Kakashi loomed over Uzu as she lay in an exhausted sleep under him.

After the last time they had made love, Uzu had taken a shower and borrowed on of his shirts. A large white button up, that swallowed her whole. She looked adorable to him, really she did. He ran his hand through her soft silken hair, marveling at the softness and texture before running the back of his knuckles across her cheek. They had stayed up most of last night talking. About nothing and everything at all.

Kakashi told her about himself. His hopes and dreams, though she had'nt asked. And had been suprised to find out that they both had some things in common. They had both been orphaned at a very young age.

Kakashi when he had still been more or less human, and Uzu when she had been five. Kakashi could'nt remember what happened to his family. And Uzu was cursed to remember her mother's screams until the day she died. Kakashi had taken the time to tell her one of his most private desires.

A family of his own. A female, and children to love and care for. He may be a wolf, but he didn't do well by himself. He prefered to do something productive with his time. Stopping a crisis here, breaking up a fight there, but at the end of the day he wanted someone to come home too. Being alone the past five hundred years had made him long for the normalcy of demestication.

Frankly he had shocked Uzu by addmiting that.

Most men would rather eat rusted razor blades than admit that they wanted to settle down, ususally they would fight for their freedom tooth and nail.

He smiled as she murmered something in her sleep and burrowed closer to the spot he had been laying in, he put his palm against the sheets in that area and snorted in amusment when he could still feel his body heat trapped in the sheets. Silly woman. If she was getting cold he could easily warm her. Stretching out next to her again, he drew her body up against his own and breathed her intoxicatingly sweet scent and started purring softly.

He could'nt recall a time in his life when he had felt so content. Resting his head on his arm he wrapped his free arm around her, just under her breasts and smiled. This was nice laying next to someone who was'nt bleeding and had a pulse for once. Honestly often times he went to sleep he had no idea what he did. He just knew that he woke up in the woods or in some abandoned lot in the city covered in blood or curled up next to half a mangled corpse.

Really he was put off by things like that, but if they happened in his sleep what the hell could he do to stop it? Locking himself up just didn't work. Maybe that will change now that I have her. Kakashi thought as he tried to think about what he would be like on nights when he changed. He knew that he would run through the woods, would hunt the local wild life (they only ended up killing humans accidentally when they came across campers and such) he would feel compelled to seek out his mate before the change and spend endless hours rubbing his body against hers, drunk off of her scent.

He would also feel compelled to try and impregnate her, the need to breed with his destined mate would be so strong that it would over ride his common sense. He tightened his arm around her and buried his face in her thick hair and tried to think of when he would next go through the change. After doing some serious head ache inducing calculations, he surmised that he would be going through his next change in about a week.

He made a humming sound and smirked evilly. Should he warn her or should he not? That was the question.

If he warned her, she might try to run from him. On the other hand if he didn't...well would'nt she be suprised to find a huge white were wolf prowling around the bed room eyeing her like she was a T-bone steak. He could almost hear her cursing him to hell and back already, she would probably get really inventive with her insults too. He closed his eyes and had just started to drift off when he heard Sakura jimmy the lock on the door and push his bedroom door open a bit and he growled in disbelief.

That damn meddling female had locked them in!