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After the Holy Empire of Britannia conquered Japan in 2010, they renamed it Area 11. Among the group of terrorists that protested against the ruling of their country, was a loan prince- Lelouch vi Britannia. The prince, however, was not known as a prince; he was merely a high school student. But that one faithful day when the time came, Lelouch was offered his chance to overrule his father and obtained a special power by the name of Geass. Many battles were fought, many lives were lost, many friendships were broken...
Lelouch had not only banished his parents to The World of C, but he and his former best friend, Suzaku Kururugi, put an end to their ruling once and for all.
The final battle began, Lelouch appointed himself as Emperor with Suzaku at his side. The ruling began with the order of Geass among the people beneath him, thus, resulting in larger rebellions than ever seen before.
Among time, Lelouch could no longer deny that he wasn't doing things the way they should be done...Death was among him and his friend. Kururugi's sudden death was brought on by his own former friends and later on, Lelouch's death was brought upon him by his best friend, Suzaku himself.
But this isn't how it was, there were plans beneath the supposed death of the two- a well thought out plan at that.
After Lelouch had become the new Emperor, a small red symbol was noticed on his lower back. The very same symbol matched the one upon his friends arm and the girl that had bestowed the Geass on Lelouch. This symbol, was Geass' mark for eternal life. With this notice, events occurred, leading up to the apparent death.
Lelouch moved on with Kururugi to live in a more peaceful place as "normal" people. A place where they would not be recognized, where they could work and live together as friends...

"It's true...Nothing lasts forever..." Lelouch thought to himself as he road in a taxi down a road surrounded by trees.

There were few cars that went past, and the ones that did were either speeding or going so slow that a snail could move out of the way before the car got to squishing him. But either way, none of those people should be driving. The many trees that passed were of all types, tall, short, green, brown, red, yellow- everything.

"This place sucks..." he sighed and slouched down in his seat.

"I thought you wanted to live in a place like this? There aren't many people, it's not a city and you can have plenty of alone time." Suzaku held an emotionless look on his face.

"I suppose...But it snows a lot here...I'm not that much a fan of snow."

"True." Suzaku spoke and smiled at the town they were approaching.

It was a smaller town, mostly everything was within walking distance. There were two gas stations, a grocery store, dollar stores and plenty of pizza houses. The building they were headed to was located on top of a clothing store and next to a pharmacy. Lelouch looked at the train tracks next to the building and frowned.

"Great...I just love waking up at six every morning."

"You'll get used to it." Suzaku smiled at him and stepped out from the cab. He paid the man with the money they had taken from Lelouch's family and removed the few bags they had from the trunk. "Don't you think it would have been less expensive to just rent a car and return it to another dealer around here rather than have a cabbie drive us all the way from the airport?"

"Yes but it doesn't matter. We have a lot of money and the man probably needs it." Lelouch lifted up a small bag while Suzaku got the rest. "What is the number?"

"Ah uhm...Eight." Suzaku threw the bags over his shoulders and walked across the tracks and to the building. "Holy shit those are some stairs."

"Yes, but nothing compared to the Kururugi shrine..." Lelouch half smiled and started up the steep stairs.

Once at the top, the two walked through the first door on the right that led to a hallway with various apartment doors.

"Convenient. First door on the left." Lelouch removed the key he had obtained by mail and opened the door. "Well, it's good to see that this apartment was better kept than the rest of the building. I don't suppose I want to know what is all down the hallway." he stepped inside and looked around.

To the left was a bedroom that had a small closet and two windows. The living room had about four windows and then connected to a hallway shaped kitchen. There were a lot of windows in the building but the only downside was is that they were very dirty. The kitchen had a sink, stove, and fridge with cupboards above. No counter space. Behind the kitchen was a dining room, bathroom to the right, another closet and another bedroom that had two more windows.

"Nice little place." Suzaku set his bags down in the second bedroom.

"Uh-huh..." Lelouch opened the closet and smiled at the large amount of cleaning supplies left over. "Look, a vacuum." he grabbed it and checked it over. "Move your things, I'll do your room first."

Lelouch cleaned the whole apartment, top to bottom, within three hours. The windows let in plenty of midday light and the floor smelled of lemon cleaner.

"I'd say you're either tired or hungry by that face you're making." Suzaku looked through a magazine he'd picked up at the pharmacy next door. "I got something for you. You're going to need it...I know most people wont recognize you, but it's just a precaution." he thrust a box of hair dye at Lelouch.

"What? No...I-"

"Either that or you're cutting it."

He grimaced and opened the box. "Do something cool...Streaks or something..."

"Streaks it is." Suzaku tossed the magazine aside and slid the gloves onto his hands. He applied bleach to various parts of Lelouch's hair, washed it out, then added a dark purple to it. "Cute."

"Shut up." Lelouch scolded and grabbed up some money. "I'm hungry, take me somewhere."

"Yes, your highness." Suzaku's sarcasm was unnecessary.

"I understand you're being sarcastic but I'm being serious. I want food and I don't want to go alone, now get off your ass." Lelouch tossed Suzaku his shoes.

"Okay!" he stood up and slipped his shoes on before taking Lelouch to the pizza place across the street. It was nice, small and had good food and pretty waitresses. "What is a garlic knot?" Suzaku made a face and looked up from his menu.

"A knot of garlic."

"Haha, no seriously."

"It's sort of like a rope of bread with a knot in the middle and its soaked in garlic and butter. They're good, order some." he looked at the lists of salad.

