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How the fuck did I get here? I'm standing butt naked in the middle of a room that I only entered into about ten minutes ago with a woman I had known for the same amount of time. I could feel her running her hands over me, small feather light caresses meant to leave me aching and hard. Her lips ghosted over my shoulder as she spoke.

"Tell me Edward, why did you choose me? I'm a very strict Dom." I kept silent and made sure my eyes were still on the ground. I knew better than to speak when I didn't have the permission. She clicked her tongue," Very good. You may answer."

"I have too much control in my life and I wanted someone to control me. I also wanted to learn how to please a woman." I didn't lift my head up and I was anxious to hear what she had to say."Hmmm...Good answer." She started circling me," You will learn many things here and Edward?...You will refer to me as your Mistress when you address me." I felt the back of my leg sting as the leather crop she was holding connected with my skin and I bit back a groan as pain shot through it.

"One of the main things that you will learn is that being dominated isn't about inflicting pain." I heard a swish in the air and the crop connected with my other thigh. I closed my eyes and bit my tongue." It's about learning about a how pain and pleasure are so similar, it's about finding a new kind of pain, a pain that hurts so good." Her breath was hot on my cheek, practically burning me. Her tongue wrapped around my ear before she bit down on it hard and tugged it.

I let out a small groan and heard the crack of the crop as it connected with the skin between my legs. Fuck! My hips buckled. The crop had been so close to my balls that it wasn't funny." You do not speak, or make any noise unless I tell you to. I control everything about you now Edward. If I told you stop breathing you would. Do you understand? ." Her voice was harsh and I think I might have gotten just a little harder. She tugged on the collar around my neck and I looked at my feet, my breath coming out a bit heavier." You may answer."

"Yes, Mistress." I murmured.

"Good. Now Edward, the most important thing about a Dom/Sub relationship is trust." I heard her opening a drawer nearby." You have to trust me not to do something that would hurt you or make you unnecessarily uncomfortable. You have to trust that what I do is for your pleasure. I will push your boundaries, but in case that you feel that I have gone to far and that you are uncomfortable we will have a safe word." I felt her move behind me. Her hands trailed over my back as she carried on speaking.

"The safe word is Volvo. In the case that you use the safe and wish to continue we will have specific colors. Green means that you wish to continue, Yellow, means we will continue, but it will lower key, and Red means we terminate. Nod if you understand what I am telling you."

I nodded vigorously.

"Good." Her hands trailed further down my back till they got to my ass. She drew circles on it each one getting bigger. Every touch of her hands sent a sparks through my body, leaving me panting and wanting release. Her hands moved away for a minute before returning. She dragged her fingers down my crack before pressing one of her fingers into my hole.

I stiffened; no one had ever touched me there before. Her hot breath brushed against my neck," Shhhh, relax Edward. Trust me." She bit my neck and sucked it and I slowly relaxed. She pressed her finger deeper into me and I didn't know whether I wanted more or if I wanted her to retract her fingers. "Tell me Edward, has anyone ever fucked you in the ass?" I didn't move I just stood there, my body shaking and my breathing erratic.

I had never even thought about this, but her asking me like that was turning me even more." Nod yes, shake your head no." I shook my head. She retracted her fingers," Hmmm...Well that would be something I'd like to look to look into, but not today. Would you like that Edward? Would like me to fuck you in your ass? Nod yes if you want it." I nodded.

She moved around me till she was standing in front of me. She placed one of her manicured fingers under my chin and lifted it up so that my face was level with hers. I quickly looked down." She tapped my chin," Look at me Edward." I looked up into the most sensuous brown eyes that I had ever seen. Her lips were full and a light pink. Her cheeks were slightly pink and one of her perfect eyebrows was arched.

She was wearing a tight white shirt with three buttons undone and a grey pencil skirt. Her feet were in a pair of eight-inch red fuck-me heels. I looked back up at her face blushing at my obvious ogling.

Her sinful mouth turned up into a smirk," As its your first day I will go easy on you. I want to test your control."

Her nails scraped down my chest and I suppressed a shudder. Her hand wrapped around my cock and squeezed. I gasped and my hips buckled. "It seems someone is ready for me." She murmured. I couldn't agree more with that statement. I was so hard I don't think I had any blood left in my head. It was pulsing and the head was purple and I knew it wouldn't take much to make me come.

Her smirk grew," You cannot come until I tell you to. If you do I will have no choice but to punish you."

She hiked up her skirt and lowered herself onto her knees. Oh fuck! There was no way I would be able to withstand when she had her mouth on me. She ran her hands up and down my thighs leaving a fiery trail in her wake. She then leaned forwards and licked the tip of my cock. I could barely suppress the loud moan that threatened to burst from between my lips. It felt so fucking good.

One of her hands travelled between my legs and she cupped my balls in her hand and started fondling them. Shit, shit shit, shit! She sucked the tip into her mouth and I knew that the only way I was going to survive this would to think of something completely different. Baseball? Yes okay baseball.

It included a bat and a ball, she's fondling on my balls. Fuck! She deep throated me making me hit the back of her throat. My hands clenched and I dug my nails into my palms trying to hold off. So...close.

Next subject! Now Cullen! Think of something gross, like the time you saw you mom and dad going at it in the kitchen. I mentally cringed just thinking about it. I only used this one in emergencies and thank god it was working right now. Okay, I needed something more. So mum and dad going at it...The time I caught my best friend with his head between my sisters legs. God I needed bleach for that one.

I was caught up in thinking about anything but what she was doing that it took me a second to notice when she took her mouth off me." Come for me Edward. Come for me now." She commanded.

My body convulsed and shuddered as I finally let myself go. She took me back in her mouth as I threw back my head and closed my eyes. I could feel myself shooting down her throat and my lip was practically bleeding from how hard I was biting on it. My breaths came out in gasps and I felt like every atom in my body had detached themselves from my body. I had never come this hard in my life. My knees buckled underneath me and I grabbed the edge of the desk to keep myself steady.

I think I actually blacked out for a split second because when I opened my eyes I was lying on my stomach on the bed in the corner of the room. She was straddling my lower back and rubbing my back soothingly. "After care is also important." She spoke in a calm authoritive voice that was making my body respond." Without it, you could damage yourself." I let out a deep breath and relaxed under her ministrations.

"Do I pass?" I mumbled sleepily. She chuckled," With flying colors."

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