Okay, this is just a series of short drabbles, one shots, and basically just writing exercises and whatever else that happened to have popped into my head. Also stuff that fits nowhere else, for the hell of it. I wanted to try to have multiple pairs, all slash of course. I don't think it will have sex in it, but I wouldn't ever rule it out. Most of it is just fluff and cuteness and it's nothing too dark.. so far. The title came from one of my friends telling me my 'bubblegum sweet shit' was almost too painful to read. I threatened to use it as a future title ;) Note; It will have lots of my favorite hott boys, and lots of Addy being adorable (shrugs) I didn't wanna rate it 'T', but for right now it is b/c there's nothing really in it, but M/M relationships, language and some cattyness. 1st up, Miz&Jeri (b/c I've been dying to have them do something) go looking around in an old abandoned house. Basic AU, some OOC, non-wrestling. Nothing at all to be taken seriously, XD.

Chapter one/ 'So Not Ghost Hunters'
Rated; T/ L, (spooky house, cattyness, tickling, boys kissing, and some boo-boos)
Pairing; Miz/Jeri

Chris shone the light in front of him as the two entered the old abandoned house. Dust reflected off the dulling beam as it passed over the antique-looking furnishings of the living room. Cobwebs hung from the chandelier as well as the old grandfather clock that sat in the corner, and dust covered basically every square inch of everywhere. There was this musky/mildew smell that lingered thick in the air, invading the boy's noses as soon as they stepped past the threshold of the door.

Chris jumped and turned around quickly as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Mike blinked as the light shone in his eyes.

"Dude," Mike moved the flashlight away from his face. "Get that outta my eyes."

Chris took a deep breath and ran his hand through his short, spiky hair.

"And why're you so jumpy?" Mike asked as he walked around Chris and on inside. "You're the one who wanted to go play Scooby-Doo. We shouldn't even be here. I mean, look at this place. No one's lived here for millions of years." Mike rambled as he looked around, shuddering as he watched a furry black spider descending from an old black and white picture of an old stern-looking couple that hung crooked on the wall.

Chris shone the light on the picture. "Who do you think they were?"

"Previous owners?" Mike shrugged uninterested.

"Why do you think they left then? I mean, look at all this junk. They obviously didn't take anything." The blonde haired boy said looking around the room.

"Uh, yeah, Chris. That's why it's considered abandoned." Mike said all-knowingly.

"But what about the rest of their family? Shouldn't they have took it, or sold the house?" Chris pondered.

"I dunno, Chris, and I don't much care." Mike sniffled as he began to itch. Damn dust. Damn spider. His skin was crawling now. "I just wanna go. We have no business here." Miz complained, rubbing his arms.

"Awe, Mizzie scared?" Chris mocked.

Miz looked up at him, appearing and feeling like a five year old. "No."

"I bet you are, Mike." Chris hounded childishly. "'The Miz' is a scared little baby."

"Shut up, Chris." Mike glared, his teeth clinched.

Chris blew an irritated raspberry at his friend's disdain and continued looking around. "This shit is so old I bet it'd fit in one of those antique roadshow things."

"Probably." Mike sighed, scratching at the back of his hair and ignoring his eyes starting to water at the dry dustiness of the house's poor upkeep. Miz wiped his nose on his sleeve.

Chris opened a drawer, finding nothing but more spiderwebs and dust. He shut it and caused dust to fly everywhere. Chris coughed and fanned it away from his face. Mike sneezed.

"Whoa, that was a bad idea." Chris coughed again.

"Y'..Y'think?" Mike sniffled.

Chris shone his flashlight around and spotted the large staircase. The look on his face of deviance and his mouth formed into a sly grin. "C'mon, let's go upstairs."

"No, Chrissy, let's just go. I bet the others are worried." Mike said, jerking Chris back as the blonde started for the staircase.

"But I bet there's beds up there." Chris grinned, wagging his eyebrows up and down like he was trying to be seductive or some shit.

Miz glared at him. "Even if.." He wet his lips. "No. I wouldn't in this house. There's dust and mold and decay everywhere."

Chris scoffed and put his hand on his hip. "There's no decay."

Miz pointed to a dead rat that lay not but a few feet from them. The small rodent was decomposing and looked like it had been half eaten by... something..

Chris grimaced and quickly looked away. "Okay, I see your point. But let's check it out anyway."

Mike started to protest, but just hung his head and began to follow Chris up the staircase. The steps creaking under their weight.

"Are you sure this piece of shit will even hold us?" Mike asked, rubbing at his itchy nose.

