Summery: what if Lucas remained at the Cabal? How would that affect the Supernatural world? An AU of the ending of Stolen. May be continued in future chapters.

Pairings: slight one-sided Lucas/Paige, brief mentioning's of Clay/Elena

"Papa, may I speak with you?"

Benicio looked up from his paperwork to see his youngest son standing there. Sombre and more serious than usual. But then again he always looked serious; Benicio can hardly remember a time when Lucas acted lightly and jokingly.

"Of course Lucas, come in, come in. Would you like me to call up some drinks?"

"No thank you Papa" Lucas said calmly sitting down in front of him. "I have found some disturbing news in my investigations"


Lucas headed his own branch within the Cortez Cabal. He investigated many mysterious within the Supernatural community and usually got involved. Benicio has lost many years of his life with all the worry Lucas has put him through. It was unfortunate that his son had to be adventurous as he was intelligent.

"The Sorcerer Katzen, he's planning his own Cabal. What's worse is that he is using the humans to collect supernatural beings and experiment on them. The Interracial Council is already investigating but I believe they need assistance from more equipped and trained superiors. I wish to start my journey with a team of my own, tonight if possible"

"Would it be wise to ally yourself with Ruth Winterbourne? She is, of course, the head of the witches little coven"

"I believe it's a miscarriage of justice that the Sorcerers do not have their delegate on the council. Neither do the Necromancers, I've noticed but from my findings the previous one just hasn't turned up at meetings" Lucas said immediately. "I would like to join the Council on their mission to retrieve the kidnapped supernaturals' and then offer my service as the Sorcerer Ambassador so to speak"

Benicio sighed. "It would be an advantage for the Cortez Cabal if we had you on the Council. You may leave tonight on three conditions, you call me when you get there, you call your mother and let her know where you are and you take the Alpha team with you"

"Papa" Lucas said gently, "the Alpha team should remain in Miami. Perhaps Beta? They do not have as many obligations here"

"Alpha or you're not going" Benicio said sternly.

"Yes Papa" Lucas said exasperated. "I should hopefully return within a few days and I'll report you on my findings"

"I expect no less from you" Benicio said, standing up. "Now say goodbye to me properly and then call your mother"

Lucas hugged him briefly. "Goodbye Papa"


The forest was one of those typical dark and twisted stereotypes. Lucas calmly stepped over a root and then side-stepped a trap as Joe a half-demon on team Alpha whispered instructions to him. Lucas was always impressed with team Alpha's dedication and skills, within a night of hard work they discovered what type of traps Winsloe brought and where he placed them. Lucas was now hovering at the entrance of the compound where the Pack Alpha stood with the Vampire delegate and the Shaman delegate.

"Mr Danvers, Mr Okalik and Ms DuCharme" he said nodding to them respectively. They all looked at him with expressionless faces. "I am Lucas Cortez of the Cortez Cabal and I wish to represent the Sorcerers on the Interracial Council. I have a SWAT team of sorts surrounding the ground to prevent any deserters leaving and I am willing to go in and assist the rest of the council in freeing the captured Supernaturals. I am proficient spell caster and could be useful"

They kept staring at him, Jeremy half impressed, Cassandra indifferent and Kenneth looked like he was staring into Lucas' soul. Considering that Kenneth was a Shaman, Lucas found it highly possible that he was.

"I don't think it would be wise" Jeremy Danvers said calmly, "my son Clayton is the type to act first and then interrogate you"

"I understand" Lucas said, "but I do wish to go in and prove my abilities and dedication to the council. Otherwise it will be difficult to persuade Ruth Winterbourne and her daughter to allow me a seat. There has a been a...conflict between the Sorcerers and Witches for centuries"

"Ruth Winterbourne is dead" Cassandra said coldly.

Lucas winced. "My sympathies, I have heard that she was a good and respectable woman"

"He is trustworthy" Kenneth murmured, "He could help the young ones if he goes in now"

Jeremy nodded and stepped aside. "Make sure they all come back safe. Clayton and Elena have been known to come back with injuries just to buy milk"

The corners of Lucas' mouth twitched. "I shall do my best sir"

He entered the building without any trouble and edged away from the bodies of the guards. Obviously the others had been very busy in disabling the enemy. However the quietness of the building shattered once Lucas entered the cell block, Katzen was attacking Paige Winterbourne while Elena Michaels was holding a small girl, no older than thirteen at least, close to her as her mate Clayton Danvers prepared an attack.

With a quickly muttered knock back spell, Lucas pushed Katzen into the wall and strode across the corridor to the panting witch; he offered her a hand which she accepted with a grateful smile. A beautiful smile. And he then pulled her up.

Katzen shot a lightening spell at them which Lucas avoided by pushing Paige into the wall and using his body as a shield. He could hear Clayton attacking the renegade Sorcerer and decided it was best to block the sight from Paige who was trembling slightly.

He looked down to ask her if she was all right when she looked up to ask who the hell he was.

Green met brown.

Witch met Sorcerer.

"Get away from me, Sorcerer" Paige hissed deadly.

"Ms Winterbourne, I am here to help you and your fellow delegates. I wish to represent the Sorcerers on the Interracial Council. I am very sorry for your loss and understand if your dislike for Sorcerers has just deepened but please...just listen me out"

"Oi, four eyes" Clay called out, "take the little know it all back to safety with the kid. Us three will sort out the rest"

"I have a SWAT team surrounding the land. So there won't be any escapees" Lucas informed him. Clay nodded approvingly and then left, probably to report to his Alpha. Lucas turned back to Paige. "Ms Winterbourne, my name is Lucas Cortez; I am the youngest son of Benicio Cortez, the Head of the Cortez Cabal. I understand you might have heard some bad stories about the Cabals but I can assure you our only goal these days is to earn money and provide all Supernaturals other than Werewolves and Vampires employment. It is an unfortunate policy but that is why I wish to have a seat on the council. It could start a path to an even more peaceful co-existence"

"Look," Paige said sharply, "I don't really want to talk about this right now. You can attend the next meeting if you leave your number with one of us but in all honesty I rather not see you ever again"

"I understand"

"Now get the hell away from me, Sorcerer"

Lucas stepped back and allowed Paige to storm off. Admittedly he enjoyed the view she was providing him with her angry march. Not only was her bottom wiggling but her skirt was flipping upwards ever so slightly.


After they had destroyed all evidence of such a research base existing, Lucas made his way towards Paige who was talking quietly to an upset girl.

"Ms Levine, I assume?" he said looking at the girl.


"My name is Lucas Cortez; I have only just discovered your identity from Ms Michaels. I'm sorry for your loss. Your mother was a powerful Witch; we once had a little skirmish over a grimoire. I was beaten very quickly"

"You look like a weakling" Savannah said, though she was grinning and used a kind tone. "Thank you" she said sincerely, "I think we're getting pizza to celebrate, you're gonna hang around?"

"Unfortunately I need to return to my hotel room and start working on a report for my father" Lucas said smiling. "I assume you'll remain in Ms Winterbourne's care?" Savannah just shrugged. "Well then, I'll see you at the next council meeting" as he said this, his eyes flickered up to Paige, his tone changing very subtly hiding a deeper meaning.

Lucas was used to many women trying to throw themselves at the Cabal heir. He had dated occasionally and found many of them attractive. But none of them held such an interest as this Witch did.

Even if she never stopped hating him, he would like to know her.