Pieces Come Together:

Prologue: The Meeting

A/N: I am still working on a new chapter for "Of Roses and Hats" this is just an idea that has been floating around in my head for a few months and I wanted to start putting it down on paper/internet. This will be the shortest chapter in the story I promise. This is T for now, but may change to M later.

"But Mommy, what if Mr. Kramer doesn't like me?"

"He will angel, just save some of your wonderful quirks for later."

"Is he going to be my new daddy?"

"We'll see, now fix your hair a bit, your pigtails are getting messy."

Mommy had been seeing Mr. Kramer for a long time now, but if she's letting me meet him then she must really like him. I was so nervous I thought my pigtails were shaking. We walked into the Olive Garden and went to a table where a man was alone. He looked friendly, but he also looked like he could do bad things if he wanted. The man stood up and gave mommy a hug.

"Ah Jill, so glad you could come today."

"Hello John, this is my daughter that I've been telling you about."

Mr. Kramer shook my hand, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Lillian, your mother has told me so many wonderful things about you."

"It is nice to meet you too Mr. Kramer."

"Well, let's have some food now, shall we?"

Lunch was a lot of fun. Mr. Kramer liked me…I think…he wasn't weirded out by my constant use of Erector sets and chemistry things and puzzles and just not being really girly. I don't like being girly, it's boring, dolls are boring, makeup is boring. I hoped mommy would keep seeing Mr. Kramer.

A year later they got married and I had a new daddy!

Life was sweet.

A/N: Yeah, just wanted to get the basic relationship established, next chapter will pick up in more recent times. I am so sorry again it is so short (this is the shortest non-oneshot I've written -_- ) but once I get a timeline established the chapters will be longer.