Chapter 6


It has been fifteen years since Bella proposed and things were great.

Bella and Tonks got married on Christmas and had a big white wedding. A year later they had twins called Amber and Ashley Potter, Tonks took Bella's name. Then 2 years later they had a boy called Toby Potter. Their kids were at Hogwarts now and doing great.

Harry and Ginny had another boy called Albus Potter. Albus and Izzy were both at Hogwarts now. Izzy was on her last year.

Hermonie and Ron have two kids Rose and Hugo Weasley.

I know this is short story but i sort of gave up on it and wanted to finish it because i'm working on two stories. I'm sorry for a crap sequel maybe if i have time i will redo it. Once again I'm sorry and thanks for reading.