Title: First Kiss
Author: Zen Lion
Rated: T
Summary: Shizuo couldn't take any more of those fangirls' screams. Shizuo/Izaya
Disclaimer: If I owned DRRR!, Shizaya would be canon. Then again, it already is. :D

First Kiss
a DRRR! fanfic

"Hey, Izaya-kun, have you ever kissed before?" a girl asked.

"Uh, well, that's—"

"Aww, so cute, he hasn't kissed anyone yet!" another girl squealed.

"But I didn't say anythi—"

"Here, let me be your first kiss!" the same girl said as she tried to lean towards Izaya's direction.

"No! I'm gonna be Izaya-kun's first kiss!" the first girl yelled, yanking the previous girl's hair.

Another girl joined in and further prolonging the idiotic quarrel. And another, and another one. Soon, the class was overpopulated by Izaya's fangirls, all fighting each other on who was going to kiss him first.

The boys in the class had fled first upon seeing this catastrophe, most probably crying over how incredibly unfair this world is. Except for, of course, the bargained boy and another blond, Shizuo, who was studying for his remedial test.

If things were completely different, Shizuo wouldn't have hesitated to get the hell out from that horrid classroom. Or rather, cat fight arena (in which he mentally noted how cat fights weren't as hot as he thought it would be). But he just had to pass that test and he had wrecked the library into chaos the other day, so he couldn't stay there to review his lessons.

As he made up his mind that enough was enough, he finally used his feared reputation to a good use. "Oh god damn it, will you all just shut the fuck up already?" he yelled in frustration. Unluckily for him, this time those girls weren't afraid of him at all. Heck, one of them practically shushed him, making him angrier than he already was.

He got up from his seat, feet stomping on the ground, heading towards the other boy in the class. He grabbed Izaya's collar and meshed their lips together, earning a small gasp from the teen—and every single girl inside the class.

Shizuo broke the kiss from a still perplexed Izaya and was about to go back to his studies when a girl yelled, "GET HIM!"

- Oh, great.

With that, the Izaya fangirls swarmed like bees, chasing him around the school while he was shouting on how a kiss wasn't that big of a freaking deal. He would've been more than glad to punch them away, but his no-hurting-girls policy was in the way.

The school bell rang as students went home. Shizuo had just stepped out from the teachers' office, doing his retest in which he did terribly. Opening his classroom's door, he saw a slim figure leaning on the window.

"Shizu-chan," Izaya said. "You're going to pay up, you know."

He grunted. "For?"

"Well~ You know the saying that second kisses are bound to be better than the first ones? And more romantic, they say," he said as he walked closer and closer to Shizuo until their faces were just inches apart. "But that thing earlier—it was way worse than our first one, Shizu-chan," he pouted.

"Oh, shut up, flea." His face started to redden as Izaya's arms looped on the back of his neck, pulling them closer.

"So..." he leaned forward, further closing the gap between them. "I demand a better third kiss from you."

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