never under ANY cercumstance take my food or candy or drink!
( I almost broke Steel's arm for taking a slice of my pizza I was eating)
( Every time I see him and I'm eating I offer him some and all he does is walk away quickly mumbling)
( Guees he wasn't hungry at the moment)
18. When on the way home don't read all the road signs aloud.
( I ended up walking the rest of the way in the dark!)

19. Never play dead and still pretend to act dead,when some one is being serious.
( I was in Feral's office, he was working late and I was Super board!)
( I told him I was dieing of boredom,he said I would be fine)
( I got up anfd fell down with a large gulp of air)
( he got up after a minute to see if I was alright)
( He called my name a few times, but I didn't answer)
( He was fixin' to do CPR and then I burst out laughing)
( He got Super mad)
( But it was silent anger )
( I got grounded for 3 months, but the look on his face was priceless)

20. When trouble don't say " Fuck me"
( I did once and many many kats took it the wrong way)
( As if I would * Shivers violently * He's my guardian!) ( * Whines for a second *Why!*)


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