He was not a happy werewolf. In fact he was so unhappy that he had just torn his feeder apart with his bare hands, the man's blood dripped from his hands, and fingers to form a small pool around his feet. He didn't care if it was his duty to take a mate, and have children. He didn't care if his people were being hunted almost to extinction. There was nothing that he could do about those things while he was locked up in this silver cage that he had found himself in only a little while ago.

He was Hatake Kakashi; the king of wolves, and right now he was in a bit of a bind. He had been betrayed by his second in command and handed over to some humans in a traveling carnival to be exposed to the world.

Damn Sauske. He was going to be one dead cur when he got out of this damn cage. In fact he was going to do the worst thing inhumanly possible to make the mangy black wolf pay. He was going to geld him, skin him, and then eat him.

But first he had to find some way out of the silver cage, hopefully before he was going to be exposed to the crowds here tonight since there was a full moon out.

He reached out and tried to grasp the bars for what had to have been the millionth time in so many hours since he had first woken up and found himself here, and felt his skin being seared and burned by the bars. Jesus christ! At this rate he would never see his pack, or his home again. He already missed the hollow, the woods, the feilds and streams that ran along his home. He whimpered as he cradled his injured hand against his chest and licked the burned skin.

Wolves didn't do well in captivity. He didn't do well in captivity. In fact being in this cage was enough to drive all sane thought from his mind and make him feral. He wanted out. He wanted to go home. But first thing was first, he had to get out and destroy the people who planned to keep him here. Once he did that he could leave in peace and return home to take out the trash.

He was about to throw himself against the bars when someone walked up to his cage, he looked down and stared into a pair of violet colored eyes set in an almost angelic looking face framed by silky pale blond hair. "This is wrong. What are they doing locking up people for their attractions?"

He dropped down to his knees and sniffed at her hand as she grasped the lock to his cage in her hand. She smelled sweet, so much like honeysuckle and wild roses and wind. The smell of woman. He loved women. But there was something different about her scent, something that called out to his inner instinct, his inner wolf. It was so intoxicating that he made a throaty purring sound as his blood raced in his veins, and odd tightness coiling in his body before he realised what he was doing and went completely quiet and still from shock.

It had been five hundred and some odd years since a wolf had had a true mating, and if not for the records in his library he never would have noticed the tail tell signs of a male in heat. He groaned softly, what a time to lose his senses. Honestly, why did this shit always happen to him?

She pulled at the lock a few times, a frown of concentration on her lovely face, and he was sorely tempted to bang his hands on the floor of his prison and yell, "I'm right here! Look at me!"

He must have said something without realising it because her hand fell away from the lock and her violet eyes shifted to his face. "You have my attention wolf, there's no real need to growl." She said as she looked him over. He smiled as she glared at him. Ah, he had upset her with his words. What had they been again? He could'nt remember. He was too busy being ridiculusly happy that she was glaring at him.

His heart thudded in his chest as he leaned down so that his shoulders were a scant inch from the silver bars, his head slipped between the bars easily enough, it was the rest of him that could'nt fit through. A pity really, he would have loved to sit in the crowd and laugh at the bewildered expressions of his jailors when they found him gone. "Who are you?" He breathed, the silky husky tone of his voice must have made him soud absolutly preditory because the girl took a step back away from the cage, and him. Making him want to throw himself against the bars and reach for her like a small child reaching for something just beyond it's reach.

"None of your buisness, wolf-boy." He gave her an amused look. So she was a spunky female, that was great he liked the spirited ones. They were always so much fun in bed.

"Do you not want to tell me your name? Where your from? Anything?"

"No." He cocked his head a bit, his smile never faultering. She was a prickly little thing.

"Why not?" He asked curiously.

"Because you might used the information to track me down once you get out of here." And it was true he might do that, but as it was there was no need to; he had her scent. It would be enough to track her down no matter where she went from here. But she didn't need to know that.

He made a low throaty sound but otherwise said nothing. She sighed and took out a small metal case and pulled out a pick and he sat back on his heels curious to see if she could mange to free him. He watched her work for all of ten minutes before there was a clicking sound and the lock popped open. He raised his brows at her, my she was a handy little thing. She lifted the lock away and tossed it across the room and grasped the door and pulled it open for him then turned and walked away.

Leaveing him to his own vises. Not that he minded he had some things to do before he tracked her down.

Uzu left the carnival and got into her car and pulled out her phone and called Shikamaru to tell him that the wolf king would be returning to the pack soon.

"He's alright?"

"Aside from a few burns from the silver, he's fantastic." She said as she started her car and put it in reverse as she backed up then put it in drive and deftly manuvered it past the innocent bystanders and such and drove back towards the collage to call it a night.

"That's good to know. You didn't tell him who you were."

"Nope. My life is strange enough, the last thing I need is a crazed wolf to show up on my door step."

Shikamaru was quiet for a second or so. Uh-huh. Okay.