Embers of Twilight asked for some Bella CP, and since y'alls wish is my command...

I recommend reading chapter three of 'Flowers and Dust', because this references events contained therein.

Since the events of 'A Time to Speak' prohibit CP between the usual suspects, I thought this a nice alternative.

Shall I write a part two?

The raid was over, and Fenrir Greyback was fuming. He Apparated into the soft, grassy field next to the farmhouse that was their base for the moment and roared with frustration, a sound that might have frightened anyone nearby, had they been alive.

Instead, the birds which flew from the trees notwithstanding, there was very little response. The others were appearing, Bellatrix and her husband, McNair and Pettigrew, along with the handful of others.

The second Bellatrix had landed, Greyback was on her. "What THE HELL was THAT?"

She tried to shrug him off. "Let go, damn you!"

He ignored her, opting to shake her like a rag doll instead. "We could have all been caught, you fool!"

Bellatrix wrenched viciously and managed to free her arm. "Do calm down, wolf. Wouldn't want you pissing on the rug, now would we?" She laughed, and kept laughing even as Greyback spun and began to drag her into the treeline, using his superior senses to check for intruders. Finding none, he plunged deeper into the woods, welcoming the familiar smells of wet wood and moss laden stone, the sweet clear water of the stream and musk of the little animals his noise had scared off.

Back at the house, Rodolphus yawned, cracking his neck, and turned to go inside for a shower and perhaps a bit to eat before bed. "Rudolphus? Aren't you going after them?"

"Bellatrix and Greyback? My word, no."

"He might kill her."

Rodolphus looked politely shocked. "Even so, to risk seeing my wife with her lover? How gauche."

Marital affection is one thing, but good taste is good taste. They went inside, leaving Bellatrix to her fate.

Greyback stopped in a clearing and threw her onto a hummock of moss beside a hollow log. Bellatrix looked up at him, still laughing. "Really, Greyback, all this fuss over a bit of fun?"

"Fun? The aurors were almost on us."

"Almost." She rose and smiled mockingly. "Was Lucius giving lessons in puling and whining? Or have you lost your guts like the rest of them?"

"You really don't get it, do you? Someone could have been killed."

Bellatrix huffed. "What do you care? You hate all of us."

"So? If you idiots can't do the job, my boys'll have to, and one of us is worth ten of you."

Bellatrix snorted. "If you'll excuse me, I've better things to do than listen to your petty little complaints."

Her words infuriated him. The very tone was an affront to his masculinity, to his status as alpha wolf. He growled and stepped closer, breathing her scent, smelling her hair. A single movement pinned her to the tree by her wrists, and a slight movement disarmed her, wand dropped onto the ground and kicked away. "Apologize, Bellatrix."

"Really, Greyback, I let you do…that…to me once and you act like you own me. I certainly won't apologize, now unhand me this second."

"And if I won't?"

She lashed out with her foot, trying for his groin, and he used her own weight against her, sending her forward, catching her about the waist and hauling her over to the fallen log. He would show her; humble her, make her show her belly.

One moment Bellatrix was standing, back to a tree. Another and she was being tugged forward, enveloped in the heavy velvet of her gown as it was pulled over her head and dropped in an indifferent puddle at her feet. She gasped and realised how nude she felt, in just her drawers and camisole in the forest, the huge man above her, moving her like a child.

Greyback dragged her easily to the log. She was so pale she seemed to glow in the moonlight. He sat and gave her a single good tug to send her over his knee, immediately clamping her legs to keep her from squirming loose.

Bellatrix had expected anything but this. She went still for a second, and then began to swear violently as Greyback undid the drawstring that held her drawers closed and slid them to her knees. "What do you think you're doing, you great prat?"

He rumbled a laugh. "I'm teaching you respect for your superiors."

He cracked a hand down hard, and Bellatrix bucked. "Stop that this instant!"

He laughed again and smacked both thighs in turn, three burning swats. " ISAID STOP!"

He snorted and tightened a little on her legs. She was strong, for her size. "You submitted to me, Bellatrix. You gave me permission to do this when you spread your legs."

"I—DID—NO—SUCH—THING!" Bellatrix hadn't been angry like this in years. She twisted hard, feeling the familiar rage boil up as it did whenever she was thwarted. "I—ONLY—FUCKED—YOU!"

"No, I fucked you. And now I'm smacking you for this show of temper. Get used to the idea." He resumed his work, bring his hand down with crisp, meaty thwaps that echoed in the otherwise still clearing.


He ignored her and lifted his leg to thoroughly heat both undercurves. Bellatrix snarled and tried to bring her hands back to cover. Greyback caught both narrow wrists and held them to her back. "Are you learning?"

"Sod you! Bloody vile bastard!"

He moved farther down her thighs and she leapt against his restraint, raging at the sheer presumption of the hideous freak above her. Her legs were kicking ineffectually against the log and her drawers were working themselves down to her ankles.

Greyback stopped. Resting his warm palm against the curve of Bellatrix's back, he surveyed his work. He'd achieved a good dark pink from the roundest part of the woman's flat backside to a third of the way down her thighs. She lay panting across his lap, gasping.

He put a hand below her chin. "You've finally learnt silence." He brought her face up, meaning to conclude the punishment with a few points he felt bore talking about. Bellatrix, eyes wet, mumbled something softly. "What?"

She did it again and he leant closer, closer. Until saliva, hot and sour, hit him in the face and he instinctively reeled back, giving her the chance she needed. Tumbling off, Bellatrix tried to run for it, only to trip on her drawers and go sprawling face first in the sort hummusy earth of the forest floor.

