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Loop : Serizawa Naoto

Written by Izzu alias honou-no-izumi



The first time when he met her in person, he thought her as a very pretty person. Finding out about her supernatural ability had been shocking, but somehow... he managed to accept that after realizing that her powers were genuine. When he met him for the first time, he thought he seemed to be a nice person. Though after that, seeing how he always happened to be involved in the case he was on; he had a bit of animosity against the guy. He had thought of the guy as just another emotionless bastard. Later though, he learned to set aside their differences. It's not as if he could help it. One could not choose what case or task one should be handling after all, that should be the same to Naruse as well as himself. He couldn't fault him for doing his job well.

Somehow, since then... after series of cases and constant meetings with the two, he couldn't help but be drawn towards them. But perhaps he was just imagining it.

Sakita Shiori seemed to be a nice girl, sweet too. He admitted that he had never thought of seriously taking any interest over any girls... despite thinking that he would one day find a wife as good as Mari-san. He thought that perhaps, Shiori-san could be the person. Not sure when it happened. Perhaps it was from the way she had lived honestly, perhaps in the way she struggled with herself as she tried to use her gift at the cost of her own health. Perhaps, it had been when she has given him words of comforts when he had fallen to the lowest state. Not sure when but he had thought of wanting to protect her.

When he saw her with Naruse, he wasn't sure of what he was feeling. Her gaze towards him had been so gentle; perhaps he had felt slightly jealous of the man. That feeling had grown stronger every time he had seen them together since, but he kept that feeling to himself all the time.

When he had found out that Amano Makoto—no, Manaka Tomoo was actually Naruse Ryo, he was not sure of what to think. Aside from the fact the man he was after had always been beside him all this time, he wasn't sure of what to do when thinking about his relationship with Shiori-san. Because of his actions in the past, he had turned the man that Shiori-san appeared to love into a criminal avenger. Because of him, many other people had been victimized and unexpectedly dragged in. Despite his anger over what Naruse did, he couldn't help wishing that he could turn back time. If only he hadn't ran, if only he had tried to save Hideo. Hideo might have not died. Then, everything wouldn't have to become like this. The people related to him wouldn't start being killed one by one and Shiori-san wouldn't end up falling in love with a murderer. Manaka Tomoo... could have lived his life happily like any other normal person.

Everything had all been his fault.

But then when Shiori-san continued to remain with the case, he had wondered if she also knew. Then, could it be that she also wanted to stop Naruse?

That realization hurt him deep inside his heart. Because of him, Shiori-san had to take this painful path.

Perhaps that was why, after his brother and his father died... he had resolved to confront him again. Once and for all.

When Naruse told him to just shoot him, he had realized his true failure. If only he had grasped on the truth much earlier, if only... things had happened differently, he could have saved the man. When Naruse had tried to kill himself, he had unthinkingly lunged forward to stop him. Even when he ended up shotting himself after that, he didn't mind.

At least Tomoo-san would live.

At least this way... Shiori-san would not have to be sad.

Perhaps this way, he could finally atone...