The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt #1

Penname: animal8

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Rating: K+

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"Where is she?" I snarled, my hands clenching as they tightening their grip on me brother's collar. Rage covered my thoughts. He let her get away! She could be anywhere by now. No, not just anywhere, I thought grimly. She would be with him.

My mind conjured images of my sweet Bella, facing off against that sadistic monster alone. The things he could do to her in the time it would take me to find her and I still didn't know where she was!

"Edward, you need to calm down," Carlisle spoke calmly, but the authority was there in his tone.

I growled again, pushing Jasper back into the wall as I released him. Emmett kept his hands around my arms in case I blew off again. I purposefully held my body still and wished it was as easy to do with my mind, not being able to tolerate the path my thoughts were taking me: with my Bella being dead. I shuddered internally, shying away from the pain and loneliness of that concept.

Suddenly, an image passed through my head, one that I automatically knew was not of my own creation, and I watched, wide eyed with horror. James, the tracker who was determined to end my Bella, was stalking towards her, a satisfied smirk resting on his lips. His body was reflected in the many mirrors that coated the room on opposite sides.

There was no sound to the vision, but his intent was clear. I saw as Bella stared, frozen, at him while he spoke to her and as his hand touched the side of her face. A growl rumbled in me, wishing I could rip his hands from her fragile flesh. He lifted one tress of her hair to sniff at it before backing off, placing more distance between them. All of a sudden, he crouched down, an obvious offensive stance and my body tensed.

Bella snapped out of whatever stupor she had been in and bolted for the door. But she wasn't fast enough, not that she could have been. He was in front of her in an instant, his foot connecting with her chest and sending her smashing into one of the mirrored walls. Glass tumbled around her as she sat up dazedly.

James stood above her, watching as she struggled away from him, his irritating smirk still in place. He was enjoying her torment. I cringed as his foot came down on her leg with enough force to snap the bone. Bella's face contorted with pain as she opened her mouth in a silent scream. I felt like a burning man, forced to watch as his own death was carried out. For watching this was surely worse to me than experiencing my own death.

The hunter's foot lashed out again and flung her head back into the wall. She remained still after that and I pleaded mentally that she was strong enough to hold on, just a little longer until I could get to her.

I was wrenched from the vision even as I fought to keep watching, to know if she would survive. I looked up to Alice in horror and found her staring at me with a matching expression. "Alice," I choked. She nodded slightly.

"What?" Emmett asked, glancing between the two of us, "What's going on?"

"Alice?" Jasper questioned, leaning over his mate protectively.

Alice turned her head into him, her small body shaking with tremors as she spoke only one word. "Bella," she whispered.

It was enough to send a flurry of thoughts battering at my consciousness. As if I was in shock, my brain wasn't able to process the exact words, but I gathered that they were focused around me and Bella. I still hadn't moved since Alice had come out of her vision and the others were getting worried.

"Come on, Edward, man," Emmett said, concerned, "You're no good to anyone like this. You need to concentrate on getting to Bella before this sick bastard has a chance to do anything to her."

I nodded, my mind coming into focus. I needed to find her, above anything else. I inhaled deeply and caught her scent, faint but still detectable, at least to me. I followed her path, probably moving faster than recommendable in the presence of humans, but I couldn't find it in me to care at that moment.

The trail ended at the curb just outside the airport. A sign nearby said this was the stop for the shuttle to the Hyatt. Why was she going there? I wondered. Maybe it was the fastest way to get away, or maybe she actually went there to meet him. My frustration slowly turned into despair as I realised I had no idea where she was.

She was gone, I thought. I couldn't find her. My dead heart seemed to break at the thought. I couldn't save her. I knew I couldn't live without her, so what would I do? Staying in this existence without her would be out of the question, it was too unbearable. So what? My brothers wouldn't help me, I knew. So who? Then it clicked. The Volturi. I had broken the law, so surely they would end my misery.

Alice's voice broke my suicidal plans as she called my name. "I know where she is!" She screamed at me. My hope returned. I could save my angel. But time was running out, fast. The sands worked against us even as I strived to get to her.

I followed her to the hot-wired car and slid into the back seat with Emmett and Jasper. Alice sat in the passenger seat with Carlisle driving as she read out directions. We should get there in time, Edward, she thought.

She surprised me by turning back to look between the head rests to stare at me sadly. "I'm sorry, Edward. I didn't know," she said.

I looked at her in confusion and I sensed the others doing the same. She held out a letter to me, clearly written in Bella's hasty scrawl. My heart clenched at the sight and I hesitantly reached out to take it. She said it was for her mother, Alice explained.

With shaking hands, I read her words, unable to believe that she had sacrificed herself to protect me. I truly did not deserve this girl. For now, all I could do was sit and hope we would get to her in time. But even as we raced through the city towards my love, all I could think was that every minute, every second, brought us closer to the moment the last grain of sand fell. And I would be too late.

Author's Note:

Hey guys, this is my first entry into the Twilight Twenty-Five contest. The picture prompt for the was an hour glass/sand timer, so I used the idea of time running out which reminded me of Edward's race to save Bella from James. So if you couldn't guess this is Edward's POV from the end of Twilight.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and there will be plenty more to come. (Twenty four more to be exact). Don't worry, even though I am participating in this and trying to do my exams, I will still be making sure to update my other story 'Gentle Touches'. Chapter 3 is nearly ready to go up, so keep an eye out for that.

For those of you still reading mt original Twilight story, 'Not Enough', I am taking a break on that, but I will probably try to write more over the summer, so I can hopefully have another chapter out for that, though not many people seem interested in it.

Okay, so I don't think there's much else to say now. Oh wait, as a notice, the Project Team Beta contest 'I Can't Believe Its Not Canon', voting starts the 14th May. My entry to this is called 'Third Wife Persona'. Definitely check that out if you please.

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