Chapter: Two

Akasha could not believe her luck today, not only was she going to go and watch KISU live at the Combo Hall in a matter of hours. But the boy of her dreams was attending her English class that very day too, two gifts from the heavens.

She unconsciously wisped out a dreamy sigh as she stared at the boy, he was currently seating himself right next to her, in the very back row of the class no less.

She could well and truly say that Naruto Namikaze was a real mystery to her, the first time she had ever seen him it had been love at first sight, or at least she thought it was. He hadn't really done anything to catch her attention; he was just one with the crowed. And that was exactly what pulled her to him, instead of blushing or ogling her like most of the boys in her year. He just, well ignored her really; he just glanced at her with his malicious sapphire eyes before continuing onwards with his task at hand.

His eyes, oh how she loved his eyes. And those spiky locks of golden hair that went all the way to his shoulders, the three adorable whisker marks on his cheeks. He looked both feral and cute at the same time, her vampire mating instinct always demanded strong and fearsome men. Yet her own instinct as an individual person, seeked out every little girls need, something cute.

And thus there were the reasons as to why Akasha Bloodriver was utterly infuriated with Naruto Namikaze, complete opposites in most ways yet a perfect couple in her own dream world. And why is it so that they are so called opposites? Well here were Akasha's reasons in her mental checklist.

She was described as kind, gentle and utterly bubbly by her friends. Naruto on the other hand was well known for being vicious in his own right, always verbally dominating anyone and anything that tried to get to close to him.

She always attended class on time and never missed a day off school (Apart from when being ill). Naruto was a completely different matter; it seemed that his goal was not to get at class on time and to NOT come to school in general. The last time she had seen Naruto was about two months and a half ago.

She was open minded, cheery and helpful to just about anyone. While Naruto was cold, isolated and distant apart from with his personal friends, they also being boys in her year called Kiba and Shikamaru.

And there was also the fact that she didn't have any 'enemies' so to speak, no one who really 'hated' her. Well she did have about three quarters of the year's female population disliking her for the fact that she caught the attention of most of the boys in the school apart from a select few. Naruto had an enemy, a true enemy in a boy named Sasuke; they hated each other's guts! They were rivals in everything they attempted to do, the both of them put together really made the definition rivals.

While she was idly musing, Akasha noticed that she was staring at the ceiling. Looking to her right she noticed that Naruto was currently doodling drawings and...Were those lyrics? Before she could submerge herself into the words, a loud clattering sound vibrated through the quiet classroom. Looking down she noticed that her pencil was on the floor, she surmised that it must have fallen of the edge of her desk while she was leaning to her right to get a closer look at Naruto's notebook.

Leaning down, Akasha made to reach the pencil with her hand, when all of a sudden something bashed her on the side of her head which resulted in her gasping in pain. Quickly straitening herself up she looked for what could have hit her on the head so painfully.

"...I'm sorry"

Looking up she saw her beloved Naruto rubbing his head a little sheepishly, her pencil being sheathed into his left hand. It was then that it dawned upon her that Naruto attempted to help her by picking up the pencil for her, yet her being the klutz she was, she bashed her head against his.

Not knowing what to say, she thankfully took back the pencil from his outstretched hand, her fingers having briefly touched his palm, nearly making her blush in ecstasy.

"I-i-it is not a proble-...No, I mean thank you!" Akasha dazed out, before it dawned upon her that she was about to forgive him for something that was entirely her fault. Naruto just stared at her for a few moments, his usual cold eyes seemingly getting softer as amusement crawled into them.

Akasha quickly returned back to her work when she noticed that Naruto was paying attention to his notebook once again, well she really couldn't call what she was doing work. It seemed that while she was spacing out earlier she had been doodling drawings herself. All of them ranging from chibi figures of her and Naruto hand in hand, and big fonted words such as 'Naru + Aka'.


"Yes? Ah! I'm so sorry!" Akasha fretted, Naruto had called out to her. And her being the overly excited girl with anything that involved Naruto; she had spun around in her seat to face him so fast that she had accidently allowed her pencil to fly out of her loose grip and shoot him right into the eye.

Naruto hissed in pain for a few more moments, before waving his hand into her direction and telling her he was fine. It was a fated day for they had been seated in the back of the room where mild noise could barely be heard at the front of the room.

