Characters: Gunn, Cordelia
Pairing: Gunn/Angel, Gunn/Wesley
Rating: PG
Timeline: Season 2
Summary: Gunn's loyal. Like, really loyal. Jump-whenever-Angel-calls loyal.
A/N: For Sami, because I know she's a fan of Gunn, Angel and AtS Slash. Just sorry I couldn't make it spicier, hun. Dawn/Faith and Dawn/Ronda requests are coming soon!
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Posted: May 11, 2010


Gunn walked into Angel Investigations and threw himself into the chair across from Cordelia's desk. "The big guy up and about yet?"

Cordelia's eyes gave him a once-over and she crossed her arms.

"You really are immensely loyal to Angel."

Gunn shrugged. "Yeah. So?"

"Like, really loyal. Jump-whenever-he-calls loyal. More so then even Wesley when he's kissing ass."

"What're you trying to get at here, Princess?"

"Just that you're really loyal."

"That a bad thing now?"

"Not really. Just weird. Whenever Wes or I want to do something, you always want to know why. But if it's Angel, you're all ready to jump up and kill things."

"That's 'cause neither you or English know how to fight the big uglies that you want to kill. When Angel wants to kill something, I know he can hold his own."

"Excuse me, but I grew up on a Hellmouth and helped fight all kinds of creepy and gross things."

"Helped who, exactly?"

"Buffy and Angel."

"That's my point. When you get super-powers, giant muscles and magical healing abilities, give me a call. I'll follow you into battle without question, too."

Cordelia's eyes widened. He frowned. She let out a small squeal and waved her hands in front of her. His frowned deepened.


"Oh! Oh my god. You think he has giant, gorgeous muscles! You have a great big man-crush on Angel!"

Gunn laughed. "Sure, yeah, that too."

She frowned. "But, you know he can't, right? I mean, you remember what we told you about what happens if her gets all happy and unrepent-y..."

"I remember."


"What are you getting at, Cordy?" he tried again.

She sighed. "So, you've got feelings for Angel, but you know that even if he returned them you could never act on it, so you're going to just be his friend and just hang around and help out?"


She nodded, seemingly satisfied. "Angel should be up soon. Tell him I'm on lunch."

She walked past him as she headed out, then turned to look at him one last time. The impish smile she flashed his way made Gunn a little wary. "What?"

"But none of that has any effect on you and Wesley having crazy, too-loud sex after a night of killing things."

He nodded and grinned back. "That too."