"Hi, my name is Kathrine- what can I get you?" a young girl walked up. Her hair was long, straight and brown. She was a pretty girl and had just the right amount of makeup on.

"We'll have a large Greek salad with oil and vinegar dressing, garlic knots and calamari." Suzaku handed the menu's to the girl.

"Okay it'll be up soon."

"Why didn't you order pizza?" Suzaku said to Lelouch as the waitress walked away.

"Are you kidding? I'm sick of pizza. Stupid C.C., she's nearly ruined the dish for me." Suzaku laughed causing Lelouch to laugh and smile. "You know, that's the first time I think we've actually had a good laugh in a while..."

"Yes. But now is a new beginning and we will share many laughs as we once used to when we were only about nine and ten years old." Suzaku sipped his soda.

"You are correct sir!" Lelouch smiled and tapped his foot against Suzaku's.

Suzaku cocked an eyebrow and wrapped his feet with his friends and played the game of 'footsies'.

The two were always close, but after everything had happened they were now closer. Suzaku was sure that there would be more smiles and laughs among them- things that would stick in their minds until they were finally able to die- if that day would every come around...but it wasn't too likely.

"Suzaku..." Lelouch twirled his fork around in his fingers. "Your mind is wandering again..."


"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't intrude so much."

"Can't be helped I guess...I just wish I knew why it happens."

"I think it has to do with when we rid of my parents...we both got the symbols at the same time and I think being in the world of C had something to do with that..."

"I don't fully understand."

"Do you remember Mao?"

"Yes." Suzaku glared at the name.

"Well, he had the power to read anyone's mind within 500 meters of himself. C.C., she has the power to give Geass. My father could rewrite memories without much effort and I could control people but only once. I no longer seem to be able to control people since we realized that we could hear what the other was feeling and thinking, that is, as far as we know...I'm not wearing any contacts." Lelouch pointed to his eyes and smiled. "I think our brainwaves must have connected somehow..."


The waitress brought over the food. "Here you are boys. Can I get you anything else."

"No thank you, we're all set." Lelouch ignored her flirting smile.

Once lunch was over, Lelouch danced across the road back to their apartment building causing Suzaku to laugh. It seemed that the former prince was in a good mood. Lelouch was glad to be back at their newly cleaned apartment, but wasn't happy about the fact that there was no TV, no books, and nothing to sit on but the floor. He tried to figure up how they would sleep that night but only came to throwing a pillow and blanket on the hard carpeted floor of the living room.

"I suppose tomorrow you and I should run somewhere and do some shopping for furniture." Lelouch opened one of his bags and dug around. "We should also buy some clothes...I have nothing to wear to bed."

"Just use a t-shirt."

"I have none. Could you loan me one?" Lelouch unbuttoned his shirt, not minding that his friend was watching his every move.

"Yep." Suzaku tossed him a long white shirt and watched him slip off his thin black pants.

Lelouch pulled on the shirt and sat on the blanket that was laid on the floor. He had done a lot during the day, and even though it was only around seven o'clock, he was tired. Suzaku pat the pillow and prompted Lelouch to lay down. Lelouch complied and laid with his childhood friend, looking into his playful green eyes.

"I see you..." Lelouch smiled.

"I see you too."

"No, I see you...The old you, that cute little smile and the sparkle in your eyes."

"Yeah? I see you lightening up a lot." Suzaku messed up Lelouch's hair.

"Idiot." Lelouch closed his eyes and sighed.

"Come here." Suzaku pulled Lelouch close to himself and held him. "It's cold in here."

"Mhm..." Lelouch didn't mind this...he was actually more comfortable with his head laying on Suzaku's warm chest.

Suzaku felt Lelouch's cold smooth legs brush against his own and listened to his breathing pattern change as he fell into a deep sleep. The younger boy tried to relax but found himself with increasing anxiety as he held his best friend, and former master, on top of him to keep him warm.

"What's wrong...You woke me up..." Lelouch whispered as he repositioned himself so he was fully on top of Suzaku.

"Nothing. How did I do that?" Suzaku banished any thoughts that were in his head to keep Lelouch from hearing things that he shouldn't.

"I can hear your heart...it's very fast." Lelouch's voice was a purr. He lifted his head up and gazed at Suzaku with those dark, yet somehow bright, purple eyes. "Am I making you nervous? You've blocked everything from your mind..." he shifted his weight again and was now between Suzaku's legs. "Does...it make you nervous when I press my body against you like this? You know you shouldn't feel that way...it was your idea to hold me like this after all..." Lelouch pressed his lips to Suzaku's neck then pulled away. "Or is something else bothering you?" he smiled, now seeing the full extent of his friends thoughts.

"S-sorry." Suzaku blushed.

"It's fine. I know how you feel, I can feel every emotion you've had toward me since we first met...and that one emotion is there... I'm glad." Lelouch smiled and removed himself from Suzaku. "But currently I can not return your feelings."

"Wh-why not?" Suzaku's heart sank.

"You loved my sister. Did you not?"

"Yes but sh-"

"-I know, but it's still there...Until I no longer feel that, we aren't anything except for friends."


"Goodnight." Lelouch laid with his back to Suzaku.

Suzaku sighed and closed his eyes. "I should learn to keep my mouth shut..."

"More like your thoughts...You shouldn't let them wander so much." Lelouch reached behind him and grabbed onto Suzaku's arm, wrapping it around his waist. "If you wish to keep me warm, please do."

The younger boy held onto his prince through the night, sleeping soundly.

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