Isabella Lilly Potter sequel

Chapter 1

Sirius black was standing behind his godson Harry Potter it was his godsons wedding he was marring Ginevra Weasley it has been two years since the war at Hogwarts. After everyone saw Isabella Potter put up her life for Nymphadora hell broke loose.



Harry ran over to his sister he reached her the same time McGonagall got to her she checked her pulse she lifted her head with tears going down.

"Isabella Lilly Potter is dead."

Harry started crying, Tonks got up and ran to Bella's lifeless body she sobbed, Sirius screamed and ran to Bella, Ginny ran and hugged Harry.

Sirius looked around at the lifeless body's, There was Percy Weasley, Servers Snape and the most shocking Albus Dumbledore. (I know I all ready said he was dead but Sirius didn't now)Harry stood and lifted his wand and pointed it at Lucius Malfoy who was the one who shot the curse. Tonks put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head.

"Bella wouldn't want this."

Flashback end

Harry took her death bad he moped around for a year until Ginny snapped him out of it along with Tonks.


Harry and Tonks were pushing their food around on their food. They were at The Weasley's when Ginny had enough she slammed her fork down and looked at them.

"Ok I have had enough, Harry I get it you've lost your sister, do you think she would want you to mope around? Tonks, Bella died saving you, do you think she would want you to kill herself? No she wouldn't now move on!"

Flashback end

We buried Bella next to Lilly and James grave. Harry started to move on. Tonks stopped trying to kill herself but visited Bella's grave every day.

Sirius looked into the forest the wedding was at The Burrow. He saw three figures he thought he would never see again. Lilly, James and Isabella Potter he shook his head and looked again and they were gone.

Sirius looked back at wedding in time to see them say 'I do'.