Summary: part two of What If Elena Got Bitten as a Child? Elena has reached her teenage years and is making life difficult for Jeremy and Clay, especially Clay

Pairings: heavily implied Elena/Clay and implications of one-sided Daniel/Elena and Malcolm/Elena

Author's Note: a birthday present to Sammy, who is a huge fan of Kelly Armstrong!

The invader – as I still fondly call my 'adoptive sister', I am sceptical of such words since I never consider her more than a nuisance in my peaceful life with Jeremy - is stabbing her dinner furiously, ignoring Jeremy's calm gaze on her. Such disobedience has put my teeth on edge.

"Elena, there's no need to tear your dinner to pieces when your stomach acids will do the job eventually," Jeremy said quietly.

She glared at him and snapped up the food on her fork viciously. Jeremy sighed and looked out of the window rather wistfully; I imagine his dreaming about the quiet days before he brought the invader home. Back when we hunted, worked and ate in peace. But to be honest I'm probably deluding myself, Jeremy is most likely dreaming about the quiet days before I had come into his life. It's been eight years since the invader has entered my life and now Jeremy has not only my own hormones and 'teenage angst' as Antonio calls it but he has Elena's 'angsty adolescence' and female monthly problems to deal with.

Right now even I'm missing the days when the invader was just an annoying brat instead of this bitchy ticking time bomb.

I also miss the days when she didn't smell so appealing which is part of the problem we're suffering as the Pack as a whole. Daniel and his stupid sadistic brothers don't understand the meaning of no causing a few fights between them and me and the invader. She may be annoying brat but she has my protection against those morons. Nick's too, though I wish he'd realise how sick he's being with his flirtations with a thirteen year old. The older wolves don't care, they're either no longer having the urge to procreate or just have strong control over it. Jeremy, I am certain of, was born without sexual desire and will forever be childless (barring me and the invader). His father, however, is the disgusting little fucker as always.

I've taken to sleeping outside of the invader's bedroom door whenever he's here just in case. When the invader finds her mate, she'll be untouched for him, until then I'll do my Pack Brother duty to the annoying brat.

"Have you done your homework?" I asked her.

"Yes, father," she said sarcastically. "Have you?" she shot back, reminding me that I may be older than her but I'm still a high school student.

"It's a distant memory," I said a little smug. Homework had been far too easy this week, I think teaching standards are slipping more and more. Despicable, how are we going to learn if our teachers can't be bothered to keep the standards up?

The invader muttered very rude things about me while I just tried to block out the scent she's been releasing around for the past few months. Stupid puberty, couldn't it just miss her? Couldn't she just stay a kid forever so I would never be distracted? Times like this I wish I was born the eunuch Jeremy is.


Do you know how hard it is to come up a defence to your adoptive father when you're sitting in a jail cell?

Especially when he is giving you that very calm, expressionless mask so you don't know what he's thinking.

Even more so when the invader is looking very uncomfortable behind him, serves her right. It's her fault that I'm in this cell!

"Admirable as it is to defend Elena from the boys in her school, I do wish you don't send them into comas, Clayton," Jeremy said flatly. "Luckily I have managed to convince the parents to not press charges against you, mostly because I promised not to press charges against that boy."

It sounded like Jeremy had some disgust about the little sicko who is now having a very long sleep in hospital. A very long sleep. We both had to deal with Elena's breakdown recently, so I imagine he had just as much desire to beat this boy (and I really use that term loosely) into a pulp but his morals and principals got in the way. Thank god I never had that much honour to begin with. When she started the high school I joyfully left last summer only to find the arsehole population increased and Elena had been sexually harassed by some older boys. I enjoyed that git's screams when I gave him what he deserved for touching Elena in such a way.

"What? How could you? After what he's done to Elena? How could you do this to her? Make her see the git that tried to rape her everyday of her school life? I thought you liked her!"

"Fortunately, he'll be expelled. So Elena won't have to interact with him at all," I get the impression that I have amused Jeremy with my outrage. Git. "On top of this you will be forced to do community service, the law is not as easily convinced as the parents were, I'm afraid." Damn! This was going to look so bad to my Professors. "I understand that technically I have no authority over you now that you are at College age, however as long as you live under my roof I shall punish you. You're now in charge of all cleaning chores, no longer allowed to drive unless it's to and fro from College, and you'll have to spend quality time with Elena."

Suddenly, I find spending the rest of my life in a cell where I might be discovered by Humans, far more appealing.

I looked at the invader who I've sacrificed all freedom for and to; she gave me a small smile and ducked her head to hide her face. Her hair shifted and released a strong wave of her scent.

Damn, I'm looking for a lifetime of hell whether or not I stay in this bloody cell.


"This is a load of bollocks," I muttered.

"Shh!" the invader hissed, not even having the manners to look at me as her eyes remained solely focused on the screen.

Quality time with Elena meant that I must do whatever Elena desired. For the past few weeks I had been forced to drive her to New York for shopping, Broadway, dinners and movies and all sorts that involved interacting with Humans. I've been forced to stand there in crowded places and do whatever the invader wished me to do. She had purposely made it painful for me, probably revenge for all the years I tried to get rid of her, which is unfair since she got her revenge for those things almost immediately afterwards. Jeremy always took her side.

The invader has forced me to watch a romance this week. A very sloppy, mushy, load of bullocks, romance. One that I know she secretly despises because her film taste is not that bad, I have taken the Pack brother duty to ensure she grew up with good film taste. She was doing this on purpose to make my life a misery because that's what she always does.

She made my life a misery when she was tiny and hogging all of Jeremy's attention and I always ended up feeling a little guilty when I hurt her.

She made my life a misery when despite the fact that we hate each other she'll still make an effort for my birthday forcing me to do the same in return.

She made my life a misery when instead of going to Jeremy or just living with the nightmares, she'd crawl into my bed for comfort.

She makes my life a misery now just by sitting next to me and releasing that bloody scent like a wolf on heat.

She's making my life a misery because I can see her staring at me rather coyly from the corner of her eyes, an evil smile playing on her lips and I think for the first time ever I noticed how nature has blessed her with beautiful looks.

She's definitely making my life a misery right this second because I now owe Jeremy money for the damage I caused in the men's bathroom to vent out the frustrations that bloody invader has built up.

I don't know when or how, but she's finally invaded my own personal space and has gotten under my skin.