A/N: okay so this is REALLY my first time doing a romance/drama fic, so go easy on me.

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It all started at the Cocoon Academy College during lunch time, as Lightning was sitting in the student union building where all the other students gathered around to either relax, hang out, eat their lunches, or even study, but in Lightning's case she was waiting for a special someone to meet her there.

Lightning wore skinny black jeans, and a button up pink shirt. She had sat down at one of the couches with her legs crossed writing in what appeared to be a note book, although she wasn't only just writing but she was listing down names.

She had seemed to be in deep thought as she taped the end of her pen in her mouth while gazing to the side; as if thinking very carefully.

She seemed to be so distracted that she didn't notice her boyfriend sneak up from behind the couch and gently grabbed her face and tilted her head back so that way he could kiss her from above.

They both kissed passionately for a short period of time, before he boyfriend pulled from the kiss, and hopped over the couches to sit along side the one he loved.

"How was class?" asked Lighting, with a smile upon her face.

"Eh, it could have been better." replied Noctis, as he wore dark blue jeans, with a blue and black checkered button up shirt.

The two had been dating for a good year and a half now, as they both felt like they were one another's best friends or better halves.

"so what do you have there?" Noctis asked, referring to the notebook that Lightning held to her chest.

"oh its….nothing…"started Lightning. " Just a list of names I wrote down.

"list….of names?" Noctis then had a puzzled look upon his face.

"yeah its nothing." Lightning gave a quick reply.

"No tell me, I would like to know." assured Noctis.

By this time Lightning had an uneasy expression on her face.

"Well I don't want to say anything yet but….I-I think I'm pregnant."

Noctis then had a shocked expression on his face, but it slowly turned into a smile.

"So….boy or girl?" he asked.

"Don't know yet, I just might still be in the earlier stages of the pregnancy." replied Lighting.

"Okay then." Noctis started. "either way I'm happy about this."

With this being said, this had made Lightning feel relieved as for she didn't think he'd approve with her being pregnant yet.

A small smile formed on her pink lips, as she thought about the idea once more leaving her in her thoughts once again. And with this Noctis then leaned over and kissed her forehead before leaving for his next class.

"I'll see you later." he called back to her, but Lightning was only able to hear part of it as she was still thinking about the thought of her being pregnant, best part of it all was that she got to be with the one she loved.

Later that day..

Lightning and several of her friends decided to go out to get something to eat after all their classes were over, so they stopped at a small restaurant on their way home.

"So Light, did you tell him yet?" asked Serah, Lightings younger sister.

"Tell who what?" injected Snow, who was Serah's fiancé.

Lightning simply gave a simple smile which told her sister and everyone else at the table the answer they needed to know, the only person that didn't understand was Snow.

"Aww what's wrong Snow you still don't understand?" chuckled Vanille.

"Snow, Lightning's pregnant." said Sazh.

A blank expression was then left on Snow's face, and it didn't take long until Snow burst out into laughter causing everyone in the restaurant to stare at him.

"What's so funny?" asked Serah.

Snow laughed so hard he had to wipe a tear away from his eye before he answered.

"I just never expected Lightning of all people to be the type of person to get…Pregnant." said Snow, as he continued to lightly chuckle.

Snow suddenly received a kick from under the table, that was delivered by Lightning as she glared at him.

This caused everyone at the table to chuckle a bit also.

After everyone had finished eating they all went back to the house they all shared together.

They had all just walked in the door, everyone walked into the living room to relax and watch some tv for a bit.

Lightning was about to join them when suddenly her phone started to ring, she quickly reached into her pocket to get it, and instantly recognized the number that was displayed upon it.

It was Noctis, she was excited to talk to him, but also wondered why he didn't go out to eat with them, but she didn't think much of it as she answered it.

"Hey babe"

"Yeah uhh.. hey." started Noctis with a depressing tone in his voice. " Cant we talk?"