"Don't worry, I'm fine honestly." Naruto reassured her as he straightened himself up; it was at that moment that his red eyes, from all the rubbing, locked onto the glaring eyes of his teacher.

"What? You want to take a picture?" Naruto rudely shot at the teacher who shrank back into a mental shell as if he had just gotten slapped but couldn't do anything about it.

"I just wanted to know if everything was alright Mr. Namikaze, Miss. Bloodriver?" The teacher boasted out as he looked in Akasha's direction.

"N-no sir, nothing's wrong!" Akasha stuttered out, the teacher nodded his assent before picking up his newspaper and continuing with his reading. Once Akasha was sure the teacher was occupied with his own devices, she turned back to Naruto.

"I am so sorry." Akasha whispered out, her voice bleeding with guilt. Naruto just brushed off the comment with a small smile.

"Seriously, don't worry about it." Naruto insisted before looking back down at his notebook. Akasha looked around her a few times, attempting to gather up the courage for what she was about to do say next.

"Naruto?" She whispered out.

"Yes?" Naruto asked her, his voice perfectly loud and clear, completely shattering the rules for silence in the class.

"I wanted to tell you something..." Akasha hesitated, before accepting what she had already started when Naruto gave her a nod of confirmation.

"I-I-I know we do not really know each other, umm, that well...Or anything. But..." Akasha explained before breathing in a deep breath and exhaling it out in a trance like fashion, while also unknowingly having given Naruto's sensitive nose a nice whiff of her cherry 'flavoured' breath.

"Today is going to be the last time I...I a-." Akasha's speech was cut off by a very loud and static filled voice echoing its way out of the speakers in the corner of the class.

"Akasha Bloodriver please come to the office, Akasha Bloodriver come to the office immediately."

People all around her started 'ooo-ing' and 'ahhh-ing' at her sudden predicament. She shakily got out of her seat; this was the first time she had been called to the principal's office. She was an A+ student, had she done something wrong?


Her fears were confirmed, but not in the way she had hoped.

...::: Outside The Principles Office :::...

Doomed, that was exactly how she felt as she continued to walk down the hallway. She could see her father at the other end, KISU tickets in hand obscuring his face. She quickly attempted to make herself look more represent able, by combing her long hair with her fingers and dusting off her skirt.

Just as she arrived at her fathers feet, he snapped the tickets out from the front of his face. A look of barely concealed rage welcomed her.

"Sit!" He ordered, and she obeyed. It was just as she was sitting down did she notice that behind her father, the two familiar faces of her best friends poked out from behind a wall.

"Father...You do not understand." Akasha commenced, trying to find a loop hole within the whole disorder of the situation. Akuma's face snapped towards his daughters as he sat down, his face getting a bit purple in his anger.

"Oh, I understand alright, perfectly! And so will Father McDowell..." Akuma snapped, Akasha's face adopted a look of disbelief from the words her father had said to her.

"You are sending me to boarding school?" Behind their secret hiding area, both Ageha and Tsurara gasped a little at the news. This could NOT be happening...

"What else can I do? Records and magazines that is one thing...But tickets...Tickets! Do you realize what this means? That you are no longer content on hearing that awful music or looking at photo's of their horrific faces...But no...Now you want to see the devil in flesh? You want to reach out and sin yourself with those disgraces known as Yokai singers? And in Detroit no less!" Akuma raged, Akasha just sat still her face looking downwards to the floor. That is until she heard the unmistakable sound of a lighter being turned on and burning, looking up she saw her father with a cigar in mouth...But it was not burning.

The KISU Tickets were!

Ageha was in tears as she watched their precious tickets blacken and burn, Tsurara just stared open mouth not being able to comprehend what was happening, the same could be said for Akasha.

Akuma decided to taunt the tickets by using the fire that was consuming them to light up the tip of his cigar. Once he was done he dropped the flaming tickets into the Ash tray besides him, all of the spectators to the site watched either in peril or content.

"It has been a long time coming Akasha, but you are finally about to get the kind of discipline that you deserve..." Akuma finished as he stood up and literally dragged Akasha away, her eyes still locked onto the ashes of what could have been her ticket to a new sense of life.

...::: Yokai Private Car Park :::...

"B-but father!" Akasha complained as her father pushed her into the back seat of their pristine black car. Akuma just ignored her as he went into the driver's seat, it would be so much easier to just apparate to their needed location. But Akasha still did not know that ability yet, he would have to teach her sometime soon.