If Greyback hadn't been so angry he would have laughed at the sight of his rival/lover/hate object, half naked, face down in the dirt, punished state clearly visible. As it was, he pulled her up by the arm and decided stronger means were necessary. He set her to her feet and dried his cheek with his sleeve.

"Wrong choice, Trixie."

"Don't you call me that!"

"Narcissa does it."

"You aren't she."

Was there no end to his arrogance? Bellatrix went to lean down for her underthings, only to have the idiot half breed tighten his hold. "You've made your point, Greyback, now let me pull them up."

"I've not yet begun to make my point." He spun her and marched her toward a tree with tips that wilted to the ground, gently swaying in the breeze. Greyback gave her a light shove. "Pick one."


"Choose a branch." She grabbed one at random and Greyback grinned. "No. Find one long as your arm and the same as your small finger. Go, hurry." Bellatrix glared but did as he ordered, having decided to kill him horribly for doing this to her.

Greyback rather liked how Bellatrix looked like this, hair disarrayed, naked from the waist down, shifting unconsciously from foot to foot in an effort to calm the sting in her arse. She finally found a suitable branch and tried to break it off.

"Diffindo" The branch fell into her hand and he frog marched her back to the log, abruptly pushing her down on it, relishing her yelp as her punished bum met the moss rough surface. "Let me up!"

"Careful what you ask for, Bellatrix." He made her watch as he stripped the leaves and smaller twigs, using his wand to make it smooth and suitable for his purpose. Her face was losing colour as she finally understood. "No!"

"Come here. It'll be easier that way."


Greyback sighed and gracefully caught Bellatrix with one arm, tucking her against himself and raising the switch. "You know, must cubs in your situation don't fuss this loud. More fun for me, though." He brought the switch up and


"AIEOOWWWW!" It burnt! Every impact was a split second of non-feeling, followed by a lightning bolt that had her dancing in place, frantically kicking and twisting to avoid the hotly stinging branch, crying out against her will, which just made her angrier.





He stopped for a moment and cautiously released her, curious about what she'd do. Bellatrix's hands flew back as she hopped in place, wriggling and bouncing. He was surprised she wasn't in tears yet, or at least not sobbing freely. A few errant tears had tracked themselves down her cheeks, but he sensed she was angrier than anything, or would be once the fiery agony had cooled to tolerable levels.

Fortunately for him, that would be a while yet. He put his foot on the log and motioned her forward. "Bend over, Bellatrix."


"The more you comply the faster it will go, because this is going to happen."


He grunted with amusement and lifted the switch again, targeting her undercurves and the backs of her thighs.



"You think this hurts? Just you wait."



He stopped. "You're sorry I'm tanning your hide, not sorry you acted so badly."


"We'll see."



"Please what, Trixie?"


He chuckled and set the switch down for a moment. "Let's see just how sorry you are.' He put her on her feet and immediately took her arm to keep her from rubbing. "Sit down and put your hands on your head."


"You must not want it to stop, then, because you still can't obey a command. Sit down, Bellatrix. Now."

Burning with hatred, she did it, unable to contain a yowl when welted flesh met the rough moss. She just barely remembered to put her hands on her head like she was told, but she did it, tangled in her hair.

Greyback laughed. "I think you've made progress tonight, Bell. A few minutes to think ought to make everything stick, wouldn't you say? Well?"


"Yes, what?"

"I don't k-know what you want to hear."

He smirked. "Yes, alpha, I think the punishment you've given me has been effective."

"Yes, Greyback, I think the punishment you've given me was effective. Damn you. I'm not a werewolf."

Yet. He'd almost decided he'd turn both females. He was alpha; he could have as many mates as he wished, and the pleasures of teaching them both their places.

After what had to have been the longest five minutes in history, he motioned for her to stand and draped her dress over the log. "Now kneel down and bend over the log and then we'll be done."

Bellatrix bit her lip to keep from sobbing as she pressed her chest to the soft velvet. "This is a test of what you've learnt, Bellatrix. You'll keep position and control your own hands, understood? Or else." He took up position and tapped her twice to establish his aim.













The switch broke. Greyback dropped it and sat beside the sobbing woman draped across the log. Her arse was a mass of stripes and she was jerking her hips, trying anything possible to cool the flames he'd kindled.

After a few moments her sobs tapered to gasps and then whimpers. Greyback was boring rapidly. "All right, stand up and get dressed." She did, nearly falling on her rubbery legs. She used her wand to quickly scourgify her clothes and skinned back into her dress, forced into the indignity of having to hunt for her drawers, long since kicked off.

"No salve, no cushioning spells." Her eye makeup had run down both cheeks, making her look even more like a harpy than usual.


"I'll know."

"No doubt."

He smirked. "I'll walk you back." He even let her wash her face in the little stream. As the house lights came into view, Bellatrix turned abruptly to Greyback. "I hate you for this."

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Pleasant sleep."

She crept inside, somehow made it to the bedroom she'd colonised unseen and went to sleep on her stomach, cursing that damned werewolf with every breath. She'd have cut out her tongue before she admitted it, but she did feel a little better for having got some of her feelings out.

The next night, Rodolphus noticed that his wife was squirming very slightly. The werewolf tilted his head, smirking, and Bellatrix gave it straight back, though Rodolphus noticed the usual cutting remark was strangely absent.

Bellatrix shifted abruptly in her chair and demanded Pettigrew tell them about his latest scouting mission. 'If I didn't any better, I'd say it hurts to sit down.'

Rodolphus pondered this for a moment and decided to think of other things. 'Well, if he did it, it's about bloody time someone did.'