Title : Past Memories

Pairing : GiottoxTsuna (G27)

Summary : Tsuna never thought that he will meet his love from 400 years ago, ever again.

Warning: This fic contains yaoi (boyxboy love)! Don't like? Don't read. I've warned you.

~ Prologue ~

- 400 years ago...

She stood in front of my door, blushing furiously as I opened the door. "What is it?" I asked. "U-uhm, y-your mother told me to spend some time with you. Is it...okay?" she timidly looked up at me. "Of course! Come in!" my lips stretched to a smile as I moved to the side, making some space for her to come in. And she smiled – the most godly smile I've ever seen, it was as if an angel lost her way home from heaven. Her long, brown hair swayed softly by the wind, her cheeks healthy red, her neck slim –


Chapter 1

"Bye, mom!" Tsuna waved and rushed out of the house. He doesn't need any more reason to get caught by Hibari because he was practically late 5 seconds for the morning meeting!

His slender figure ran along Namimori's streets, steps heading to the only international school in the town. His parents are rich – but that doesn't mean he lives in a huge mansion or something. They decided to blend in with normal people, coping in with them.

Light rock music blasted in his ears through his tiny headphones as he slid the door to the meeting room. It was half-empty.

"I'm safe…" the brunette sighed out in relief, feeling some burden lifted off of him. When a chuckle came from behind his back, Tsuna turned around. He saw a gorgeous man around his 20's, with sky blue eyes and blond hair, chiseled jaw, broad chest, and tough-looking shoulders. He can even swear that he had never met that man, but a strong feeling of nostalgia washed over him. "Safe from what? The stranger asked, grinning with amusement.

Then he felt his consciousness mysteriously slipping away. The younger male tried to hold on anything nearby, ending up leaning on the stranger's chest.

"Eh? A-are you okay?" Aah, the deep, velvety voice.

That's exactly the same voice he used to hear in his sleep! Tsuna buried his head deeper; it felt really warm and comfortable.

"Giotto…" he muttered unconsciously as he fell to an infinite darkness, into the sea of hidden memories.

To be continued~

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