Starting the car up, they were off.

In one of the school buildings overlooking the parking, one Naruto Namikaze frowned lightly at the departure of the girl who had actually gotten him to apologize in over a century...Literally.

...::: Yokai Academy Halls :::...

"That's it, we're fucked." Ageha stated in an overly blunt manner, as both she and Tsurara sat down on some of the school benches.

"For once, your right." Tsurara agreed with a reluctant sigh. This day was getting worse and worse, first they had watched the KISU tickets get burned to a crisp then they watched their friend get verbally burned to a crisp, only to be gone with the wind a matter of moments later.

"It can't get any worse from here." Ageha sarcastically added her two cent, before a scruff voice cut her off.

"I hope you rodents have hall passes..." Asked the Hall janitor, he was a man most probably around the age of 30 with extremely greasy hair and ridiculously long sideburns.

"Fuck its Elvis!" Ageha called out in alarm, preferring to use her nickname she had bestowed to the man since she had first seen him.

"Could that be two detentions I smell?" 'Elvis' asked as he leered down at the girls. Tsurara decided to act on a plan of action.

"Alright head straight for the boy's bathroom, he'll never find us there." Tsurara whispered lightly into Ageha's ear, needless to say Ageha agreed almost instantly.

"Now!" And with that they were off, running down the halls, splitting up and regrouping as a way to lose 'Elvis's' track of them.

"Fucking! Bitch! Shit!"Ageha swore as she assaulted one of the boy's cubicles' doors with her kicks. Tsurara who was right beside her got a look of frustration on her smooth features.

"Take it easy Ageha, this is the boys crap room remember?" Tsurara scolded, Ageha sent her a furious look.

"Oh wake up Tsurara! We just watched Akasha's dad torch our fucking KISU tickets! Not the all stars, not the rolling rocks but KISU! If you can give me a better reason for trashing the boy's bathroom then I would sure like to hear it." Ageha raged in anger, this was the utmost worse day of her life.

Walking towards the door and opening it, Ageha checked if the coast was clear. Just as she was about to step out of the bathroom she heard male laughter ring down the halls. Quickly retreating into the bathroom and repeating the same sentence "Boys are coming, boys are coming!" over and over again, she took a hold of Tsurara's blazer before shoving her inside a cubical.

They both huddled up together in the tight closed off space; they were standing on the Loo to make sure no one would be able to see their feet from underneath the gap.

They stopped shuffling about when they heard someone enter the bathroom and lock themselves up into the cubicle next to their own. Curiosity taking the better of them, they both stood on the tips of their toes to look over the top of their neighbours cubicle. After recognizing the person they quickly hid their heads away again while giggling ever so slightly.

"Sayio Kuwa, I used to have a mild crush on him." Tsurara whispered in Ageha's ear, Ageha nodded ever so slightly before giving out a startled yelp as they heard a loud 'Fwaarrttchhh!' noise. They both cringed heavily in pain from trying not to burst out laughing after hearing the boy fart his brains out.

"Girl I'm telling you, I've never heard a guy blow ass like that before!" Ageha hissed out, trying to stop herself from speaking any louder. Yet laughter was clearly heard in her voice, Tsurara was a nice shade of purple from holding in all her laughter.

After a couple more moments of silent laughter, plus having the need to wave their hands in front of their faces to get the smelly odours' away. They both stopped when a loud cracking sound was heard, before long the loo they were standing on collapsed upon itself. They both leaned heavily onto the wooden door, and even that seemed to be a bad idea as the screws that kept the cubicles in place were forcefully ripped out of the wall and thus the cubicles fell to the floor while the loo's stayed in place.

Water started spraying gazers all around them as; they hurriedly got to their feet and made a mad dash for the exit. While also leaving Sayio by himself on the loo in the plain wide open, screaming like a girl.

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" Ageha called out as she ran right for the door, Tsurara right behind her but not before having stayed behind a little to say "Sorry" to Sayio.

...::: Unknown Road :::...

Akasha idly watched as her father stuffed another cigar out into the ash tray, which was behind the steering wheel. They had been on the road for the past hour already and nothing yet of great interest happened. She had passed her time by mourning over the fact that she may never see her friends again, or even worse...Never see her beloved.

