~2 months later~

"Lily, are you gonna come out with us tonight?" the knock at her door jolted her from her thoughts.

"I don't think so Brad, I'm not feeling good, stomache." Her door opened and Brad and Ryan came in to sit with her.

"Oh sweetie I know you miss them all," Brad said, giving her a hug, "but you need to move on and start over, we're in Miami and we need to party!"

"I'm still surprised you two are being so nice to me. in the end I still loved him, how can I just leave that?"

Ryan sighed, he knew the two of them could never tell her that Lawrence just locked Hoffman away, she needed to think he was dead for her own safety. "You don't," he said, "You carry the good parts with you. We know most of your instinct didn't wanna do all that after your dad died. But Mark's dead now, and you need to try to move on." Ryan got up and dragged Lily to her closet. "Now go put something on that would knock his socks off and we're gonna party it up!" He grabbed Brad's hand and they left her room. Lily laughed at them and sorted through her outfits, settling on a little red strapless dress. She finished getting ready and looked at herself in the full length mirror, smiling sadly.


"CAB TIME!" She heard Brad and Ryan yell from the living room and laughed slightly, returning her focus to her image in the mirror.

"For you Mark," she whispered, "Always for you."


A/N: Wow, my first real completed story. Thanks to all of you who read and reviewed, and even those who just read without reviewing. I didn't have a sequel in mind originally but while working on another story it hit me that I could make it work as a sequel to this. So I dropped some subtle hints in these past few chapters. See if you can find them and how they pop up in my sequel… "Ghosts of The Past" I love you guys!