Chapter 3: Magikarp owners are losers

"So Shane what do you know about Pewter city's gym leader?" Haley asked "well I know that Brock uses rock Poké are at a great disadvantage Haley because Dan is a normal type and Airo is a flying normal and rock Pokémon are great against those types" Shane said "ouch...I'm doomed" Haley said as she approached a bridge "Magikarp!" A Magikarp said jumping out of the river and knocked Haley over "Haley are you okay?" Shane asked "I'm fin..." "Hey guys look!" Gary said pointing "the Magikarp just jumped into your Poke ball Haley" Shane said [Ding!] "And you caught it!" Gary said looking like he was about to burst "ha ha ha" both Gary and Shane rolled back in laughter "huff...I caught myself a Magikarp" Haley said holding the Poke ball "I think I'll name you Drake" Haley said smiling "Dan! Airo and Drake come on out!" Haley said throwing the three Poke balls "Eevee!" Dan said coming out "Pidgeotto!" Airo said coming out "Magikarp!" Magikarp said as it flopped on its side "okay then...Dan and Airo...I would like you to meet your new team mate Drake" Haley said "Eevee, Pidgeotto" both Dan and Airo said together greeting Drake "let's just get going" Shane said wiping his tears. "We are finally in Pewter city!" Haley shouted happily "yes...maybe we should get some supplies" Shane suggested "okay let's go" Haley said running to the Poke mart. "so that's Ten Pokeballs,5 potions and 5 full heals and in total it cost 2000 g" the clerk said "here you go" Haley said handing over the money "no way man! I don't want a Magikarp! They are weak" a shopper said "yeah...they only know splash and maybe whoever owns a Magikarp is a loser" another shopper said "I am not a loser!"Haley shouted and stormed out "Haley wait!" Shane and Gary shouted chasing after her. "At least I'm finally out of that ignorant shop" Haley said "get out of here you stupid Magikarp!" A trainer said releasing their Magikarp "Magikarp are worthless" another towns person said "yeah the only thing their good for is supper" another person said "ahh!Let's just head for the gym!" Haley said storming off again. "Brock! I'm here to challenge you!" Haley shouted "okay already! I'm here! And what's with the temper!" Brock asked as he unplugged his ears "just some ignorant people in this town" Haley said "okay...well it will be a two on two battle and only you can make substitutions" Brock said "understood" Haley said "alright! I choose you Geodude!" Brock said throwing the Poke ball "Geodude!" Geodude said coming out "I choose you Drake!" Haley said throwing the Poke ball "Magikarp" Drake said flopping on its side again "are you nuts!" both Shane and Gary said "I see you're a beginner! No wait! Even a child knows that Magikarp are must be a baby then" Brock said making fun of Haley "just shut up! You three may think I'm nuts! Or a baby but I'm not! I believe in you Drake!" Haley shouted "Magikarp!" {Flash...} (Gasp!) "Drakes evolving!" Gary said amazed "oh no..." Brock said worried "Gyarados!" Drake said "Haley! It's a red Gyarados! Those are extremely rare" Shane said amazed too "Gyarados!" Drake said using Hydro pump on Geodude" "Geodude..." Geodude fainted "Geodude is unable to battle! Drake is the winner" the reff said "yes! Good job Drake! I love you" Haley said running over to Drake and hugged him "Gyarados..." Drake said with a smile "hey! It's not over yet! I choose you Onix!" Brock said throwing the Poke ball "Onix!" Onix said coming out "use wrap!" Brock commanded "what else does Drake know...I know the mover checker!" Haley said aiming her Pokedex at Drake (Gyarados: Moves: Hydro pump, Dragon range, Ice beam, Protect, Tackle) "awesome! Drake use protect!" Haley commanded "Gyarados!" Drake said as a shield went in front of him "Onix!" Onix said as it got repelled back "now Drake use Hydro pump again!" Haley commanded "Gyarados!" Drake said as it shot water from its mouth "Onix!" Brock shouted as Onix got hit "onix..." Onix said as it fainted "Onix is unable to battle! Drake is the winner! And the victory goes to Haley from Pallet town" the reff said "yeah!" Haley cheered. "Haley...I'm sorry I made fun of your Poké is clear that your Magikarp was a very unique one...when did you say you caught it?" Brock asked "actually just a few hours ago when we crossed the bridge to Pewter city...actually Drake chose me he actually knocked me down and went right into my Poke ball" Haley laughed "'re right he did choose you! And for your hard work and faith in your Pokémon I award you with the boulder badge" Brock said handing Haley the badge "yeah! I won the boulder badge!" Haley cheered "Eevee! Pidgeotto! Gyarados!" Dan, Airo and Drake cheered. "Goodbye!" Brock waved "see you" Shane, Gary and Haley said waving "well Haley I think we owe you an apolgey too" Shane said "we do...?" Gary asked clueless "yes we do Gary! We made fun of Haley for using Drake and he ended up evolving and she won because of him" Shane said "okay sorry Haley" Gary said "no problem! Now let's head to Cerulean city!" Haley said.