"God forbids you have a daughter like you Akasha, a girl who lies through her teeth, and buys sinful records..." Akuma began, before noticing that his daughter was really out of it if the faraway look in her eyes meant anything.

Akasha's eyes widened to big proportions as the gates to her new school could be seen coming up ahead.

They looked scary...In a bad way.

...::: Yokai Academy :::...

Tsurara flinched in pain as a spark from the electric cables she was messing around with, in the science lab flew into her eye. Ageha noticing that their teacher was paying little to no attention to the class, decided to propose something.

"Maybe a little music will cheer is up?" Ageha suggested to Tsurara, who nodded in agreement. Pulling over some antennas that were lying around, and shoving them together on a receptor, Ageha started twisting the pieces of metal till she got a nice sound to emit from the mini speakers. School rules to follow: No music in Yokai Academy, so they had to be discreet about it.

"...-imond in Detroit, for the biggest KISU giveaway of the year! I got three front row tickets along with two back stage passes to the concert tonight at Combo Hall and I'm giving them away to the 106 caller who can tell me nicknames of each KISU band member!-..."

"Shit!" Ageha swore as the radio gave way and stopped working, hitting it multiple times wouldn't work either. Tsurara in her frustration of the day let a curse slip up.

"This is horse shit; it's too bad we are stuck in this prison." Tsurara muttered as she smacked her head against the table. Ageha's expression turned from rage to bliss in an instant, as an idea formed in her mind.

"I got an idea!"

...::: Teachers Desk :::...

"Ageha-san please get back to your bench." The science teacher told Ageha as she approached the teacher's desk at the very front of the classroom. Ageha put on her most desperate expression into place before going along with her plan.

"Mr. Koina, I got to take a leak like you cannot believe." Ageha begged as she started shuffling her feet about. Mr. Koina sent her a no-nonsense look as he continued to shuffle his playing cards.

"Keep it in until the end of class Ageha-san."

"Listen sir, since my Doctor put me on these salt pills..." Ageha relayed before being cut off by her teacher. Koina shot up from his seat and looked Ageha straight into the eye.

"Salt pills? Do not mock my intelligence Ag-..."

"Ohhh ahhh, I'm taking a leak in my panties!" Ageha complained, and as a way to prove her point she moved her legs apart a little to allow some of the liquid rolling down to the floor. Koina looked horrified at the sight and quickly pulled out a Hall Pass and started filling it in.

Ageha on the other hand continued to give out a little pressure in the small ball in her hand which was hidden behind her back, the ball had a tube connected to it which went down the hem of her skirt and into her panties.

Tsurara who had seen that the plan worked cheered a little to herself. If things could work out for the best now...

"Get the hell out of here Ageha-san, you disgust me." Koina stated as he handed Ageha the Hall Pass, Ageha snatched the Pass from out his hands before rushing out the room.

...::: Yokai Academy Halls :::...

Ageha ran like never before, her overly large breast jumping up and down in front of her person. Quickly locating her destination and having found what she was looking for, Ageha shoved money into the Telephone booth and furiously dialled some number with no errors.

"I need to be connected to WRP contest line!" Ageha rushed out, she waited for a few more moments...


Tsurara glided through the crowds of people who were busting around left and right. When all of a sudden a shriek of "We won!" rang out from the crowed. It was not long before she found herself in the tight embrace of her friend who kept on repeating "We won...Won!".

"We're going to Detroit then?" Tsurara exclaimed in happiness.

"YES!" Ageha sang out in pure bliss, maybe not all was really lost.

...::: Yokai Academy Cafeteria :::...

"This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in school girl! Not only are we going to go to Detroit to watch KISU but we are going to get front row centre!" Ageha blurred in joy, Tsurara nodded in agreement before her face set into a stony resolve.

"Ageha you know we cannot go on the road without Akasha, best friends for life remember?" Tsurara reminded Ageha who nodded in acceptance.

"Didn't her father mention McDowell? I think there's a McDowell who runs a school about an hour away from here." Ageha said as she took a sip from her orange juice.

"I say we go there and bust her out." Tsurara added as an afterthought. It couldn't be that hard right?

"One hour away? How are we supposed to get there?" Ageha exclaimed in shock, there was no way she was going to walk for one fucking hour. Another issue was that there were no trains or buses that lead towards McDowell's school.

At her question, Tsurara allowed a sly smirk to grace her lips.

"One word...Namikaze..."

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