Sorry, it's not the next chapter, but I want to give you guys an update with how my research is going.

I have so far managed to:

- Create 10 out of 50 pureblood family trees (which is amazing since some of these trees cover over 2000 years).

I am doing this so I at least have a good idea of who I can use and reference in my story.

- Created all 700 Quidditch fouls (which is saying something since only ten have names and three others have been referenced).

I'm thinking about showing the game where all 700 were done in 1487.

- Created the True Tale of the Three Brothers

Basically it's a journal format to how the Hallows were created and where "Death" and "Fate" came from.

- I have created summaries for almost of the chapters.

- I have profiled almost every character to appear in Founder's Four.

-I have finished the canon spell glossary and I am working on creating my own spells.


When I do finally update the story there will be edits done to the previous chapters. One of the biggest will be replacing what is written on Destiny's Stone:

Destiny's Stone

The Four chosen by Fate shall travel time

Their ages frozen, but their magic growing

Effecting Time in a way that has never been allowed



Destiny's Stone

The Four chosen by Fate

They have a Destiny most great

Through time they shall travel

And, His secrets they will unravel

Their ages may desist

But, their magic will resist

Time needs them more than they know

So, back in time they shall go

A year shall go by

They'll leave on the fly

Do not let this go to waste

You do not need to make haste

Patience is the key

To be the heroes you can be

So, learn what you can

Then you can beat that non-man