Chris stopped and shifted his weight, making a fussy step groan under his movements. "I think I'm good. You, on the other hand.." Chris turned and smirked, shining the light up to Miz's tummy.

Mike looked down at the light, then back up a Chris' smirking face. His blue eyes narrowed. "Very funny." He said with grim sarcasm. "Y'know, you're not exactly in perfect shape yourself." Mike crossed his arms.

"Sheesh, someone's touchy. Must be your period or something." Chris mumbled as he turned to continue his way up.

"Hey, I'm not the girl in this relationship. Thank you very much." Mike replied stubbornly.

Chris turned back around. "Please, Mike, you go to a salon."

"So do you!" Mike squeaked.

Chris was taken aback by that statement. "Uh, that's not.. Shut up, Miz."

"Least I don't get highlights." Mike pointed out.

"Shut up, Miz." Chris growled.

"Or facials." Mike went on.

"Shut up, Miz!" Chris shouted, embarrassment and agitation flashing across his flushed face.

"Chris is a girl, Chrissy's a girl." Mike sang happily, pointing and laughing at his friend.

Chris growled, his fists balled at his sides. " I am not!"

"What's a matter, can't take a joke? Christina?" Mike smirked.

Chris twitched. "That's it."

Mike's face fell as Chris lunged at him and was soon grabbing at his shirt. The two grappled for a bit before Chris pinned Mike against the wall. The steps creaking and groaning tiredly under their weight.

"Ha! Who's the girl now, Mizzie?" Chris laughed in momentary triumph.

"You." Mike grunted, struggling to get free. "Christina." Mike pulled his hand loose and began tickling Chris. The blonde started laughing as Mike's fingers wiggled relentlessly in his ribcage. "Who's the girl, Chrissy?"

"You.." Chris giggled as Mike backed him up. Chris grabbed Mike's hands. "Stop that."

"Or what?" Mike smirked.

"You know what." Chris glared, like Mike should indeed know.

"Ooh, I'm so scared." Mike mocked.

Chris rolled his eyes. A gasp getting caught off as Mike grabbed ahold of his head with both hands and crushed their mouths together. Chris grabbed to the front of Mike's shirt, pushing him against the wall and kissing the younger male harder as he fought for some dominance. Chris groaned as Mike bit down on his bottom lip before flipping him around. Mike's right hand moved back around to the back of Chris' head, jerking on his hair a bit. The steps all the while creaked irritably. Chris wrapped his arms around Mike, making the younger male hiss as he deliberately dug his nails into his back.

"Slut." Mike growled as he broke, panting a bit.

"Bitch." Chris retorted.

"You love it." Mike grinned before kissing Chris again, pushing him backwards.

They weren't sure if it was that Chris' feet tangled together, or if they tangled with Mike's, but Chris stumbled backwards, still clinging to Mike as he lost his balance. The two fell hard into the banister rail. The thing groaned loudly and started to give way under their weight. Both boys shut their eyes and waited for the ground to break their falls... and maybe their bones..

They opened their eyes when nothing happened. Sighing relief as they rested against the old dry-rotted banister.

"That was close." Mike blinked as Chris still latched onto him for security.

Chris breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah. If you weighed anymore, we'd be done for."

"Me? Look who's talking!" Mike squeaked.

Just then a spider descended from the ceiling above them, casually plopping down on the banister rail with a faint ding.

Both boys looked up as the stair rail moaned loudly and gave way with a loud splintering, cracking sound. Chris fell backwards with a fearful yelp, pulling Miz with him. They landed hard on the floor below with a grunt and a 'umph' each. Both happy that they weren't that far up at least. A small dust cloud hovered above them from the impact. Mike attempted to raise up, sneezing violently from the dust as Chris choked and coughed dryly.

Mike groaned in pain. "Chris?"

Chris echoed his groan. "Yeah, Mike?"

"Can we.." Miz grunted as he held to his ribs. "Uh.. can we go home now?"

The spider, who had caused the destruction, crawled along the ground next to them, headed away from the mess as if it'd done nothing wrong at all.

Mike glared at the fuzzy arachnid with disdain. "I hate spiders."

Chris just groaned again and collapsed back down in the pile of rubble they were currently laying in.

This actually was inspired by a Supernatural one shot I read not too long ago, it was Wincest. There was a line in it about a banister giving way b/c it didn't look like it could support more weight than a spider... or something on those lines. Anyway, it made this pop into my head. I don't know it Mizzie does or doesn't care for spiders (I don't really like them none) or if dust bothers either of them, it was just a story, hehe. & I promise to get my sorry ass back on some of my other fics and projects soon. I also won't say all of them will be this long. Some will prolly be kinda shorter than my usual stuff.