Hey everyone and thanks for the ideas and rules grey dog :D


71. Watch all final destinations movies with steel (Steel *looking everywhere*)
(Me: Um what are you doing?) (Steel: Shh... deaths watching us)
(Me: Steel it was just a...*smiles evily*...OMG steel i had a vision you're gonna DIE!)
(Steel: *steel panicks, screams like a little girl and locks himself in the closet*)
(Me: hehehehhe idiot)

72. Pierce you're tounge then blame steel (Me: Hi dad) (Dad: *Looks at you and notices it" WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOU'RE TOUNGE)
(Me: Uh this... Steel told me to do it)
(Dad: Oh... did he now *walks out of the room*) The next moring I see steel and damn he was coverd in rings all over his bodies (Thank god this is fake *takes out fake tongue ring*)

73. Bring you're dog to the bulding Well I cant tell you what happen but just to tell you, Kats were hanging above the ceiling and even my dad (Whats their problem...oh now I get it)

74. Never get a tattoo SWAT Kats fan ( I had a fake tattoo made and put it on my arm)
(Dad had a cow!)
( Especially when I told him it was permanent)
( hehehehe (week later) Takes off fake tattoo)

75. Don't put me on T.V. to make an idiot of myself.
*Stares into the camera*

76. Never paint my dad's squad car ( *Holding paint brush* What's wrong with green?)
( I actually got grounded)

77. Never take pictures of me ( Steel tried to take a picture of me)
( Ah Child pornography!)
( *Hides in closet*)

78. Do pull pranks on Steel

79. Never kick any Guy Kat in the nads for entertainment ( Steel: *falls over*)
(Sadie: What?)
(Me:*falls over laughing* Next time let me handle the entertainment)

80. Do not show dad Robot Chicken ( *cries as dad throws away my DVDs* But why?)
( *Sighs and takes out copies of DVD's*)
(He'll never know)

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