Nice. Finally a Geass fic. This has been buzzing in my head for some time now. This should be a relatively short fic. Maybe a two or three shot. I have taken many liberties with the show. As in none of this has happened, at all - I know I've watched- it many many times- and nothing like this has happened.

Disclaimer- None of the wonderful characters of Code Geass are mine. I am simply borrowing them to amuse myself and hopefully a few readers.

Warnings –well obviously Yaoi, BL, slight bondage…and I guess I'll add more as needed.

Chapter 1: Surprise Surprise

Suzaku stood frozen in his doorway. Snapping himself out of his trance, the brunette quickly entered his room and closed the door behind him before someone came down the hall. After making sure said door was locked, Suzaku turned back to the sight behind him.

On his bed was a raven haired teen. The teen was naked, the bed sheet covering part of his lower half, and both hands were tied above his head to the headboard with a red silk scarf. Another scarf was tied around the teen's eyes.

"What the hell…" Suzaku whispered. The boy tensed at the sound of his voice. Green eyes finally spotted an unfamiliar card on his night stand next to the bed. Keeping his eyes on the teen, he slowly reached for it.

'Suzaku! You've been working too hard. Here's a present to help you unwind. Gino.' Suzaku sighed. Trust Gino to pull some crazy stunt like this. Placing the card back on the nightstand, the knight of seven turned to the bed and started to remove the teen's blindfold, half kneeling on the bed to do so.

The brunette drew back slightly as he was met with the most beautiful violet eyes he'd ever seen. Said violet eyes seemed to burn through his, looking into his soul. Suzaku blinked before moving to the scarf around the teen's wrists. At this the raven haired teen seemed confused.

"Something wrong?" he asked, his soft voice sending a strange chill down the brunette's spine.

"Other than finding you here? No." Suzaku answered, trying to keep his voice impassive. He finally got the knots undone. No way did this guy tie himself up like this. At his remark the teen's expression became amused.

"You're going to hurt my feelings." He said sitting up. Violet continued to stare into emerald colored ones as Suzaku realized how close they were. Close enough to k- No! Suzaku stopped that thought in its tracks. Standing quickly, the knight of seven was able to once gain some control of his thoughts.

"Even so," Suzaku said, "You're going to have to leave now." He gestured to the door. The violet eyed teen smirked at him before moving to rest comfortably against the head board.

"Can't." He said, his eyes shinning with something like arrogance. Suzaku glared, for some reason the teen's smirk was really irritating him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"I've already been paid for." The teen said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. Suzaku felt a slight shock go through him.

"Y-You're a…a…" He stammered. Violet eyes narrowed slightly.

"I think we have more important things to discuss than my choice of professions." The teen said. That said, slim fingers managed to catch the still recovering knight and pulled him onto the bed. Suzaku gasped as he was straddled by the raven haired teen. Those same fingers began nimbly and expertly undoing the buttons of his shirt. Once opened he felt soft, slim hands moving over his muscled chest sending more chills down his spin. For a moment the knight was lost in the pleasured haze his mind created before coming back to reality. With a growl the Suzaku caught one of those thin writs and sat up so they were eye to eye, the teen in his lap.

"I thought I made it clear I wanted you to leave." He snarled out angrily. His anger faded slightly as sadness and hurt appeared in those violet orbs.

"I can't leave until they come back for me." The teen whispered looking away. Worry suddenly flashed in his eyes as they once again found Suzaku's, "You're not going to throw me out like this, are you?" Suzaku suddenly became very aware of the teen's nakedness… and he was still in his lap. He felt himself blush as he tried to keep his mind from wandering.

"Wh-Who's 'they'?" He asked trying to distract himself.

"My employers." The teen said softly. He looked down as if embarrassed. "They're going to be mad at me." He said more to himself. At this Suzaku felt a flash of anger. Was this beautiful boy being abused? He hadn't seen any marks when he first found him.

"Are you really going to make me leave?" The boy asked again, worried eyes returning to the knight's emerald colored ones. Suzaku could feel his resolve fading. Fast.

"W-Well, I guess you can't go out like this" He managed to choke out of his suddenly dry mouth.

"Good." The teen said pushing him back down again catching the knight unawares. "Besides," he continued as he finished with the troublesome buttons, "You were enjoying yourself for a minute there." He said mockingly. The worry in his eyes was completely gone and replaced with something dark and devious.

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